It’s Okay, That’s Love (Ep 16 Recap – FINALE)

Best ending anyone could have asked for.

Estelle’s Recap

We return with Jae Yul washing Kang Woo’s feet and as he washes the scars heal (or appear to at least). Jae Yul says Hae Soo is thankful to Kang Woo because had Kang Woo not appeared, he would probably be dead by now, and while he was comforting Kang Woo, he was comforting himself. Jae Yul goes on to confess that when he was younger he was really terrified of his step father and brother, and angry at himself for not being able to protect his mom. Upon hearing this, Kang Woo replies that these incidents are all the past now. Jae Yul forgives himself and says he has turned out decent after all. Finally, Kang Woo tells Jae Yul to ignore him in the future and to look in the mirror whenever he is missed, because “you are me.”

photo 1 (88)

photo 2 (85)

At the house, Dong Min receives the good news that Jae Yul has regained his sense of reality, which means a full scale treatment can now be conducted! Soo Kwang and So Nyeo are also as lovey dovey as ever. Cue the happy music because everything is wonderful!

photo 3 (62)

lady and the tramp?

While Jae Yul is totally still missing Kang Woo he has come to accept that Kang Woo is gone. Hae Soo steals a quick hold of hand with Jae Yul while walking by. Jae Yul is also becoming quite comfortable at the hospital, and Young Jin decides that the medication he is on can be lowered.

Hae Soo’s mom comes to the hospital to demand that Hae Soo quit to study abroad. Meanwhile Hye Jin and Yoon Cheol come to visit Jae Yul. The couple shares their happiness together and encourages Jae Yul to stay with Hae Soo.

Jae Yul calls up Hae Soo’s mom and tells her he will persuade Hae Soo for sure. Hae Soo meets up with Jae Yul per mom’s orders. He tells her that his books are selling well and that he is invited to be a guest on a radio show. She encourages him to go to the radio show and he tells her to take her sabbatical. She doesn’t want to and he tells her that love isn’t to sacrifice for the other person, but it’s to accomplish something.

one last kiss goodbye (for now).

one last kiss goodbye (for now).

She asks if he knows he is really mean, and he says he does, but he also knows he must do this so he can tell her family later that he tried his best. With the promise that she can come back to him if she cannot forget him, Hae Soo leaves on her sabbatical.

goodbye soo kwang

goodbye soo kwang

Jae Yul gets a temporary release to do the radio show. As he says his last words, Hae Soo listens in. He explains that schizophrenia is a common disorder and that many do return to their normal lives, so he plans on trying his best. He says the best he can do for those who love him is to never give up. Lastly, he wishes that everyone would ask him/herself “how are you” and to say to him/herself “goodnight.”

Jae Yul says goodnight to himself, followed by Soo Kwang, Dong Min and Hae Soo.

Jae Yul is writing again! Dong Min and Young Jin agree that it is time to consider discharging Jae Yul.

Dong Min and Soo Kwang visit Jae Yul and browse through Hae Soo’s travel pictures. Dong Min asks Jae Yul if he would like to see the pictures and he refuses. Soo Kwang marks that the pair is vicious.

Now 1 year later…

Jae Yul’s family is all happy as they share some watermelons together (plus Jae Bum’s hair is black now)! Jae Bum tells the family that a female officer likes him, but everyone is in disbelief.

Soo Kwang sends a message that he and So Nyeo are doing well, too. He tells her Jae Yul is writing and doing radio shows again. Most importantly, Kang Woo has not appeared in six months!

photo 2 (86)

photo 3 (63)

Jae Bum is attending group therapy to learn how to properly talk to people, and he is harboring a crush for Young Jin. Jae Yul’s mom and Soo Kwang’s dad are also attending a counseling group to deal with their children’s disorders.

jae bum attends therapy session and perhaps to meet up with young jin?

jae bum attends therapy session and perhaps to meet up with young jin?

Not to forget, Hye Jin and Yoon Cheol gave birth to a baby boy.

At the end, we see a similar scene with a bunch of people at the Hongdae house, laughing as they cheer on the soccer team.

Where is Hae Soo you ask? She is in Okinawa again, revisiting all the places she went to with Jae Yul.

photo 5 (20)

photo 1 (90)

And so Hae Soo comes back, all excited, but Dong Min and Soo Kwang totally ignore her while being completely engrossed in puzzle game. They tell her there’s cold rice in the kitchen if she wants some food and leave her to fend for herself. Soo Kwang even says “she’s unexpectedly such a princess.”

photo 2 (87)

Except there is a surprise! Jae Yul is back in the house again! But he also… erm, does not give her a warm welcome. Meanwhile, Soo Kwang gets over the puzzle game and Dong Min makes it worse by pushing the finished part off the table. Oh, Dong Min.

Hae Soo follows Jae Yul into his room, demanding to know why he is so cold. He tells her it’s because he misses her so much that he feels like he’s seen her every day. (Oh man, don’t cheese this out by giving her a stupid necklace or something).

He asks her if he can kiss her and she consents. Yay!

Dong Min and Soo Kwang suddenly run in with the completed puzzle which says “Hae Soo, whom we love, Jae Yul was waiting so long for you.” They see the kissing couple so they sit obediently on the bed, holding the sign, waiting for them to finish.

photo 3 (64)

photo 4 (36)

photo 5 (21)

Jae Yul turns around, tells them to hurry and leave. The couple returns to insane make out.

Cue time gap AGAIN! It is now one year later. The sad camel painting in the bathroom is now a happy camel painting.

Terrible place to hang a painting if you ask me. I mean what about all that moisture?

Hae Soo is… what?! Looking at a pregnancy test?! And the result you ask?


photo 1 (91)

Hae Soo hands him the pregnancy test. Jae Yul goes directly out to the yard to show the test to Dong Min and Soo Kwang who are both shocked and over joyed .

photo 2 (88)

Hae Soo follows them and Dong Min fake scold Jae Yul. So what does she do? She picks up the watering hose and hoses them down!

photo 3 (65)

Jae Yul has been bonding with Hae Soo’s dad. He tells dad a secret, and dad giggles. He also tells the news to Hae Soo’s mom, who is also very happy. It seems that the family has accepted him.

At the house, the four couples (Choi & Min Young, So Nyeo & Soo Kwang, Hae Soo & Jae Yul, Young Jin & Dong Min) all decide to fight it out the next day at Dong Min’s “stress relieving program.” So in the adorable fashion of this show, it ends with everybody throwing tomatoes at each other. What better friends, or family rather, could you ask for?

photo 4 (37)

photo 5 (22)

photo 1 (92)

photo 2 (89)

Like Jae Yul says at the end, “You are never alone. Goodnight, Jang Jae Yul.”

Yes, goodnight, It’s Okay, That’s Love. This ride has been a blast.

photo 3 (66)

photo 4 (38)

photo 5 (23)

Oh, and Jae Yul successfully convinced Hae Soo to have another baby after this one!

photo (32)

bonus picture!


One thought on “It’s Okay, That’s Love (Ep 16 Recap – FINALE)

  1. I was wondering why the character of Hae was not happy to have a baby by her husband, Jae. Isn’t that what couples in love want esp that a baby will make him in his absolute healing? And we are Asians. In fact Jae was so proud that he will be a dad.


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