Boss & Me/Shan Shan Lai Le (Ep 20 Recap)

Wanna be Mrs. Feng? Better step aside if your name isn’t Shan Shan.

Look at that homewreckin’ face.

Previously on Boss & Me/Shan Shan Lai Le… ep 19 recap

Anna’s Recap

Done with all the fake niceness, Li Shu ain’t playing anymore when it comes to winning Feng Teng’s heart. Apparently, the very direct rejection that she got from Feng Teng on Valentine’s Day wasn’t enough of a message that he’s just not that into her. I don’t know what fantasy world she’s living in, but she better keep living in it because her reality with Feng Teng is nonexistent. Be gone, you desperate homewrecker.

Shan Shan and her family are on their way to bring Shan Shan’s grandpa to the hospital for his appointment, and Liu Liu’s mom keeps questioning Liu Liu where her boyfriend is. Looks like Liu Liu stopped hiding from her mom, but still hasn’t told her about her and her boyfriend’s break-up. Her mom asks her if she wasn’t able to hold onto him and if they’ve broken up. Liu Liu pretty much admits that they’re done, and obviously her mom starts freaking out. She placed all her hopes for becoming rich on Liu Liu, and it looks like all her dreams have been dashed.

This convo couldn’t wait?

Liu Liu’s mom starts yelling at Liu Liu at full volume in the middle of the road, and all the bystanders are staring and wondering who the hell is causing such a scene. Everyone is trying to urge Liu Liu’s mom to stop yelling, but she wasn’t having any of it. As she’s lecturing Liu Liu about her inability to keep a boyfriend, Shan Shan’s grandpa suddenly starts having trouble breathing and can’t stand up straight.

After they’ve rushed grandpa to the hospital, the doctor tells them that everything with grandpa seems fine for the moment, but they’re going to have to do further tests on him to make sure. Grandpa’s condition, however, takes a turn for the worse while they’re at the hospital. Because they haven’t been able to perform the tests on him and don’t know what exactly is wrong, the hospital can’t let him stay in one of the actual rooms.

Feel better, Shan Shan’s grandpa!

Shan Shan calls Shuang Yi to ask her to do some online research about which hospitals in Shanghai are suitable for grandpa. Shuang Yi tells her that it might take awhile to find that info, and it might not even be reliable. She suggests that Shan Shan call Feng Teng for help because he definitely could find a hospital with the best doctors for grandpa. Shan Shan tells her that she’s going to try to figure it out on her own because she doesn’t want to bother Feng Teng while he’s on his business trip in England.


That night, Shan Shan does end up calling Feng Teng, but not with the intention of asking him to help with grandpa. When he doesn’t answer the phone, Shan Shan calls the hotel’s front desk to leave a message for him. The concierge who answers the phone starts speaking to Shan Shan in English, and Shan Shan is majorly struggling to respond back. Li Shu happens to be walking by the front desk, and overhears that the person on the other end of the line is calling from China and looking for a Mr. Feng. She figures that it must be Shan Shan calling for Feng Teng. Li Shu tells the concierge to give her the phone, but when the concierge refuses to, she tells her that it’s all good because she’s Mrs. Feng! Excuse me? What the hell has she been smoking…Mrs. Feng?! Not in your wildest dreams! The nerve of this chick.

Evil scheme ahead.

Shan Shan hears the concierge at the hotel saying, “Mrs. Feng,” and thinks that she must have misheard her when she said, “Mr. Feng.” So imagine her surprise when Li Shu answers the phone. Shan Shan immediately recoils in shock, and figures that Li Shu identified herself as Mrs. Feng to the concierge. Li Shu puts on her fake nice voice and tells Shan Shan that Feng Teng isn’t around, but she is more than happy to give him a message for her. Shan Shan tells her that it’s nothing too urgent, and quickly hangs up the phone. Li Shu smirks to herself after the phone call. Ugh.


Totally confused and upset as to what just happened, Shan Shan can’t figure out why Li Shu would refer to herself as Mrs. Feng. When her mom walks into the bedroom and sees her looking pretty bummed out, she comforts her by telling her that after seeing her in Shanghai, she’s really proud and relieved that Shan Shan can take care of herself in the big city. She tells Shan Shan that the only wish that she and Shan Shan’s dad has now is for her to find a good person to stay by her side.


Moms make everything better.

