It’s Okay, That’s Love (Ep 12 Recap)

You don’t need to be in the CIA in order to solve cases. You just need to be in a drama.

The case has new development, again.

Estelle’s Recap

SPOILER ALERT: Do not proceed if you do not want to know what has happened so far.

We catch up with Hae Soo and Jae Yul as they enter Hye Jin and Yoon Chul’s restaurant to grab a bite to eat. Jae Yul marvels over Hye Jin’s ability to work while Hae Soo advises Yoon Chul to always be on the look out for Hye Jin. Meanwhile Dong Min reviews the security film of Jae Yul and tells Tae Yong he will treat Jae Yul. That’s good news, right?

photo 1 (75)

jae yul drinks a fruity cocktail while hae soo takes a swig of her beer. love the beer cap btw.

After a conversation revolving around how Jae Yul does not fit in her plans, resulting in Jae Yul retracting the proposal, but gifting her a wallet with a picture of them and money inside. She takes out a bill and asks him to tell her why he wants to marry her. He tells her its because he has no courage to tell any other woman about his sleeping habit, his mom and his brother’s situation. Basically he is saying she’s special to him.

photo 2 (72)

Hae Soo takes a walk home and calls Jae Yul to ask him if he would stop dating her if she will not marry him. He says no because he loves her. She asks him why he loves her and he replies that he does not know.

The next morning Soo Kwang brings his parents to the cafe to meet So Nyeo, but before she can walk to their table, the father starts to berate Soo Kwang for not being “healed.”Soo Kwang reveals that had the father not made a big deal of it when he was younger, perhaps he would be healed by now. The father storms out of the cafe and the mother follows after excusing the father’s behavior to Soo Kwang.

photo 4 (23)

Tae Yong takes Dong Min to Jae Yul’s childhood home. Dong Min pieces together the day of the murder. Apparently after Jae Bum instructs the mom to blame everything on him, he carries Jae Yul to the hospital. The mom stays behind to dispose of the knife but the step dad wasn’t dead yet and pulls her leg, knocking her down.The attorney mentions that she claims she does not remember anything past that, but she may have dissociation, a defense mechanism which detaches one part of her behavior from the rest. The attorney says it is possible that Jae Yul knew the truth (that the mom started the fire after she got back up), so when he heard that the step dad died from smoke suffocation, he pointed at Jae Bum in an attempt to protect the mom.

young jae yul sees his mother in the reflection of a wall mirror.

young jae yul sees his mother in the reflection of a wall mirror.

mom starting fire.

mom starting fire.

Dong Min tricks Jae Yul into drinking with him. A drunk Jae Yul spills the beans on when he started seeing Kang Woo (occasionally before, but more often since meeting Hae Soo), his feelings toward his brother. Even though he gave most of his money to Jae Bum he is still not sure that is enough compensation. Just then Jae Yul gets a “call” from Kang Woo and as they hung up there’s a car honking at Kang Woo. He is NOT about to get hit AGAIN is he???

photo 2 (73)

A very wasted Jae Yul returns home with Dong Min and gets helped up the stairs by Hae Soo. Despite drinking so much and not being able to walk up the stairs by himself, Jae Yul still gave Soo Kwang advice about So Nyeo. With Jae Yul’s advice in mind, Soo Kwang heads out to meet So Nyeo. Instead of looking down on him as he had predicted, So Nyeo gives him a kiss which triggers Soo Kwang’s ticks. She puts her headphones on his head and plays a song for him which helps to calm him down. The two end up in more lip lock, witnessed by the other three “family” members of course.

photo 3 (51)

because other people's cute moments warrant more cute moments from the OTP.

because other people’s cute moments warrant more cute moments from the otp

On Jae Yul’s way home he receives a call from Jae Bum requesting to meet alone so they can talk about what really happened. From a quick flashback it is revealed that Jae Yul remembers the truth, but despite that he insists Jae Bum is the culprit. Jae Bum continues to believe Jae Yul is at fault.

Dong Min consults Young Jin about Jae Yul’s case and they decide they must reveal everything to Hae Soo. Meanwhile Hae Soo is on the bus home, reviewing some pictures Jae Yul took of the mess she left behind in his house. He included a note saying that despite his OCD tendencies he left the mess because he wanted to keep traces of her in his house, even if they are not getting married. Hae Soo responds to the note by writing “I am 51% persuaded.”

photo 1 (77)

the happy face before next episode's bad news.

the happy face before next episode’s bad news.


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