Boss & Me/Shan Shan Lai Le (Ep 15 Recap)

Is he your boyfriend or boy friend?

Watch your belongings.

Previously on Boss & Me/Shan Shan Lai Le… ep 14 recap

Anna’s Recap

Valentine’s Day…a day that is supposed to be filled with love is causing nothing but problems for Shan Shan and Feng Teng. Unbeknownst to Shan Shan, Feng Teng has real legitimate reasons for hating this day. And it’s not because of the typical silly stress over which chocolates or flowers to buy.

Feng Teng sees Zheng Qi drop Li Shu back at his place after taking her to her old house. She went there to look for the copy of The Great Gatsby that she was looking for earlier in Feng Teng’s office. She couldn’t find it at her house though because Feng Teng found it in his office after she left. Inside, he also found the book/love confession that she wrote for him all those years ago. Zheng Qi tries to help Li Shu carry her box of stuff and their hands accidentally touch. They both flinch and drop the box.

Observation deck.

Zheng Qi asks Li Shu what’s up with her lately because she’s been acting really weird around him. He wants to know if it’s because they hugged the other day. Have they never hugged before? Li Shu says that it’s not because of that. Thank god because that would have seriously been the lamest reason ever. She tells him it’s because she remembered that they made out that night that she was super drunk, and she was embarrassed by it. Zheng Qi tries to play cool and says that it’s no big deal since she was drunk, and he didn’t think anything of it anyways. They confirm that they’re still friends then…and shake on it. Wow, going from making out a couple of days ago to shaking hands. Alrighty then.

Pinky handshake promise.

The next morning, Feng Teng tells Li Shu that he couldn’t find the book that she was looking for. When she asks him if he’s ever looked through it then, he lies and says nope, never. Feng Teng tells Li Shu and Feng Yue that work has been really hectic lately, so he’s going to move out to his apartment in the city to be closer to work. Hm, sure sounds like an excuse to avoid someone.

During a dinner with the crew at Shuang Yi’s house, Du Fan asks Shan Shan about those “secret lover” gossip that he’s heard around the office. He also wants to know why she’s stopped having lunch with Feng Teng in his office. Totally pegged Du Fan as a gossip girl. After hearing that the so-called “secret lover” is Li Shu, Shuang Yi flips out and says that obviously this chick is up to no good. Shan Shan tells her and Liu Liu that they shouldn’t think that because she’s been going through a difficult time, and that there’s nothing going on between her and Feng Teng. The two of them warn Shan Shan that even if she completely trusts Feng Teng in the situation, it’s still not a good idea to have Li Shu living at his house. Word.

Listen to ’em, Shan Shan.

Because she still doesn’t know if they’re going to be spending Valentine’s Day together, Shan Shan asks Feng Teng if his parents also didn’t acknowledge the holiday because of his grandpa’s rule on no Western holidays. He tells her that they did, but just secretly. Shan Shan is happily thinking that they too can just spend the holiday together in secret then, and is listing off all the things they can do on the day. She tells him that she’s really excited to spend it with him because it’s her first real Valentine’s Day in 25 years. All the while, Feng Teng’s face darkens and tells her that they can discuss that later.

Roses? No thanks.

He takes her to his city apartment and tells her that they’re going to eat all their meals together here from now on. Not getting the hint earlier, Shan Shan says that they can have their Valentine’s Day dinner here then. Feng Teng walks away from her, and reiterates that they aren’t going to discuss Valentine’s Day now. Shan Shan is left wondering why she’s not feeling happy that Feng Teng has shared his apartment with her, and how she hasn’t felt any joy in being Feng Teng’s girlfriend. Noooo. What are you doing, Shan-Teng!

So cold.

So cold.

At work, Shan Shan’s coworker friend asks her about the “secret lover” gossip that everyone’s being talking about, and if something happened between her and Feng Teng. Shan Shan has no choice but to loudly inform her that she and Feng Teng are definitely NOT dating. When she walks out of the copy room, she sees Feng Teng standing right there. Did he hear what she said? Well, let’s just say that he ain’t looking too happy right now.

I didn’t say anything!

During dinner that night, Shan Shan also can’t figure out if Feng Teng heard what she said to her coworker about them. Things certainly are chilly around here. Feng Teng looks mad, and Shan Shan looks sad. After silently eating some more, Feng Teng finally breaks the ice and tells her that he’s going to America next week. Shan Shan is immediately disappointed because she thinks that if he’s in America, then they definitely won’t be spending Valentine’s Day together. Seeing her sad face, Feng Teng suggests that she go with him to America. Sorry but that’s not happening because Shan Shan doesn’t have a passport. What?

No dinner convo.

