Boss & Me/Shan Shan Lai Le (Ep 19 Recap)

Someone get Shan Shan a passport ASAP.


But first, let me take a selfie.

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Anna’s Recap

Remember how it was getting really suspicious as to why Li Shu was being so nice to Shan Shan recently? Obviously, we all knew that no good was gunna come from it, but now we know for sure that she’s out to homewreck the Shan-Teng relationship! Someone get Li Shu some help because she’s straight-up delusional nowadays. Good thing that Feng Teng has absolutely zero interest in her flirty desperate tactics.

It’s a very familiar scene at Windgroup when Shan Shan walks in on a bunch of random employees gossiping about her and Feng Teng in the kitchen. This time they’re discussing how after yesterday’s dinner party, Shan Shan and Feng Teng’s relationship is finally confirmed and publicized. They continue to make fun of Shan Shan though, and laugh at how drunk she was at the party. Unlike the previous times where she felt bad about all the gossip, Shan Shan is quite happy this time around. That’s because she’s feeling confident in her and Feng Teng’s relationship now that it’s out in the open.

Keep talking.

Keep talking.

Feng Teng and Shan Shan are off to the supermarket for her to buy ingredients for the dinner that she’s hosting at her new place for Shuang Yi and Liu Liu. I don’t know what she’s making but it seems to be really elaborate because she’s literally throwing everything in the aisle into the cart. Feng Teng intervenes by taking the shopping list from her. After glancing over it, he calls up his butler to give him the list and to have his chef make the dishes. Shan Shan is on the side protesting that she can cook it all, but Feng Teng tells her to not worry about it. Seriously, you will never need to worry about food if you’re Feng Teng’s girlfriend.

What's for dinner?

What’s for dinner?

At the dinner, Shuang Yi is being her usual in-yo-face self, Du Fan is sweating bullets to be sitting across the table from his boss, and Liu Liu is pissed off that her boyfriend isn’t there yet. Feng Teng tells them to all relax, and to just enjoy the dinner. While they’re eating, Feng Teng is winning mad boyfriend points with Shan Shan’s girlfriends because he’s being super attentive towards her.



The cheerful atmosphere at dinner is quickly ruined though when Liu Liu’s boyfriend shows up. This is the same guy that thought he was too cool to say hi to Shan Shan when she was helping Liu Liu move. So not the case now because his eyes literally light up when he sees Feng Teng’s fancy Bentley outside the apartment, and then seeing that Shan Shan’s boyfriend is indeed Feng Teng of Windgroup.

Look only. No touching.

Look only. No touching.

Shan Shan picks the foods that Feng Teng doesn’t like from the dinner dishes, and Shuang Yi asks Feng Teng how he knew that Shan Shan was especially skilled at that. He starts to tell them about their “first date” at the beef noodle stand, but Shan Shan quickly quiets him down. He tells her that if she is feeling burdened by her food-picking duties, then he will do it for her today. So cute! But Liu Liu’s annoying and rude boyfriend interrupts the cute scene by trying to get Feng Teng to hang out with him. Because he’s too smart for that BS, Feng Teng obviously rejects him. Looks like they won’t be bros.


Just eat your dinner and go.

When Feng Teng gets home from the dinner, he sees Feng Yue taking pics of her baby so he jumps in for a quick photo with his nephew. As he’s looking through the pics on Feng Yue’s phone, he comes across all these secretly taken pics of Shan Shan’s family in their hometown. Clearly the work of a private investigator. He demands to know why Feng Yue was investigating her family. She tells Feng Teng that she didn’t mean any harm by it, and that she was just merely concerned about him and wanted to be sure of who he was dating. She argues that he did the same thing when she was dating Yan Qing, and she never said anything about it. Well, maybe you should have.

Failed spy mission.

Failed spy mission.

Using that as a segue, albeit not a good one, Feng Yue asks Feng Teng if he’s able to accept Shan Shan’s ordinary family background, then why can’t he accept Li Shu? Um, maybe because he’s already dating Shan Shan and LI Shu is evil? Feng Teng is also like, wtf why are we talking about Li Shu. Feng Yue tells him that she and Li Shu grew up together and are so close that she long considered her to be a part of the Feng family. Feng Teng quickly shuts that down, and tells her that she may think like that, but he certainly doesn’t. Damn right!

