Love is Back/Ai Qing Hui Lai Le (Eps 6-8 Recap)

How to avoid getting married? Just hide at your friend’s house.

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Estelle’s Recap

Nian Nian is now desperate to seduce Si Qi, so she finds a way to spend some alone time with him in the elevator. Despite her best efforts AND the help of elevator technical difficulties which caused them to stop, allowing her to fake scared, Si Qi doesn’t buy it. What’s worse is that he starts to ramble on and on about technical data which officially drives Nian Nian cray cray. This does not deter Nian Nian’s determination though, no siree. In fact, she becomes more resolved to find a way to attract Si Qi’s attention, even waking up super early to “accidentally bump into” Si Qi at the gym. She pulls all stops with her flirting skills, but Si Qi ignores her completely and focuses on his German music, which she finds unromantic. As if that was not enough, when she finally gives up and decides to just run on the exercise machine, he turns up the speed for her and causes her to stumble.

too many people in the elevator....

too many people in the elevator….

After exercising, Nian Nian overhears Si Qi talking about speed dating on the phone. She becomes worried that she will have many more competitors if he goes on these blind dates so she decides to attend as well. At the speed date, she successfully locks a female attendee in the bathroom and pretends to be that woman instead. When it is finally her turn with Si Qi she ends up arguing with him because he, again, tells her all she’s got is looks and nothing else. Fear not though, because apparently all the other women find him annoying as well and the simple argument evolves into an “attack Si Qi” event, resulting in major bruises on Si Qi’s face.

make up artist went cray cray with purple?

make up artist went cray cray with purple?

Nian Nian feels bad about what happened so she drops by the clinic with a cake for Si Qi and tells him that no woman will want to be with him because he is so cold and aloof. Si Qi thinks back to all his failed dates and actually agrees with her. After some discussion Si Qi takes on Nian Nian’s suggestion of “pretend date” (here we go again) so he can improve his skills and she can identify his problems. The first date doesn’t go so well though because Si Qi’s many quirks got them kicked out of the restaurant. Nian Nian tries to scold him, but he ends up launching into a long lecture about human body while poking her various parts, completely unaware that her mind is, well, elsewhere completely different.

lemme explain this chicken bone to you....

lemme explain this chicken bone to you….

Meanwhile, Gao Jian and Ming Liang’s fake wedding photos are officially out as advertisements now. Their personal lives also become a source of interest as people start bombarding them with calls. Just then, the manager of Fu Xi Mi shows up and Ming Liang runs over to attend to her. The manager already does not like Ming Liang, but the worst is yet to come. Ming Liang’s boyfriend (you know, the one she has been avoiding) comes to the company after seeing all the ads and proposes to her on the spot, which she immediately rejects. But that was probably not a good idea because turns out the manager is boyfriend’s aunt!! And now Ming Liang is in even deeper doo doo. So much for trying to please the client!

uh-oh, photo wedding photos EVERYWHERE!

uh-oh, photo wedding photos EVERYWHERE!

Gao Jian is not having it easy because Ms. Jin is already planning their future together, including which rooms in her house will be used as the nursery – and this is all on the first date! I mean, FIRST date! Obviously, Gao Jian got freaked out and says he has to go back to the office for work (on a weekend). Ms. Jin decides she will go with him, but there is actually no one in the office. He calls up Ming Liang and she happens to be coming back to the office with bags of rice she bought to do research for the Fu Xi Mi case. Gao Jian lies to Ms. Jin and says the meeting is confidential, so she waits outside. Once the door is closed, Gao Jian hugs Ming Liang happily, and the two fall onto the conference table just as Ms. Jin re-enters! Ming Liang slaps Gao Jian to fake her innocence and Ms. Jin also slaps her. HAHAHA.

shocked gao jian

shocked gao jian

Despite both Ming Liang and Gao Jian’s efforts, neither of them end up with the VP position, much to both of their disappointment. After a mishap at a wedding they were invited to, Gao Jian and Ming Liang end up having a drink at a bar. They start talking about the annoyance of being single. Ming Liang drinks too much and Gao Jian has to take her home. They finally get back to her place, but she throws the keys away thinking it is a beer bottle cap (ohy). Since Gao Jian can’t find her keys, he ends up carrying her to his house. Cue all the awwwwwws.

carrying her home. no piggy back but just as sweet!

carrying her home. no piggy back but just as sweet!

Things aren’t going too smoothly in Xiao Nuo’s world though. Lei Lei takes his demo to the record company again, but the secretary gives him the business talk. He takes his broken down jeep to Xiao Nuo’s company to pick her up, and bumps into her coworker. Uh-oh, because miss blabber mouth coworkers lets the cat out of the bag and tells Lei Lei all about Xiao Nuo’s lies. Lei Lei gets upset at Xiao Nuo and ends up calling her vain, but she tells him she feels completely insecure every minute of her time with him.

The very next day, Xiao Nuo returns to the office with the annoying coworker showing off her new bling bling engagement ring. The coworker finds Xiao Nuo’s rock necklace and mocks her 😦

last moments with the guitar

last moments with the guitar

Lei Lei tries to make a reservation at a restaurant for his and Xiao Nuo’s anniversary, but the price is crazy expensive because a famous chef is cooking that night. In order to make the dinner happen, he pawns his guitar. Xiao Nuo, however, doesn’t answer his calls. She went home because her mom faked sick. But of course, mom is not really sick. Mom just wanted to get Xiao Nuo to attend a blind date. Xiao Nuo and her blind date actually get along really well, but they happen to be (of course) at the restaurant Lei Lei is at. It ends up being okay though because Xiao Nuo runs out after Lei Lei, and he tells her he is willing to believe whatever she says as an excuse.

uh-oh, caught red handed!

uh-oh, caught red handed!

Lei Lei: I know I made this promise. Even though it may be late,it doesn’t mean I forgot it.

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  1. handsome henry says:

    I accidentally got into this and started to fall for this drama. Won’t you continue it? I think your recaps are good. How can I watch this drama in Eng Sub?


      • handsome henry says:

        Thanks. When you will be finishing your current project? BTW what are you working on? Maybe you can also share about the project. I wish you the best luck in completing the project.
        P/S: Don’t forget about me. 🙂


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