Boss & Me/Shan Shan Lai Le (Ep 10 Recap)

Warning: Excessive fangirling in this recap! *high-pitched squealing*

Party time.

Previously on Boss & Me/Shan Shan Lai Le… ep 9 recap

Anna’s Recap

Omg. Shan-Teng ❤ forever and ever. I’m not even going to lie; I spent half of this episode literally squealing over how insanely adorable they are. Seriously, how can a couple and a show be THIS cute?! I have nothing else to say because I’m currently too googly-eyed over this couple.

After finding out that the new girl at work, Zhou Xiao Wei, donated blood to Feng Yue during her miscarriage, Shan Shan’s wondering if she’s officially been replaced by Feng Teng. During lunch, she finally asks him how he plans on repaying Zhou Xiao Wei for helping out his family. He asks why she’s so concerned about this, but tells her that he already compensated her with a check. When Shan Shan asks why she didn’t get a check too, Feng Teng stares at her real hard and asks if she knows how to “use a long string to catch a big fish,” meaning to use patience to get something even better in the future instead of instant gratification. Obviously, he’s talking about himself as the fish! While Shan Shan’s wondering about what Feng Teng just said, she chokes on a fish bone. Of course, she did.


Back at the office, all of Shan Shan’s coworkers are talking about the annual company party tomorrow. Shan Shan’s too busy daydreaming about Feng Teng’s fish comment and didn’t remember about the party until her coworker asked what she’s going to wear. She actually isn’t too interested in the party and all the dancing, and instead is more curious as to what food they’re gunna be serving. That’s our girl. Her coworkers tell her how one female employee will be voted as the “Most Elegant Woman” at the party, and that person will get to dance with Feng Teng in the opening dance. Oh hell naw. No one gets to dance with him except Shan Shan!

Dancing? No thanks.

When Shan Shan arrives at the party, Feng Teng’s secretary gives her a corsage to wear because it has a a number on it that the men uses to find their dance partners. Shan Shan ain’t got time to worry about dancing when there’s an entire buffet waiting for her. She quietly takes off the corsage and hides it in a plant. But how will Feng Teng find her to dance now? While she’s enjoying the food, Feng Yue’s husband comes up to her to thank her for helping out his wife again. As he’s talking, Shan Shan realizes that he’s thanking her for donating blood to Feng Yue when she had her miscarriage…which she didn’t. Before Shan Shan has the chance to tell him that it was Zhou Xiao Wei and not her, Feng Teng steps in and tells him that someone’s looking for him.

No lunchboxes for Zhou Xiao Wei.

Shan Shan asks Feng Teng why Feng Yue’s husband thinks that she was the one who donated blood to Feng Yue. Feng Teng pretty much admits that he told him that, but she should just pretend that she did donate her blood and not to deny it when asked. Shan Shan is still confused and keeps asking why he would lie about it in the first place. Feng Teng refuses to answer her questions, and just says that it’s better for everyone if they just kept to this story. After this very confusing convo, Shan Shan tries to get away but Feng Teng tells her that she needs to stay by his side to help him drink/greet the guests. She tries to get out of doing it, but he threatens to take away her bonus if she refuses. He then notices her missing corsage and gives her a new one to put on. Care to dance, Feng Teng?

May I have this dance?

The two of them go around socializing at the party, and whenever someone tries to toast Feng Teng, Shan Shan steps in to drink for him. Many glasses of wine later, Shan Shan is properly tipsy. When it comes time to announce the “Most Elegant Woman” award, Shan Shan probably isn’t seeing straight anymore. The award goes to Zhou Xiao Wei, girl with the shady bangs, and she gets the first dance with Feng Teng. Is there are “Most Elegant Man” award, or is that automatically Feng Teng? Shan Shan watches them dance and finds herself getting jealous. But while Zhou Xiao Wei is trying to flirt with Feng Teng when they’re dancing, he keeps looking for Shan Shan in the crowd. So cute!

