Boss & Me/Shan Shan Lai Le (Ep 13 Recap)

Just one week apart brings Shan-Teng their first relationship obstacle. ‘Tis the drama way.

Is it snowing there too?

Is it snowing there too?

Previously on Boss & Me/Shan Shan Lai Le… ep 12 recap

Anna’s Recap

Shan-Teng finally got together last episode, but it’s not exactly all sunshine and rainbows for them. An unexpected tragedy brings Feng Teng closer with Li Shu, leaving Shan Shan out in the cold. Just how much will Shan-Teng’s relationship be impacted from this?

During Shan Shan’s dinner back home with her family, Liu Liu’s super nosy mom asks her if she has a boyfriend in Shanghai. When Shan Shan pretends that she didn’t hear her question and keeps eating, her parents step in to shut up Liu Liu’s mom. They tell her that Shan Shan is still young and should be focusing on her career instead of dating. Liu Liu’s mom doesn’t get the hint and keeps yapping on and on about how they should be more concerned with Shan Shan not having a man. Little does she know.


Liu Liu’s mom takes this opportunity to brag about Liu Liu and her “rich boyfriend.” She tells them that Liu Liu and her boyfriend are planning to get married soon, and his dad even bought them a really nice apartment for them to live in afterwards. While she’s going on with her boasting, everyone at the table is glancing around and trying their hardest to not roll their eyes. Psh, Liu Liu’s boyfriend ain’t nothing compared to our Feng Teng.

After dinner, Shan Shan corners Liu Liu to ask her about this marriage business because she had told her that they were on the verge of breaking up. Because Liu Liu was adopted, she feels indebted to her mom and doesn’t want to go against her wishes. Shan Shan urges her to live her own life and not to just blindly listen to whatever her mom wants. Liu Liu reassures her that her boyfriend doesn’t want to get married either, and they are planning to resolve the issue with their parents after Chinese New Year.

Relationship expert.

When the family is gathered to open the presents that Shan Shan brought home (courtesy of Feng Teng…but that’s a secret!), they’re surprised to find one of the boxes to contain nothing but turnips. Awww. The turnips that kickstarted Shan-Teng. Liu Liu’s mom immediately makes some snide comments about how Shan Shan is so considerate to bring them turnips all the way from Shanghai. But she promptly shuts up when Shan Shan opens the second box to reveal really expensive gifts. As she’s passing out the gifts, she’s forced to make up a shaky lie about how her coworker helped her buy them with a discount, so she didn’t have to spend that much money.

Ballin’ Shan Shan.

In the meantime, Li Shu brings her mom to visit Feng Teng at his place. When Li Shu steps out for a second, her mom asks Feng Teng about Zheng Qi and the nature of his relationship with Li Shu because they seemed really close the other day. Feng Teng tells her that Zheng Qi is one of his closest friends, and that he thinks it’d be great if he and Li Shu got together. Of course, Zheng Qi walks into the room right on a cue. He tells Feng Teng that there’s some urgent business matter they need to discuss, and drags him out of the super awkward convo. Li Shu comes back and asks her mom to stop worrying about her romantic life. Her mom tells her that it’s time to stop being so stubborn about Feng Teng, and that Zheng Qi seems like a nice fellow. Mama knows best, Li Shu.

Some bro-ly advice.

The next day, Shan Shan gathers up Shuang Yi and Liu Liu to tell them about her and Feng Teng. When they hear what happened between them, all they can focus on is him telling her that they should “try.” They wanna know what “try” means, and if he’s going on around saying that to all the girls. Our Feng Teng? Never! Liu Liu tells her that if a man really loves a woman, he should be more sure of his feelings and definitive in his answer. Shan Shan isn’t worried because she doesn’t think Feng Teng is out to deceive her feelings. Of course, she’s still floating on Cloud 9 and thinking about how everything feels like a wonderful dream because it happened so fast. Ah, that honeymoon phase.

