Boss & Me/Shan Shan Lai Le (Ep 30 Recap)

Time to finally(!) meet the parents.

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Anna’s Recap

Shan Shan and Feng Teng have already gone through a breakup, reunion, pregnancy scare, marriage proposal, and an upcoming wedding, and only now are they going to tell her parents about them. Shouldn’t this have happened like 15 episodes ago? And what better way to tell your parents that you’re getting married to some random guy than over a voicemail! Could have just eloped…you know.

Shan Shan finally couldn’t take Feng Teng’s indifference about their wedding any longer, and asked him if her pregnancy false alarm was the reason he’s marrying her. After seemingly confirming her worst fears that he wouldn’t have wanted to think about marriage so soon if he didn’t think there was a baby on the way, Feng Teng asks Shan Shan if she thinks that he doesn’t care about the wedding and their future. But before Shan Shan can answer him, he walks away from her. Dude!

Opposite of what I wanted to hear.

Opposite of what I wanted to hear.

While Shan Shan is left standing there alone, thinking that this is the end of her and Feng Teng, he returns with a ring box in his hand. He explains to her that it’s true that he’s not excited about the wedding because it is merely a ceremony to show off the Feng family’s traditions and rules. He’s having Feng Yue plan the wedding for them because it really isn’t that important to him what happens in it. What he does care about is Shan Shan, and there’s nothing more important than her. Heart melt! He shows her the ring and tells her that his grandma left it behind for his future wife. The ring may represent the past, but if Shan Shan puts it on, then it’s going to represent their future.

Check out the bling.

Check out the bling.

He asks her if she’s willing to marry him…Feng Teng. And of course, she says yes! Shan-Teng ❤ This proposal is more like it.

It's official now!

It’s official now!

Feng Teng calls Shan Shan to his office at Windgroup to meet with the family lawyer to hash over the details of their prenup. Fun stuff. The lawyer explains to Shan Shan that the prenup separates Windgroup, the corporation, from all of Feng Teng’s personal fortune. This way, Shan Shan won’t have anything to do with the corporation if the prenup does have to be used, and it prevents any major changes from happening to Windgroup. He hands her a bunch of documents that list Feng Teng’s personal wealth and asks her to sign off on any parts of it that she wants to be included in the prenup. Shan Shan looks through all the documents, and tells the lawyer that she only wants the apartment that Feng Teng had secretly rented her before.

Take your pick.

Feng Teng sends away the lawyer, and asks Shan Shan if she’s upset that he’s having her sign a prenup. She tells him that it doesn’t bother her, but she’s just surprised there’s so much more to it than what he had previously told her about. He explains to her that he’s only having her sign it because he wants to ensure that she will be taken care of if anything were to happen. Shan Shan takes this to mean that he thinks something will go wrong in their marriage. Feng Teng reassures her that he’s simply looking out for her. Shan Shan tells him that he doesn’t have to do all this for her, and she will only choose the apartment because it’s the only thing that contains their memories. If she can’t have him, then she doesn’t want anything us, including his money. That’s right; our Shan Shan isn’t a golddigger!


I only want you.

Shan Shan leaves a voicemail for her mom that she’s getting married. So, her parents went from not knowing that she had a serious boyfriend two days ago to now hearing that she’s about to be Mrs. Feng. Way to delay the inevitable, Shan Shan. She puts Mama Xue in the difficult position of having to break the news to her dad. And how does she do it? While the two of them are lintrolling some jackets, she casually drops the news that Shan Shan is coming home for Chinese New Year, and then she’s going to be married after the New Year. Papa Xue’s reaction: WTF? Yup, seems about right.

Am I even invited to the wedding?

Am I even invited to the wedding?

Papa Xue is understandably angry that his wife and daughter kept this secret from him. And then when he finds out that Shan Shan’s fiance is her boss at Windgroup, he pretty much loses it. After spending some time to think things through, he calls Shan Shan to ask if it’s true that she’s getting married. He wants to know if she actually likes Feng Teng as a person, and not because of his wealthy status. Shan Shan confirms that both she and Feng Teng truly love each other. She then tells him that when he meets Feng Teng, he will be able to see for himself that he’s a good person. Papa Xue concedes that he will have to meet Feng Teng, and he’s going to make him a suit for the big occasion.

Bring him to me.

Bring him to me.

During lunch at their apartment one day, a package addressed to “Mrs. Feng” aka Shan Shan is delivered. At first Shan Shan is confused as to why there’s a package sent to her from her hometown, but quickly realizes that it must be the suit that her dad made for Feng Teng. When they open the box, it is indeed the suit that Papa Xue custom made for Feng Teng. He asks Shan Shan what this is all about, and Shan Shan tells him that her dad’s a tailor and he must have intended for Feng Teng to wear this suit back to the hometown to meet her family. Oh boy, I hope it fits.

Plaid's in now.

Plaid’s in now.

Shan Shan, Feng Yue, and Yan Qing are all gearing up to leave for Shan Shan’s hometown when Feng Teng finally comes downstairs, decked out in the suit Papa Xue made for him. Feng Yue and Yan Qing are surprised and amused to see him wearing such an old fashioned suit, but he tells them it’s a must because his future father-in-law made it for him.

