Love is Back/Ai Qing Hui Lai Le (Ep 4 Recap)

Because it ain’t real love unless if you throw your ex on the floor.

Missed last episode? Don’t worry, it’s right here!

Estelle’s Recap

photo 1 (23)

they are so adorable! <# heart explosion

And we are continuing the flashback love story from episode 3 with Lei Lei serenading Xiao Nuo with a song. Fast forward to graduation, Lei Lei is still living in the same rundown apartment, singing in coffee shops while Xiao Nuo has found a job and is about to move out.

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those three in the front look mad serious

photo 3 (20)

way too cute!!!

Back to present day, Lei Lei is making a list in prep of getting married and adds “ring” to number 8. Ain’t no cheap ring though! It is going to cost him an arm and leg to get that! He laments that the list doesn’t even consist of banquet, transportation, furniture for the new home and plus his wall of debts.

photo 4 (18)

17380 RMB is around 2,700 USD

photo 5 (10)


Nian Nian is officially out of a job again! Remember the headless clay sample she made for the kids? Well, they sure took it to heart and made headless clay people which brought on lots of parental complaint. After getting fired, Nian Nian bumps into a woman taking wedding photos nearby an outdoor cafe. She takes a picture of the woman while doing silly poses and sends it to her “boyfriend.” She mocks the woman for being overweight in her message and then calls him up.

photo 1 (27)

okay, stick out your butt, now pout!

oh geez

oh geez

He answers and lies that he is at a meeting, but she hears something in the background. Could it be???

photo 3 (24)

Her devoted boyfriend? The man marrying the lady she was mocking!!!

photo 4 (22)

oooo, now where are you gonna run?

well, at least they look happy?

well, at least they look happy?

How can she sit through this? Nian Nian runs up there, throws the woman’s flowers away and demands an answer. What did she get? The now ex-boyfriend and his fiancee team up together to tell her it is over. He even throws her on the ground in a dramatic defense of his fiancee. Because it ain’t real love unless if you throw your ex on the floor.

fiancee??? then who am i???

fiancee??? then who am i???

because it ain't love unless if you throw your ex down...

because it ain’t love unless if you throw your ex down…

ouch, that's gotta hurt. don't worry, nian nian you will find someone better!!!

ouch, that’s gotta hurt. don’t worry, nian nian you will find someone better!!!

Meanwhile, at the advertisement firm is gossiping again because Ming Liang and Gao Jian’s wedding photos are out! Erm, I mean their fake wedding photos are out and the CEO LOVES them. In fact, they are so good that the photos are going straight to production for their ads. Gao Jian takes this opportunity to express his “dedication” to the company and imitates the “classic pose” again for their boss, except without the kiss. Ming Liang is so shocked (or perhaps is she expectant now?) that she doesn’t even yell at him.

the *gaze*

the *gaze*

trying to convince herself that she is unfazed. oh giving it up already ml!

trying to convince herself that she is unfazed. oh giving it up already ml!

That night, Si Qi visits a bar… to read magazine “Dog Fan.” What? Ah, he is waiting for his cousin, Gao Jian.

the look of disgust

the look of disgust

Yes, Gao Jian arrives on the scene and immediately flirts with the girls at the bar. Si Qi looks on with vehement disgust. Gao Jian announces that he cannot introduce girls to Si Qi anymore because they always complain afterwards. Si Qi declares he no longer has that need because he is getting married!

"jian ge ge" and his posse

“jian ge ge” and his posse

Turns out Si Qi has decided to use a survey to do some sort of data mining to find a mate. Gao Jian’s response? “Chang’e has already left for the moon, why didn’t you go with?” (meaning Si Qi is unfit to live on Earth). Si Qi threatens to tell mama Gao that Gao Jian has found a girl to marry if he does not help. Unwilling to lose his freedom, Gao Jian relents after calling Si Qi a 变态 (bian tai).

The next day, Xiao Nuo is facing difficulty at work. Her goal is to work with authors in the publishing department, but instead she is stuck organizing news for the company website. This time she came up with a really great marketing plan in hopes that the CEO would let her handle it. Instead, he gives it to Fiona, the daughter of an acquaintance. In a flashback we learn that Fiona also replaced Xiao Nuo in publishing and came into the company because of her dad. Now she is going to handle this new project because her dad asked her boss to give her more opportunities. Argh.

the fake let's be friends look

the fake let’s be friends look

the suck up to the bossman look

the suck up to the bossman look

Save Room for Dessert:

  • Nian Nian takes a selfie using the principal’s cellphone and tells the principal to use her picture as a model for plastic surgery. Yikes!
  • Si Qi requests Gao Jian to meet him at different locations from now on because he “needs to read” while waiting… this man is hopeless.
  • Si Qi is in a hurry to get married because he wants to pass on his DNA, and his sperm quality will decrease after he turns 31. –.-
  • Ming Liang shows up at Nian Nian’s ex’s house in an attempt to beat up the guy. Nian Nian stops her and defends her ex by saying she is the one who didn’t want to get married, so she is partially at fault too.
xiao nuo's sister wants to introduce her to a rich guy in real estate, but she refuses.

xiao nuo’s sister wants to introduce her to a rich guy in real estate, but she refuses


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