Feng Teng ❤

Feng Teng later calls Shan Shan to ask her about her stay at home, and cutely wonders if she was having so much fun that she forgot to call him. Shan Shan thanks Feng Teng for the gifts, but tells them that they were way too expensive. Feng Teng tells her that the gifts were indeed really expensive, and that she needs to repay him. When Shan Shan asks him how much it’s going to cost, he tells her it’s so expensive that she won’t be able to repay him for her entire life. I guess Shan Shan is stuck repaying him her whole life then! No problem at all.

You owe me.

While they’re chatting on the phone and looking at the snow together in their respective windows, Feng Teng’s butler comes in to tell him that Li Shu’s mother had unexpectedly passed away earlier in the day.

Later during dinner, Shan Shan’s parents asks her who she was talking to on the phone earlier. Even though her dad couldn’t hear the other person’s voice, they somehow figured out that it was a guy. Shan Shan lies and says that it was just the coworker who helped her buy the presents and that she was thanking him and asking about work. Her mom warns her to not fall for guys just because they’re rich, and not to be like Liu Liu. They say that even if she brings a rich home to meet them, they’re not going to particularly happy. This probably wasn’t the segue that Shan Shan was looking for to tell her parents about Feng Teng, so she decides to find another opportunity to tell them.

Bad timing.

When Feng Teng comes to pick up Shan Shan from the airport, he finds her fast asleep and doesn’t even notice when he’s there. After a few minutes of him just watching her sleep, she finally wakes up and is immediately super apologetic that she missed his call. Very shyly, she gives him an early Valentine’s Day present that Shuang Yi suggested she buy him to repay the plane ticket cost. Feng Teng looks at the present with a completely blank face, and then tells Shan Shan that his grandfather was very traditional and didn’t allow them to celebrate Western Valentine’s Day. Shan Shan’s face falls when he tells her that he doesn’t celebrate Valentine’s Day, but immediately brightens back up when he says that despite that, he still really likes the present she got him.

You don’t like it?

On the way to the car, Feng Teng tells Shan Shan what happened with Li Shu’s mom, and that she’s going to be staying at his place for the time being. Shan Shan is feeling awkward and doesn’t know how to comfort Li Shu, so she offers her some food. Li Shu ignores her, and Feng Teng tells Shan Shan to just eat on her own if she’s hungry. In the car, Shan Shan is sitting in the front passenger seat while Feng Teng and Li Shu are in the back. She turns around and sees them holding hands and Li Shu’s head on his shoulder. Shan Shan immediately thinks to herself that she can’t be so selfish, and now is not the time to be jealous. When Feng Teng drops her off at Liu Liu’s place (Shan Shan’s current residence), she even tells him to not walk her up the stairs because he should go back to comfort Li Shu. Shan Shan is such a good person.

Such a good gf.

Feng Teng brings Li Shu home, but tells his butler to take care of her because he’s going out. He calls Shan Shan from the car and asks where she is. She tells him that she just went to get the SIM card replaced for her new phone, and Feng Teng acts a little annoyed that she didn’t allow him to take her. No matter because he’s on his way to pick her up for dinner now.

I want dem earmuffs.

When Li Shu finds out that Feng Teng isn’t coming home for dinner, Zheng Qi shows up to take her out to get some fresh air. He tries to cheer her up, but she’s understandably still upset. Zheng Qi says that Feng Teng really should have stayed home with her, but Li Shu says that Feng Teng is the type that has his principles, and would never neglect his girlfriend. Zheng Qi says that it must have been this characteristic that attracted Li Shu to him in the first place.

Take a look at me.

What Else is for Lunch:

When Zheng Qi made up the excuse to get Feng Teng to stop talking about him and Li Shu to her mom, he asks him in his office why he’s using him to resolve the problems he has with Li Shu. Feng Teng denies it and says that he actually does think that Zheng Qi and Li Shu would make a good couple. Feng Teng then urges Zheng Qi to convince Li Shu to give up on him.

Shan Shan says that people nowadays are only capable of memorizing three phone numbers: their own, their mom’s, and lastly, their boyfriend/girlfriend.

He knows what’s up.


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  1. Anya says:

    LOL The last picture was funny. 😀
    I feel sorry for Li Shu, but I don’t quite understand why she has to live with the Fengs…
    Thanks a lot!


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