Feng Yue wants to know what exactly it is about Li Shu that he dislikes. Feng Teng says there’s nothing he doesn’t like about her, but on the other hand, there’s a lot of stuff that he can nitpick about Shan Shan. Feng Yue gets it, and knows that it’s because he cares about Shan Shan, so that’s why he is more critical of her. Whereas he doesn’t care about Li Shu, so he doesn’t waste the energy to criticize her.

Who's Li Shu?

Who’s Li Shu?

During dinner with Zheng Qi and Li Shu, they see Shan Shan very carefully pick out the foods from Feng Teng’s plate that he doesn’t like. Of course, Feng Teng is smiling lovingly at her the whole time. Probably raging from jealousy on the inside, Li Shu immediately puts on the lovey dovey act with Zheng Qi in front of them.



Zheng Qi and Feng Teng start discussing their trip to England next week, and they tell Li Shu and Shan Shan that they’ll probably gone for a longer period of time than their usual business trips. Li Shu suggests that she and Shan Shan go with them because they’ll be so bored if they are in Shanghai by themselves. Wtf? It’s a business trip, not a vacation. Chill on that desperate act. Because Zheng Qi is totally whipped in this fake relationship, he quickly agrees that Li Shu and Shan Shan come with them. Shan Shan tells them that she can’t go with them because she doesn’t have a passport, but Li Shu should still totally go. NO! Do you know what you’re saying, Shan Shan?!

Can't leave the country.

Can’t leave the country.

When Feng Teng drops Shan Shan off, he asks her why didn’t she get a passport after he told her to after his trip to America last time. She tells him that she doesn’t have many opportunities to go abroad, and doesn’t wanna suddenly go vaca when work has finally calmed down. Feng Teng offers to have his secretary get her a passport, but Shan Shan quickly tells him not to bother. She says that just because she’s his girlfriend, she’s still a Windgroup employee and can’t just get up and leave whenever she wants. Feng Teng agrees to drop the subject, and tells her that she has successfully persuaded him.

Sweet dreams, my love.

Sweet dreams, my love.

At the hotel in England, Zheng Qi finds out during check-in that Feng Teng only reserved two rooms: one for him and one for Zheng Qi and Li Shu. Zheng Qi gets all awkward and wants to have separate rooms. Not wanting to cast any suspicion on her and Zheng Qi’s relationship, Li Shu tells them that it’s fine and there’s no need for another room. Turns out that Feng Teng went one step further and booked them the honeymoon suite. Since there’s obviously only one bed in the room, they aren’t quite sure what to do about the sleeping arrangement. Poor Zheng Qi is probably going to have to sleep on the couch, even though Li Shu came on this trip uninvited…

So fancy.

So fancy.

Shan Shan gets a call from her mom out of the blue telling her that her family just got to Shanghai and are at the train station. When Shan Shan gets there to pick them up, she finds out that they made this trip to Shanghai because her grandpa hasn’t been feeling well, so they want him to go to one of the bigger city hospitals. Liu Liu’s mom has been calling Liu Liu and her boyfriend nonstop, but they haven’t picked up their phones. Without a key to Liu Liu’s place anymore, Shan Shan takes them all to her place.

Pick up service.

Pick up service.

That night, Liu Liu sneaks over to Shan Shan’s place without telling her mom that she’s there. She tells Shan Shan that didn’t pick up her mom’s calls because she doesn’t want her to know that she and her boyfriend broke up again, and that she’s already moved out of his place. Apparently after the dinner at Shan Shan’s place, he kept badgering Liu Liu to call up Feng Teng and Shan Shan. Obviously, he just wanted to befriend Feng Teng because he’s rich and powerful. Because of this, Liu Liu broke up with him. Good cousin. She tells Shan Shan to keep this secret for her and not to tell anyone, not even her parents.