Her mom’s words are only comforting for a minute because Shan Shan is still lying awake in the middle of the night thinking about that whole Mrs. Feng business. After going through all the reasons for why Li Shu would pull something like that, Shan Shan decides that she must have just said that to get the concierge to hand her the phone. Sure, sure…and also because she’s a homewrecker! She tells herself that she’s not actually upset with Li Shu, but it’s the whole hospital situation that’s caused her to think about the big difference between people like her and people like Feng Teng and Li Shu. Her family is having so much trouble just trying to get a hospital room for grandpa, whereas it wouldn’t be a problem at all for Feng Teng or Li Shu.



When Zheng Qi and Feng Teng return to the hotel, the concierge very helpfully tells Feng Teng that he received a call earlier from a girl in China, and Mrs. Feng helped him answer it. Zheng Qi immediately concludes that it must have been Li Shu that said she was Mrs. Feng because who else could it be? Yeah, who else is that insane and desperate? Feng Teng’s face immediately darkens after hearing what she did.


When did I get married and not know?

Shan Shan receives a text message from Feng Teng in the morning telling her to call him no matter how late it is in England. But she doesn’t have time to respond because she’s helping her mom go to the hospital to visit grandpa and she needs to go to work. Right when she gets to work, her mom calls her telling her to come to the hospital right away because grandpa is not doing well at all. Grandpa’s condition seems to be getting worse, yet the hospital still won’t give him a room. Their only options now is to wait it out at the hospital for the test results or change hospitals. But given grandpa’s condition at the moment, it definitely would not be a good idea to move him around.

Emergency call.

Shan Shan steps out to figure out what to do next, but she’s at a complete loss because this is the first time that she’s truly felt distress. She lectures herself for being so naive before, always just carefree and without worry when there are so many serious things in this world. Finally, without any other option, Shan Shan calls Feng Teng for help.


Help her, Feng Teng.

Feng Teng has his secretary arrange a hospital room in one of Shanghai’s finest hospitals for grandpa. The doctors at the new hospital tell Shan Shan’s family that grandpa is at a very high risk for having a stroke because there’s some partial blockage in one of his arteries. They need to perform surgery on him, the sooner the better, or else he might really have a stroke. Shan Shan’s parents and Liu Liu’s mom quickly agree to follow the doctors’ recommendation to have the surgery. It looks like grandpa is going to be okay!

Over in England, Zheng Qi tells Li Shu that they’re not going out together today because Feng Teng isn’t up for it anymore. When Li Shu asks him why, he says that she should know better than him. After all, she’s Mrs. Feng.


Caught in the act.

Knowing that Feng Teng found out that she called herself, “Mrs. Feng,” to the front desk, Li Shu rushes over to his room to ask him if he’s angry with her. Feng Teng asks her if she knew that he’d be angry, then why did she still do it. Without an inkling of remorse or hesitation, Li Shu tells him that she only did it because she could tell the other person on the line didn’t speak English well, and she wanted to make sure it wasn’t an emergency at Windgroup. She keeps going on and on about how bad Shan Shan’s English is. I don’t know where she’s getting the nerve to criticize Shan Shan when Li Shu’s English skills were nothing to brag about either.


It’s over for you, Li Shu.

Feng Teng ain’t buying what she’s saying though. He shuts down Li Shu’s argument by saying that Shan Shan is still a college graduate, and would be able to handle herself in the situation even if she doesn’t speak fluent English. Because she has no shame whatsoever, Li Shu tries to make it seem like Feng Teng is accusing her of doing all this on purpose to make Shan Shan misunderstand her relationship with Feng Teng. If that’s the case, Feng Teng wants to know why she didn’t tell him about the phone call at all. Li Shu, still without shame, argues that it was Shan Shan who said that it wasn’t anything important. Then, she asks if Shan Shan was talking smack about her to him. Omg, I seriously cannot handle this bitch anymore.


Who? Me?

Feng Teng tells Li Shu that she didn’t want Shan Shan to misunderstand who the real Mrs. Feng was because she had never looked at Shan Shan as his rightful girlfriend. He says that he knows how during all the time, she has been looking down on Shan Shan and thinks he’s not worthy to be his girlfriend. When Li Shu keeps pretending that she’s done nothing wrong here, Feng Teng straight-up lists the things that Li Shu has done to make Shan Shan feel inferior. Thank you, Feng Teng! You are a wise and just boyfriend.


You will never be Mrs. Feng.

He tells her that he knows she purposely gave Shan Shan terrible makeup and fashion advice, in order to make her look like a fool in front of other people. And she suggested going to England with him and Zheng Qi because she knew that Shan Shan didn’t speak English well and didn’t have a passport. I guess no one informed him that Li Shu also wanted to come to seduce him.


