Boss & Me/Shan Shan Lai Le (Ep 17 Recap)

Apartment hunting ain’t ever been easier.

Go, Shan Shan!

Go, Shan Shan!

Previously on Boss & Me/Shan Shan Lai Le… ep 16 recap

Anna’s Recap

Shan-Teng  just can’t seem to escape the side-eyes and gossip from the busybodies around them. Not to mention that Li Shu is still lurking around, waiting to steal Feng Teng from right under Shan Shan’s nose. Be on alert, Shan Shan! Feng Teng’s got money…can he just buy them a private island to avoid everyone?

Shan Shan somehow manages to trick Li Shu to meet up with her at an art gallery/coffee shop place, so that Zheng Qi can rip off Love Actually and apologize to her with a bunch of notecards. On them, Zheng Qi tells Li Shu that last night’s love confessions were embarrassing for both of them. The best way to move forward is to just forget about them, and pretend that nothing ever happened. They confirm that they’re still friends, and that’s that. No handshake this time though. Man, they’re boring.


Blatant rip off.

While Zheng Qi is off doing that whole bit with the notecards, Shan Shan and Feng Teng are watching them while enjoying some afternoon tea. Shan Shan is still in the dark about what happened with Li Shu and Feng Teng last night, and is convinced that Li Shu is pissed off with Zheng Qi because he was hosting a Valentine’s Day party for a bunch of single female coworkers. Shan Shan tells Feng Teng that if he finds someone better in the future, he doesn’t need to apologize for it. Instead, she just wants him to give her a heads-up, so she knows when to leave with a bit of dignity intact. Feng Teng asks her if she’s threatening him, but he wouldn’t be willing to have her leave him anyways.



Shan Shan tries to explain to Li Shu afterwards that she shouldn’t be upset with Zheng Qi because he was only hosting that party because those girls all were recently dumped. She keeps talking, and Feng Teng has no choice but to feed her a slice of kiwi to get her to stop. Cute. Li Shu says that she knew all about that since she was at the party too. She then says to the group that it’s all in the past now, and they don’t need to talk about it anymore. Totally looking at Feng Teng the whole time…


Lemme explain for Zheng Qi…

The next day at work, Feng Teng drops Shan Shan off in front of the office building instead of their usual spot that’s a few blocks away. Shan Shan is obviously freaking out and trying to hide her face because she doesn’t want people seeing her with the boss. When she is reluctant to leave the car, Feng Teng tells her that outside of this office building, he is her boyfriend and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with a boyfriend dropping off his girlfriend at work. He tells Shan Shan that yes, it’s going to be difficult for her once people know they’re dating, but it’s something that she’s going to have to get used to.


Status: In A Relationship.

With that very obvious declaration on their relationship status, everyone at Windgroup knows that there must be something going on between Feng Teng and Shan Shan. Her coworkers all corner her when she gets to the office, demanding to know what the deal is. Zhou Xiao Wei is at her desk huffing and puffing, and is clearly majorly jealous. Please. Did she really think she was going to get Feng Teng just from that one measly dance at the company party? When the questions keep coming about their relationship status, Shan Shan ambiguously tells them that…what they’re thinking is probably true.

That jealous Zhou Xiao Wei.

That jealous Zhou Xiao Wei.

Shan Shan overhears Yan Qing talking to one of the other managers about the upcoming pay raises, and the manager’s asking what they should do about Shan Shan. He reasons that if they give her too much money, then it’s only because she’s the boss’s girlfriend. But then if they don’t give her enough, then they might offend the boss’s girlfriend. What to do?

Feng Teng Girlfriend woes.

Feng Teng Girlfriend woes.

Shan Shan is majorly stressed out about the pay raise situation, and doesn’t want there to be unnecessary gossip about it. She wonders to herself why Feng Teng couldn’t just be more patient and wait until after the pay raise to publicly announce their relationship. When Feng Teng calls her, she casually asks him what does the company think of her work performance in regards to the pay raise. Feng Teng tells her that he thinks everything will be according to company guidelines, and will be done very professionally. C’mon Feng Teng…you can play a little favoritism!


Strictly professional.

Shan Shan still asks Feng Teng to drop her off a few blocks away from the office building, but he stands firm and tells her that she needs to get used to the attention. And this attention apparently translates to everyone at work being super friendly towards Shan Shan, like overly friendly. She knows that it’s all fake and that they’re probably smiling to her face, but talking mad crap about her when she’s not there.

Knives in the smiles.

Knives in the smiles.

During her lunchbreak, Shan Shan goes to find Li Shu and Feng Yue for some advice on all this unwanted attention. At first, Feng Yue tells her to not worry too much about what other people are saying because Yan Qing went through the same thing when he was dating her. Li Shu takes the opportunity to belittle Shan Shan, and says that it’s obviously not the same because Yan Qing was a highly recruited talent whereas Shan Shan is JUST an assistant. She then suggests that if Shan Shan really can’t handle it, then she should just quit. Yeah…I’m sure you’d love that, wouldn’t you?! Feng Yue jumps on the SS-hatin’ bandwagon, and tells her that she doesn’t mean to look down on her…but she doesn’t really support her brother dating just an assistant. What betches.


Fakeness for days.

