Love is Back/Ai Qing Hui Lai Le (Ep 3 Recap)

Everyone wants to marry off their daughters before they turn thirty. You know, before they become too “old.”

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Estelle’s Recap

We return in episode 3 with a bunch of gossiping aunties at the Baos’ noodle shop. One of the aunties says that the prettier a girl is the harder it is for her to get married, implying that Nian Nian is a 剩女(shen nv). Nian Nian fights back and calls the auntie a 剩婆, meaning she is a left over old lady (go Nian Nian!). The aunties won’t relent and pull the fake “I want to introduce bfs for you!” thing and suggests one auntie’s twice divorced nephew. Thanks, said no one ever.

photo 1 (19)


Poor Si Qi visits his vet hospital because he has nowhere else to go. In a flashback we see a younger Si Qi being scolded by his mom for getting a 99 on his test instead of 100. She warns him to not be like his older cousin Gao Jian (ha, they are cousins!) who is already dating around, but to focus on studying. Andddd now look who is worried about how her precious son not finding a girl? That sure back fired, tiger mom!

what's up with that 99, si qi?!!

what’s up with that 99, si qi?!!

yet another failed date: she only came because it was his treat and plus she loves the popcorn (-.-).

yet another failed date: she only came because it was his treat and plus she loves the popcorn -.-

Now that he is “out in society,” his parents are all up in his face about getting married. What can he do? Well, he can always resort to spilling his sorrow to a pet lizard.

well, at least he's got you, lizzy (lizard's real name is xiao qiang)

well, at least he’s got you, lizzy (lizard’s real name is xiao qian)

In order to rectify the situation with the high level customer, Gao Jian and Ming Liang agreed to taking some wedding photos to “experience” the business. After a series of silly photos with bananas (what???), Ming Liang walks out in a new red dress and bam! It dawns onto him that she is pretty smoking hot (^.^).

no alcohol? no problem. bananas are a great replacement!

no alcohol? no problem. bananas are a great replacement!

oh la la

oh la la

The boss lady says it is now time for “classic photos” and Gao Jian interprets that as the perfect opportunity to well, land a kiss.

well, he sure is sleazy!

well, he sure is a go getter!

The boss lady is apparently super impressed with Gao Jian and plans to set him up with her daughter. This takes Gao Jian by surprise and he is totally reluctant. Meanwhile, Ming Liang is still perplexed about her feelings toward Gao Jian.

the bathroom is how every women sort out her feelings

the bathroom is where every women sort out their feelings

Ming Liang returns home to be scared the crap out of her by her mom. The light switch jumped and caused the electricity to go out, but Ming Liang fixes that in two minutes like a pro. Her mom compliments her on her smarts, saying Ming Liang is just like her. Ming Liang replies that only her face looks like her mom, the rest is all DNA mutation which is how she got so smart. LOL.

photo 2 (21)

is there a thief???

nope, just mom ^^;

nope, just mom ^^;

Mom didn’t come for no reason though, she has good news! She is getting married AGAIN. She even suggests that they get married together because then they can get mad discounts on wedding favors, treats etc.. Ming Liang engages mom in a conversation about how she is about to become the VP and in the future CEO of her company.

Xiao Nuo dashes out of the ladies’ dinner to pick up her boyfriend whose car has finally broke down. She is super pissed off at him because he didn’t tell her about the friend situation. He tries to appease her by telling her he just send another record company his tape recently and he is feeling really positive about it.

i wrote another song!

i wrote another song!


She writes up yet another IOU and he hangs it up on his wall of slips. He asks for some more money for his rent, and she gives him a couple of more bills. And this is why her friends call him 小白脸 (xiao bai liang). I hope he works his way up soon! They are super cute together though. Look at ’em smiles ❤

so cute <3

so cute ❤

This is indeed the episode of flashbacks. We also get a glimpse of how Xiao Nuo and Lei Lei got together. Apparently at one point they lived next door to each other, and Lei Lei accidentally poked a hole in the wall while hammering. Xiao Nuo happened to be undressing at that time so they had quite a misunderstanding right off the bat. Even though she continued to be stern with him, it was clear that they had both began to like each other. He first sang the famous school yard song 对面的女孩看过来 (literally girl on the other side please look over here), then he wrote “will you be my girlfriend?” on her hand when she reached through the hole upon his request.

"be my girlfriend."

“be my girlfriend?”

She modeled after him and wrote the answer on his hand “in your dreams.” While he moped a bit she said “I’m representing your dream by saying yes.”

"in your dreams, in your dreams, in your dreams..."

“in your dreams, in your dreams, in your dreams…”

Oh man, their love story is way too cute!!! We also get a montage of their cutest moments together – him playing the guitar, writing songs, covering her with blankets while she cooks and became his muse. They even got the quintessential bike scene.

the bike... of course

the bike… of course

And he gifts her the rock (he made it into a necklace) she threw at him when they first met.

every drama needs its jewelry, even if its just a normal rock

every drama needs its jewelry, even if its just a normal rock

The cuter this story gets the more nervous I am about it! I feel like it will not end well…. gahhhh!!!!

Ready for the next episode? Here it is!

Save Room for Dessert:

  • Nian Nian tells the aunties to “go home and see if your husbands are still there” instead of worrying about her marriage prospects.
  • Gao Jian’s dad calls him a 混帐 (hun zhang) in a fit of anger. Mama Gao quickly comes to rescue and says “he is your son. If he can’t count correctly, isn’t it the fault of his accountant dad?”
  • Nian Nian sees her dad on the ground and rushes to him, afraid that he had fallen. He explains that he is actually doing push ups. Upon asking, he says he has been pushing for ten minutes but haven’t gotten up once yet.
  • While looking for stuff, Xiao Nuo drops and cracks the picture frame containing her picture with Lei Lei. Uh oh, here comes the foreshadow.

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