Look at my qualifications!

Totally busted and probably too dumb to think of more excuses, Li Shu admits that she doesn’t think Shan Shan is worthy of being his girlfriend. She says that she doesn’t know what qualifications she has because she’s lacking in everything. Feng Teng immediately leaps outta his seat and yells at Li Shu to stop talking at once. He tells her that he has never cared about things like looks, education, etc. when he’s dating someone, so it’s none of her goddamn business to determine who’s qualified to be his girlfriend. BOOM. Feng Teng totally won this one. You can get the eff out now, Li Shu.


That’s enough.

Feng Yue comes to visit Shan Shan and her family in the hospital, and suggests that they get grandpa a better room or a 24-hr personal nurse to take care of him. Shan Shan quickly tells her that it’s totally not necessary, and that they’re already very grateful for all the help they’ve given her. But when Feng Yue hears that they’re all staying at Shan Shan’s place, she offers one of their family’s vacant apartments in the city for them to stay in.


Take your pick of my empty apartments.

At the apartment that Feng Yue is letting them stay in, Shan Shan’s mom asks Shan Shan how she met such powerful friends. Not knowing what else to say, Shan Shan has to admit that Feng Yue is the boss’s sister. Her mom wants to know why Feng Yue would be so nice to a random employee like Shan Shan, and she tells her mom that it’s only because she donated blood to Feng Yue before. It’s not a complete lie…


Another one of the Feng Fam’s cribs.

Feng Teng calls Shan Shan that night after she texted him to thank him for his help and to let him know that grandpa is going to be alright. He tells her to not worry about what Li Shu said to the front desk the other day, and that she was only doing it to answer the phone. Shan Shan tells him that she understood that, and wasn’t bothered by it. Instead, she tells him that he shouldn’t be upset with Li Shu over that. Girl, you are TOO nice. Shan Shan tells Feng Teng that she’s really grateful to him, and having her in his life is a very wonderful thing. Feng Teng tells her that he feels the same. Cuteness! There’s that Shan-Teng ❤ that we all know and love.


There’s that smile.

In the meantime, Li Shu is throwing herself a pity party on the streets of England. As she’s moping around and wondering if Feng Teng didn’t care about “qualifications” for his girlfriend, why does it have to be Shan Shan and not her? Boo fricken hoo. Zheng Qi shows up outta nowhere as a masked magician and performs a bunch of magic tricks for Li Shu and other tourists in an attempt to cheer her up. I guess it worked. Whatever, who cares. But did he bring all his magic kit with him on a business trip…?


Can you make Li Shu disappear?

Zheng Qi is seriously making me reconsider liking him as a character because he tells Li Shu that she shouldn’t get too down on herself about the Feng Teng situation/rejection. He says that she has become a better person in her pursuit of Feng Teng. I beg your pardon? Lemme repeat myself: WTF? Zheng Qi may be a good friend to Li Shu but he sure is a crappy one to Feng Teng and Shan Shan.

You're hopeless, Zheng Qi.

You’re hopeless, Zheng Qi.

He then asks her if she’s given on Feng Teng now. Li Shu says how could she not give up after what happened. That is not a definitive answer! Her insane desperation ain’t quitting just yet. Bet on it.

What Else is for Lunch:

Feng Teng purposely had his secretary book a regular hospital room in the very best hospital for Shan Shan’s grandpa. He probably did this so she and her family wouldn’t feel too bad accepting his help.

At the hospital, Shan Shan’s mom and Liu Liu’s mom sees Shan Shan talking with Feng Teng’s chauffeur. They think that there must be something going on between the two of them. They’re going to be in for a shock when they find out who Shan Shan’s bf really is.

Is FT scared of the dark?

Is FT scared of the dark?


6 thoughts on “Boss & Me/Shan Shan Lai Le (Ep 20 Recap)

  1. Anya says:

    Zheng Qi und Li Shu kinda deserve each other. AllI want is for both of them to stay away from Shan-Teng and live in their own delusional world….
    I’m seriously starting to love Feng Teng now. It’s so rare in Asian dramas to see the boyfriend putting his life-long girl friend in her place.


  2. steph says:

    I just want to say Feng teng killed it in this episode. I felt so happy and proud of him, that I was cheering in my seat when Feng teng stood up for shan shan. #slay
    p.s love how you wrote when they were fighting in the hotel room.
    Thanks for recapping the series 🙂


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