Suit up, sir.

Suit up, sir.

When they arrive in Shan Shan’s hometown, there’s a big group of random neighbors just chilling outside the Xue home, waiting to greet them. I know Feng Teng is super rich…but really? Feng Teng, Feng Yue, and Yan Qing greet and thank the neighbors for welcoming them to their town, and Feng Yue has Chinese New Year red envelopes to pass out to everyone. Never mind, I take back what I said earlier. I would totally be hanging around to greet the Fengs too if I got a red envelope out of it.

The Welcome Committee.

The Welcome Committee.

After a quick hello to the Xue family, Papa Xue tells everyone to leave for now because he wants to speak with Feng Teng alone. Feng Teng thanks Papa Xue for the suit and insist that he really likes it, despite Papa Xue apologizing that it doesn’t seem like his style. Using that as a segue, Papa Xue asks Feng Teng why he likes Shan Shan even though she isn’t “brand name.” Feng Teng responds that he needs someone who can live simply with him, and he doesn’t want much else. Shan Shan makes him feel carefree and comfortable. Good answer!

Allergic to brand names.

Allergic to brand names.

Papa Xue says that he knows that his family isn’t anything impressive. If Shan Shan marries him, they won’t be much support for her, and she will need to take care of herself. Feng Teng reassures him that if Shan Shan lets him, he will take care of her for the rest of her life. Good answer! Feng Teng says that the reason he likes Shan Shan so much is because she lives her life in such a down to earth way. Papa Xue tells Feng Teng that he won’t disapprove of him marrying his daughter, but says there’s just one more thing that Feng Teng needs to promise him…

Stamp of approval.

Shan Shan hears from Feng Teng after his one-on-one chat with her father that he agreed to their marriage, and he tells her that she has a good father. During dinner with her parents, Shan Shan mentions to her parents that Feng Teng has a personal chef, so she won’t need to cook. Hearing this, her dad reiterates that after getting married, they don’t have to live so extravagantly and should just be more down to earth. Papa Xue asks Shan Shan if she plans to keep working, and she tells him of course. He agrees that she needs to keep working since she can’t have kids for three years, so she needs something to do in the meantime. …What’s that now?

Did I hear you correctly?

Did I hear you correctly?

Shan Shan asks him what he’s talking about and why she can’t have children for three years. Papa Xue tells her that this is the thing that Feng Teng promised him earlier. Shan Shan asks why he would make him promise such a thing. He explains to her that he’s helping her because if anything were to happen in their marriage and they realize they aren’t right for each other, they won’t be tied down with a kid. He tells her that Feng Teng already agreed to it.


But I didn’t agree…

Shan Shan goes over to the house that Feng Teng is staying at, wondering to herself if Feng Teng thinks the same way as her dad. If he does, is that why he previously told her that he’s not in any rush to have kids right after they get married? She asks him why he agreed to what her dad said about not having kids for three years. He tells her that it was her dad’s condition for marrying her, and he agreed because it wasn’t an absurd request. When she then asks him if he’s thinking the same thing as her father, Feng Teng repeats his earlier sentiments that he wants them to have some alone time together after they get married, and she’s still too young to have kids.

Where's the faith in Shan-Teng?

Where’s the faith in Shan-Teng?

Feng Teng explains to Shan Shan that he is someone who always wants the best of everything. When he is in a relationship with someone, he wants spend forever together. But none of the girls that he dated before was “the one” for him. With Shan Shan it’s different, he’s choosing her to be his wife because she’s the best and “the one” for him. He understands that Shan Shan’s thinking is different from his because he is her first love. If she chooses him, then it must mean that she definitely wants him, and doesn’t even want to entertain the idea of there being someone else out there for him. Shan Shan thinks to herself that it’s true that she doesn’t want anyone else but Feng Teng. Altogether now: awww.

Made my choice.

Made my choice.

Shan Shan is just hanging around the town by herself when she sees Liu Liu speed walking by. She stops her and asks why she missed their family’s Chinese New Year dinner the other night. Liu Liu is all shifty-eyed and says that work was really busy, but she’ll swing by her place later for New Year greetings. She asks Shan Shan if she’s grinning from ear to ear because all the marriage and wedding drama is gone, and Shan Shan happily tells her yes. Liu Liu congratulates her and quickly runs off. Shan Shan wonders why Liu Liu is acting so sketchy.


Something’s definitely up.

What Else is for Lunch:

After being ambushed with the news that Shan Shan is marrying Feng Teng, the big boss of Windgroup, Papa Xue has one of Shan Shan’s kid cousins research him online. Specifically, he wants to know how many girlfriends Feng Teng had before Shan Shan and if he was ever married. Search comes up empty. That’s a good thing, right?

While Papa Xue is grilling Feng Teng, Shan Shan takes Feng Yue and Yan Qing for a walk around her hometown. She tells them that her dad is a very low-key kind of guy, and is not particularly fond of rich people. Yan Qing reassures her that Feng Teng will be able to handle it.

Wedding daydreams.

Wedding daydreams.


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