Shan Shan visits Li Shu at her bookstore, and is left awkwardly standing around by herself because Li Shu is pretty much ignoring her. Rude much? Shan Shan spots the Valentine’s Day display in the store, and asks Li Shu about it. Li Shu says something stuff about importing the chocolates…even though they are just Godiva ones. Pretty sure that Godiva is available in Shanghai. Not really sure what Li Shu’s intentions are here, but she mentions to Shan Shan how girls’ usually love Valentine’s Day, but it might not be so great for her because Feng Teng hates it. When Shan Shan asks her why he hates the day so much, Li Shu tells her that his parents had their car accident and passed away that day.

Oh no.

Oh no.

Hearing this, Shan Shan rushes to find Feng Teng at the office to apologize for tactlessly mentioning Valentine’s Day constantly to him. She runs out of the elevator, and smacks right into Zheng Qi. Zheng Qi then falls backward and hits the client that they were meeting with. The client is screaming in agony because Zheng Qi broke his nose. Does he have a fragile nose or does Zheng Qi have a hard head? As they rush the guy to the hospital, Shan Shan is left standing alone in the hallway with Feng Teng.

Pinch the nose!

Pinch the nose!

Shan Shan waits by her phone to hear from Feng Teng on Zheng Qi and the broken nose’s guy’s statuses. She finally texts him, and he responds with the shortest text ever that everything’s fine. Her nosy as hell coworkers are already gossiping about how this literal run-in with the client made the business deal that they were discussing fall through.

Call me, please.

If you thought their previous dinner was chilly, this one is the polar vortex because both Shan Shan and Feng Teng are straight-up looking miserable. C’mon, you guys! The food still looks good. During their silent eating, Feng Teng gets a message from Zheng Qi that Li Shu had told Shan Shan about his parent’s accident. Feng Teng tells Shan Shan not to worry so much about the failed business deal because Windgroup never planned on collaborating with them anyways. Shan Shan wonders to herself if this is the truth or he’s just saying it to comfort her. He then asks her if there was something urgent that she needed to talk to him about today, and she tells him that no, it wasn’t anything important. Shan Shan can’t bring herself to talk about Valentine’s Day when she made such a huge mess at work today. Chilliness resumes.

No phones at the dinner table.

No phones at the dinner table.

Feng Teng is in America, and the only communication that Shan Shan has had with him is a couple of extremely short text messages. Yan Qing shows up at Shan Shan’s department and asks to speak to her privately. He apologizes to her for his secretary going around with the “secret lover” gossip, and that she’s already been fired…following Feng Teng’s orders. His reasoning was that secretaries work extremely closely with their bosses, and they can’t be running around talking about their personal lives. When Shan Shan asks Yan Qing if he was going to fire her because of what happened with the failed business deal, he tells her the same thing that Feng Teng told her. They never planned on doing business with that guy anyways, so it’s not her fault.

No mood to work.

Yan Qing also tells Shan Shan to not mind people gossiping about her and Feng Teng because he went through the same thing when he was dating Feng Yue. He encourages her to tune them out, and to just focus on her and Feng Teng’s happiness. If he and Feng Yue worked out, so can they! Yan Qing makes a good motivational speaker for Shan-Teng.

Still bummed.

After hearing that there was a notice that went out that said the company policy on no office dating has been eliminated, Shan Shan invites Zheng Qi out for some coffee to gleam some wisdom from him about Feng Teng. She apologizes again for tackling him the other day. Zheng Qi figures that she was running around like crazy because she was looking for Feng Teng to talk about what Li Shu had told her. He tells Shan Shan that she needs to understand that this Valentine’s Day issue is always going to exist, and that she shouldn’t expect Feng Teng to ever be okay with it. Shan Shan agrees and says that she wanted to tell Feng Teng that she’s perfectly fine if they never celebrated Valentine’s Day together. Zheng Qi reassures her that things are going to be fine between her and Feng Teng, and that he is just expressing his love for her in ways that differ from typical guys.

How quaint!

Over the next few days, the extremely short text messages continue. It’s gotten to the point where Shan Shan thinks that Feng Teng is being so distant with her because he wants to break up. When she gets a message from him that he’ll be back tomorrow and wants to talk, she is pretty certain that he wants to break up with her.

Not ready.

As Shan Shan prepares to have her heart broken by Feng Teng, I’m also preparing myself for if Shan-Teng really does break up…after just 3 episodes.

What Else is for Lunch:

Before Feng Teng tells Feng Yue and Li Shu that he’s moving out, Feng Yue is very obviously trying to get Feng Teng to spend more time with Li Shu. When Feng Teng is gone, Li Shu tells Feng Yue to stop wasting her efforts in fixing her up with her brother. Why…because you got your own homewrecking tricks up your sleeves?

After the disastrous run-in, Li Shu tells Zheng Qi that she was the one who told Shan Shan about Feng Teng’s parents. She wonders aloud to him if Feng Teng hasn’t told her himself because he still doesn’t trust her. Zheng Qi reminds her that none of this is her business. Hear, hear.

What a disaster.


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  1. Anya says:

    Oh, I thought Feng Yue was a Shan-Teng shipper as well…:(
    I can’t help but wish that Feng Teng opened up a little more.


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