Love is Back/Ai Qing Hui Lai Le (Ep 2 Recap)

Balloons, champagne, flowers and a diamond ring? So last year!

Missed the last episode? Catch up on it here!

Estelle’s Recap

Xiao Nuo and Lei Lei haphazardly get to her workplace and she hurries off the car. Her coworker, Du Jia Jia, inquires who Lei Lei is, she says he is just her gay landlord. Somehow I feel like this is not going to end well.

Nian Nian, the princess of the group, finally got herself together and started her day at her tenth job of the year – teaching kindergartners arts and crafts. She brings with her the clay people her dad made her – which are super ugly by the way -and the children discover one of them is missing its head! Anyway, that’s no longer important because the kids all suddenly want to go to the restroom to poop and she is tasked with wiping their butts! She quickly escapes the restrooms and calls her boyfriend to rescue her. I think somebody is going to lose her tenth job.

photo 3 (15)

the smell……ahhh

look at that kid go!

look at that kid go!

wipe me, wipe me, wipe me!

wipe me, wipe me, wipe me!

Now that everybody has seen the proposal billboards, they are all burning up Ming Liang’s phone.

mom is super happy though upon hearing the news ^^;

mom is super happy though upon hearing the news ^^;

Finally! Jiang Yu Fan calls her up! He surprises her with balloons, champagne and cake, but there is only problem – she already guessed it before he showed her.

photo 5 (3)

a blimp! upgraded balloon?

That’s no matter though, as he takes out a ring and proposes. She likens marriage to a life time prison sentence and asks him to “form a ball and roll outta here.” Of course, he is determined and tries again, so she suggests tossing the ring in the air and if it does not fall down then she will marry him. I can’t believe he agreed to this because it clearly will fall down. Let’s just say this guy is not the brightest bulb out there.

he even jumps for the ring and grabs it, but well, there's a thing called gravity.

he even jumps for the ring and grabs it, but well, there’s a thing called gravity.

Nian Nian complains to her boyfriend about her job, and declares that she will never get married or have children. He is annoyed at her plans, but relents. She then asks for him to take another day off to hang out, and he immediately rejects. She resorts to the whole “oppa” and “saranghae” act, but only successfully attract a complaint from the neighboring diner.

woah there, nian nian.

woah there, nian nian.

Nian Nian successfully defends herself and the diner, Fang Si Qi, moves to a different table with his blind date. She watches as the diner explains to his date the gruesome details of what she is eating (cow stomach and chicken leg) which finally irritates the date. The date gets up to leave, and Si Qi pulls her by her wrist which attracts Nian Nian’s imitation.

"don't leave me!"

“don’t leave me!”

Was romance in the air? Nawh, he just wanted to give her a herbal medicine prescription that helps with cold hands and feet… (the date had excused herself because “the AC is on too high”)

Nian Nian’s boyfriend is two timing her! Right after he dissuades her from coming over to his house, he gets on the phone with another woman and promises to break it with Nian Nian when the “time is right.” To be fair, Nian Nian was not a very good future “daughter-in-law.” In her disillusioned world, she thought the bf’s mom always treated her too much like a guest and didn’t let her do anything, but c’mon that’s just Asian humility, you don’t seriously buy that, do you Nian Nian? Or is it because your parents spoil you like a princess? Hmmmmmm….

oh i don't need to wash dishes? OK! ^^;

oh i don’t need to wash dishes? OK! ^^;

Lei Lei turns out to be a street performer and he moonlights at a bar occasionally. While he may be totally into what he is singing, he has no audience because its the afternoon shift. He does it diligently anyway because he is trying to help his friend with friend’s wife’s surgery fee. This is also the friend he bought his beat up jeep from, which was really just another way to support the friend. He’s a nice guy, but you know what they say, nice guys finish last. I hope Xiao Nuo doesn’t end up dumping him over some rich snob.

"raise your hands" this is a bit sad...

“raise your hands” this is a bit sad…

Moving on to the next episode? Wait no more, it’s right here!

Save Room for Dessert:

  • While being bombarded by phone calls, a tired Ming Liang has two flashbacks/imagines two scenarios: 1) a pregnant woman claims the groom to be the father at the wedding, 2) she is dumped by the father of her daughter.
  • Lei Lei tries to buy a diamond ring but gets turned away when he asked for ones that are “discounted and discounted again.”
  • Speaking of poo, both Ming Liang and Gao Jiang are both in deep doo doo as their recent project plan totally pissed off their high level customer, so the CEO sends them over to rectify the situation.
  • Si Qi goes home after the failed blind date and shows his parents a report analysis of these dates which indicates he has zero success rate. The parents then worry that he doesn’t like both bakchoy or daikon, meaning he is not interested in girls.
  • Xiao Nuo meets her mom and sister for dinner and both women pushes her to break up with Lei Lei to find someone better. The mom even declares she will not allow Xiao Nuo to marry Lei Lei.
boss lady gao jian and ming liang have to apologize to.

boss lady gao jian and ming liang have to apologize to.



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