Shan Shan gets back to work, thinking to herself that there’s no way she’s going to quit her job. Thatta girl! She finds a notice on her desk alerting her that she got an 8% pay raise, which is in accordance with company standards for assistants. Her nosy coworkers are shocked that she got the most basic pay raise, but Shan Shan is secretly happy that she wasn’t given any preferential treatment because she’s Feng Teng’s gf. When she steps out of the office for a second though, she hears them office betches talking about how Shan Shan’s pay raise was just a tactic to not make things so obvious that she’s getting perks for being the boss’s gf.



In the copy room, Shan Shan runs into her manager and thanks him for giving her the raise. He initially apologizes that he isn’t like the other managers, and didn’t take into consideration her relationship with Feng Teng when assigning the raise. Shan Shan thanks him for doing exactly that because she doesn’t want to be given something that she didn’t earn. Her manager reassures her that she definitely earned this raise on her own, and not because she’s dating the boss. Hearing that acknowledgement from her manager, Shan Shan is happily smiling again…especially after all that haterade that she had to deal with today.

During dinner, Shan Shan tells Feng Teng that she’s really happy with the raise and her manager’s recognition of her hard work. She says that it’s time to start looking for a new place to live because she can’t stay at Liu Liu’s place any longer. Feng Teng asks if she’s unhappy living there, and Shan Shan explains to him that things are just getting too complicated between Liu Liu and her boyfriend for her to stay there any longer. When Feng Teng hears that Liu Liu’s boyfriend also lives there, something that he didn’t know beforehand, he gets angry. Shan Shan reassures him that it’s no big deal, and that the guy is on a business trip in Beijing anyways. Feng Teng is still pissed, and asks her if she thinks that he’s the type of man that would let his gf sleep in the same bed that another man has slept in.


Move in with me.

Feng Teng tells Shan Shan to move in with him, but she says no way. She tries to appease him by promising that she won’t sleep in the bed anymore, and will even sleep on the floor. No deal, says Feng Teng’s face. Finally, Shan Shan promises him that she’ll move out of there in 3 days. Feng Teng replies that she has to move out by tomorrow, or else she’s moving in with him.


C’mon Feng Teng. C’monnn.

The next day, Shan Shan registers her info with a realtor and prays that she’ll be able to find a place by the end of the day. The minute she steps out of the realty office, she gets a call about an available place. Shan Shan is immediately suspicious of how he got her info so fast, and refuses to believe that he’s legit. Thinking that he’s a swindler, she hangs up the phone. Immediately, Feng Teng calls her to ask about her apartment-hunting progress, so she tells him about that weird phone call she just had. Feng Teng tells her that the guy seems pretty legit, but she can give him the info for the apartment and he’ll have his chauffeur personally take her there.


Pretty please…get me an apt?

At the apartment, Shan Shan is impressed and really likes the place, but then gets suspicious when the real estate agent tells her how low the rent is, and how he conveniently doesn’t have the inspection records. When Shan Shan is hesitant to say yes to to the place, the real estate agent tells her that she can live there first, and then give the rent money later. And that’s an offer that Shan Shan can’t refuse!


Too good to be true?

It turns out that the place is actually owned by Feng Teng, and he organized the whole thing with the real estate agent. He told him to just rent her the place for whatever money. And to not act like such a sketchy swindler on the phone. Ha.

Feng Teng leaves work early to help Shan Shan move into her new place. She goes on and on about how lucky she was to have found this place, and how everything worked out so perfectly. All the while, Feng Teng is smiling to himself. He tells Shan Shan to invite her friends over for dinner one of these days, including Liu Liu and her boyfriend. He wants to personally thank them for taking care of Shan Shan for so long.



The next morning, Shan Shan runs into a fellow Windgroup employee that lives in the area. She tells her that she just recently moved into this place and the neighborhood. In the bathroom at work, Shan Shan overhears some coworkers gossiping about how that employee told everyone that Shan Shan moved into a fancy new apartment. They reckon that it was bought for her by Feng Teng. They keep dissing her and how ordinary she is, and think that Feng Teng is just playing around until he gets tired of her. This company apparently only hires gossiping bitches.


Don’t cry, Shan Shan!

Shan Shan avoids eating lunch with her coworkers, and instead goes back up to the balcony to eat by herself. She’s visibly upset by what she heard in the bathroom. Unbeknownst to her though is that Feng Teng is on the other side of the wall and sees her crying.


Here we are again.

Despite what happened at work, Shan Shan is still grateful to have Feng Teng and knows that their relationship is real. She enjoys the quiet time they can spend together at his apartment, but wonders what Feng Teng thinks of her as a girlfriend.



Shan Shan suggests to Feng Teng that from now on, she can cook for him and she doesn’t need to hire a chef. Feng Teng asks if she actually knows how to cook…

Too cute!

Too cute!

What Else is for Lunch:

Liu Liu is off to Beijing because her boyfriend’s dad found out that they had broke up, and is making a big fuss about it. Tell me again why I’m supposed to care about them?

Is that a chicken nugget?

Is that a chicken nugget?


2 thoughts on “Boss & Me/Shan Shan Lai Le (Ep 17 Recap)

  1. Anya says:

    Wow, Feng Yue, I’m really disappointed. 😦 You don’t deserve your super nice and friendly “commoner” of a husband.
    Shan Shan is so strong to got to work every day in good spirits despite all these mean bitches working there who apparently have no life.


  2. Jenny says:

    Wow! How come I didn’t know there was a recap site the first time I watched this? So glad I came upon it as I watch it for the second time.
    I can’t get enough of this drama. Though those gossiping witches get on my nerves.


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