Boss & Me/Shan Shan Lai Le (Ep 14 Recap)

Let me get the door for you.

Why so serious?

Previously on Boss & Me/Shan Shan Lai Le… ep 13 recap

Anna’s Recap

One of advantages of being Feng Teng’s girlfriend is that Shan Shan doesn’t only get free lunches anymore, but breakfast and dinner as well. While Shan-Teng are merrily eating together every day and thinking that everything is rosy, a long lost bookmark is about to cause a few waves for the Shan-Teng ship (and us shippers, haha). Let’s hope that they can weather this storm.

Zheng Qi takes Li Shu out to get some fresh air, and not be cooped up all day long in Feng Teng’s house. He asks her what she plans to do now, and she tells him that she’ll stay at Feng Teng’s house, at least until Feng Yue comes home from her trip. Zheng Qi sees right through her and urges her not to run away again just because Feng Teng is dating Shan Shan. Apparently this was Li Shu’s go-to move back in the day whenever Feng Teng started dating someone. She promises him that she won’t disappear this time since Shanghai is a big enough city for her to hide, if necessary.

Run away…with me.

Li Shu asks Zheng Qi to take her out drinking, and she ends up getting wasted. Zheng Qi ends up taking her back to his place for the night because she’s too drunk. At his place, she breaks down in front of him because she doesn’t know what to do now that her mother is gone and she has no other family or home. Zheng Qi comforts her, and in her drunkenness, she starts making out with him. Things get hot and heavy, but before they take things any further, Li Shu calls him, “Feng Teng.” Zheng Qi immediately backs off, and she ends up passing out in his bed.

Worst kissing ever.

In the morning, Li Shu doesn’t quite know what happened last night between her and Zheng Qi, but she apologizes for her drunk behavior. Zheng Qi acts like everything’s cool between them, and they hug it out.

We're cool.

We’re cool.

Shan Shan, Liu Liu, and Shuang Yi are having lunch together and Shan Shan is telling them about how Feng Teng doesn’t celebrate Valentine’s Day. Shuang Yi tells her that if he’s not going to celebrate Valentine’s Day with her, then that must mean he’s out celebrating with some other girl. Shan Shan gets slightly worried that maybe Feng Teng is putting her through a “trial period” since he did say that they should “try” to her. Liu Liu tells her that they must celebrate the holiday no matter what.

Sage advice.

Back at work, all of Shan Shan’s coworkers are talking about their Chinese New Year, and Zhou Xiao Wei tells them that Shan Shan spent it with Feng Teng. Shan Shan denies it, and says that she was only with him for a very short amount of time. She thinks to herself that Zhou Xiao “Shady Bangs” Wei must have heard about it from Feng Teng’s secretary, who is a good friend of hers.

Stop gossiping!

Stop gossiping!

Feng Teng is all disappointed in his office because Shan Shan had previously told him that she’s no longer going to have lunch with him because of the company policy on no office romances. He asks his secretary about the policy and if there are any couples at Windgroup. When she asks him if he’s having second thoughts about the rule, he tells her that the rule must stay in place so people will concentrate on their work.

Lost my lunch buddy.

Lost my lunch buddy.

Feng Teng picks Shan Shan from her place before work, and tells her that since they can’t have lunch together anymore, they’re going to eat breakfast and dinner together every day. On the way to work, Shan Shan asks Feng Teng to drop her a few blocks away from the office building to avoid people seeing them together. Feng Teng agrees, and this becomes their new routine for the next couple of days.



At work, Shan Shan overhears people gossiping about how Feng Teng must not be interested in her anymore because Yan Qing’s secretary had spread gossip about how he has a “secret lover” staying at his house. They keep going on about how Shan Shan must be so embarrassed, and that if they were her, they wouldn’t know how to keep working at Windgroup for Feng Teng. Jeez, these people got to learn to mind their own business.


Feng Teng invites Zheng Qi over for dinner, but he refuses to go. He’s been doing that for the past couple of days. Feng Teng hints that something must have happened between him and Li Shu because ever since she spent the night at his place, she’s been in a much better mood. Zheng Qi tells Feng Teng to get his mind out of the gutter and that nothing happened between him and Li Shu. Feng Teng says that he has no need to explain anything to him, but she’s just glad that Li Shu is not as sad anymore. He adds that Li Shu must not actually like him as much as she thinks if she’s managed to keep it a secret all these years.

I got you, bro.

Shan Shan and Zheng Qi go home with Feng Teng to see Li Shu, and they find her in Feng Teng’s office looking through his books. When they ask what she’s looking for, she asks if he still has the copy of The Great Gatsby that she gave him in college. Feng Teng gives her a blank look and says that he’s not sure where he placed it.

Light reading.

When Feng Teng drops Shan Shan off at her place, he doesn’t let her get of the car yet. He tells her that from now on, there’s a lot of things that he must do for her, starting with opening the car door for her. Feng Teng says that it must be a little weird for her for him to go from being her boss to her boyfriend. Shan Shan admits to him that she felt a little uncomfortable earlier when she saw Li Shu walking around his house in her pajamas, and that she immediately felt guilty for being jealous during such a difficult time for Li Shu.

How chivalrous.

Feng Teng reassures Shan Shan that it’s understandable for her to be uncomfortable in this situation. He then teases her for finally learning to be jealous. But in all seriousness, he reminds her that despite anything that she might hear, she just needs to remember that he only likes her. He asks her to get in his arms, and they share a much needed embrace. Aww, Shan-Teng! ❤ Okay, I’m not really doing this scene justice, but it was really adorable!

Picture worth a thousand words.

Once he gets home, Feng Teng goes into his office to look for the copy of The Great Gatsby that Li Shu was looking for earlier. He finally finds it in a box of random stuff, and when flipping through it, he finds a bookmark. Apparently, Li Shu had left the bookmark in there all those years ago, waiting for Feng Teng to find it. On it is her confession that she likes him. Feng Teng is in shock, and remembers how he was laughing off Li Shu’s crush on him to Zheng Qi because she never admitted her feelings to him. Oops.

From his balcony, Feng Teng sees Zheng Qi dropping off Li Shu. She had gone back to her old house to look for the book, but couldn’t find it. Feng Teng looks down at the book in his hands and knows that the situation between him and Li Shu is going to get messy.

Don’t lose your page.

What Else is for Lunch:

After hearing the coworkers gossiping about how she had lost favor with Feng Teng, Shan Shan immediately gets worried when flowers are delivered to Zhou Xiao Wei. Her first thought is that they’re from Feng Teng, but of course they aren’t. Please, Zhou Xiao Wei ain’t nothing.

Shan Shan plans to ask Feng Yue if she and Yan Qing celebrate Valentine’s Day. Because if they do, then she knows that she and Feng Teng should celebrate it as well.


2 thoughts on “Boss & Me/Shan Shan Lai Le (Ep 14 Recap)

  1. Anya says:

    In many Asian dramas the co-workers in a company get nearly rabid about another co-worker’s life, especially if involved with the boss, (like in an earlier episode). Is that normal in Asian countries or just a theme in many dramas as a way to make a situation seem more dramatic? I’m from Europe and this open noisiness from people you’ve barely talked to is kind of weird to me.
    Thanks again!


    • @Anya: Haha I’m not sure if that’s actually the norm, but it does seem more like something they throw into dramas. But they gossip SO MUCH at Windgroup though!


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