Whatever. He was a douche, anyways.

Whatever. He was a douche, anyways.

Over in England, Li Shu tells Zheng Qi that she purposely came on this trip because she wanted to go to a place where it’s just her and Feng Teng, and no Shan Shan. Whatta beyotch. And I guess Zheng Qi is invisible? Too bad her plan ain’t working because Feng Teng is showing absolutely no interest in her. When she gets him to take a picture with her, he offers to take a pic of her and Zheng Qi together instead. Oh Li Shu, your evil flirting game is mad weak.

At the bar, Feng Teng is having a drink by himself waiting for Li Shu and Zheng Qi. Li Shu shows up crazily overdressed for a sports bar, and a random dude tries to hit on her. Feng Teng sees this and steps in to help her out. He tells her that he’s always had to “rescue” her whenever guys like her and she doesn’t like them back. She says that with him around, no one would even dare to pursue her anyways. Feng Teng is like, Zheng Qi totally did, didn’t he? Ha! Li Shu asks him if really thinks that she and Zheng Qi are a good match, and Feng Teng enthusiastically nods his head.

Off the hook.

Am I off the hook?

Feng Teng lists off a bunch of things that she and Zheng Qi have in common, and Li Shu argues that her own personality and interests might have changed though. Then, she tells Feng Teng that she thinks Zheng Qi is too flirty and might not be a loyal boyfriend. Feng Teng steps up for his bro and defends his character, but Li Shu ain’t listening to any of it. She keeps hinting to him that nothing in life is ever certain, and she wants a long-lasting relationship…like the one between her and Feng Teng. Seriously, didn’t she get REJECTED, like majorly rejected, by him already?! Feng Teng tells her that yes, their friendship will last for a long time. FRIENDSHIP…did ya hear that? Someone get the fire extinguisher because Li Shu just got burned by Feng Teng.

Cheers to...being friends.

Cheers to…being friends.

Zheng Qi overheard the entire conversation between Li Shu and Feng Teng at the bar, and how she kept insulting him to get closer to Feng Teng. When Li Shu gets back to their hotel room, she finds Zheng Qi passed out drunk on the couch. She talks to him while he’s asleep, and kind of apologizes for using him to put on this act with her. Then, she says that she thinks that she made the right decision in coming on this trip because she thinks Feng Teng is starting to notice her more. Wtf. There have been zero signs of this. She is legit batshit crazy. When Li Shu goes into the bedroom, Zheng Qi opens his eyes. Dude, you can seriously do so much better. Leave while you still can.

Omg, she's crazy.

Omg, she’s crazy.

What Else is for Lunch:

After the dinner guests left Shan Shan’s place, Feng Teng asks her if she has a good relationship with Liu Liu. Also, he wants to know what Liu Liu’s relationship with her boyfriend is like. Shan Shan doesn’t want to tell Feng Teng that Liu Liu is only with him because she’s using him to stay in Shanghai, so she tells him ambiguously that Liu Liu is a good person and definitely not a golddigger. Feng Teng says that he knows, and that he can tell that Liu Liu is a very “ambitious” girl. Definitely with a negative connotation though.

In England, Feng Teng isn’t wasting time paying attention to Li Shu because he only thinks about Shan Shan! He calls her to tell her that he really regrets listening to her about not getting a passport/coming to England because he wishes she was by his side. Shan-Teng foreverrr.

Feng Teng's selfie game.

Feng Teng’s selfie game.


2 thoughts on “Boss & Me/Shan Shan Lai Le (Ep 19 Recap)

  1. Anya says:

    I stopped liking the moment at the baby shower when he completely ignored Shan Shan even though she was supposed to be his date – thus I honestly can’t feel too sorry for his flaky and unreliable character for the way Li Shu treats him. It’s not like she’s hiding the fact she’s only using him. He made his own bed by still playing the doormat for her.
    I love Feng Teng for consistently warding off Li Shu.Good boyfriend. ­čśŤ


  2. dinha says:

    I like your translation, very good indeed, because I have read others but your I can imagened wall the situation.
    Thank you


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