Only eyes for Shan Shan.

Confused about why she’s suddenly so jealous of Feng Teng dancing with someone else and buzzed from all the drinking, Shan Shan decides to leave the party. Before she goes though, Feng Teng calls her to find out where she is. He brings her her coat and helps her put it on. Feel them butterflies, Shan Shan? He tells her that he’ll bring her home. Ditching the party to spend more time with her!

Not chilly anymore.

While they’re walking around outside, things are feeling a little awkward between the two of them so Feng Teng finally asks her if she has something to say. Shan Shan tells him that he knows that Feng Yue never went to Europe, like how he said she did when Shan Shan tried to get out of having lunch with him. Feng Teng plays dumb and says that he didn’t say it, but if he did then it must have been an accident. After more awkward silence, he tells Shan Shan not to misunderstand about the dance earlier, and that nothing has changed. Hm, can you elaborate, Feng Teng?

Moonlit walk.

Shan Shan wonders to herself why he felt the need to explain that to her. With the alcohol making her feel brave, Shan Shan then asks Feng Teng if it’s okay for her to misunderstand that he likes her. Feng Teng tells her that it’s fine if she misunderstands once in a while. She tells him that even if that’s the case, he has never told her before that he likes her. Feng Teng says that obviously the person who started the flirtation should be the first one to confess their feelings. Obviously…but wouldn’t that be you, Feng Teng? Shan Shan denies that she ever flirted with him, and Feng Teng immediately takes out his phone to show her all the texts and pictures that she sent him and asks why she sent them then.

Flirt away.

Shan Shan doesn’t have a proper response for it, and just says that of course she doesn’t like him because he’s too ridiculous. And if he fires her now because of what she said then that just proves how ridiculous he is. Oh, don’t you worry because Feng Teng isn’t going to fire you. Instead, he pulls her in for a kiss!


They kiss!

Shan-Teng! ❤

They kissed! And all the lights around them started twinkling in approval. I’m also giddily clapping and squealing over it.


When Feng Teng drops Shan Shan at her house, he asks her to think about two questions that he has for her. 1) Why does she come to his office every day? and 2) If she comes to eat lunch with him every day, is it because he ordered her to do so or is there another reason? Back in her room, Shan Shan thinks about their kiss and wonders what it all meant, all the while smiling to herself. ADORABLE.

Sweet dreams ahead.

The next morning, Shan Shan wakes up with a hangover and wonders if everything that happened last night was just a dream. Never! She goes downstairs to where Feng Teng dropped her off, seeing if it will jog her memory and concludes that it must have been a dream. She runs into her neighbor who asks if the guy that dropped her off last night was her boyfriend, meaning that it wasn’t a dream. The confession and kiss were both real, honey!

Too drunk to remember.

Now that she’s figured out that what happened with Feng Teng wasn’t a dream, Shan Shan is stressed out thinking about what her next move should be. She remembers how a friend once told her that you should find a boyfriend that you understand, and not someone who is a riddle. Her roommate, Shuang Yi, and Liu Liu both tell her that obviously it’s wonderful that Feng Teng likes her, but they are too very different people with extremely different backgrounds and lifestyles. In situations like this, it usually won’t work out and it’s going to be her that suffers. Don’t listen to them, Shan Shan!

Cinderella & Prince Charming?

The next few days at work, Shan Shan doesn’t go to Feng Teng’s office for lunch and he doesn’t send his secretaries to come get her either. After the kiss, they go about their own business and don’t interact with each other at all. Although Shan Shan made up her mind to take Liu Liu and Shuang Yi’s advice, she finds herself feeling sad and disappointed at work.

Missing Feng Teng.

I guess Shuang Yi and Du Fan are now officially dating because they tell Shan Shan that he’s going to be moving in. Shan Shan takes this opportunity to tell Shuang Yi that she has been planning for awhile to move out too because she’s been in Shanghai for some time now, and that she doesn’t want to keep burdening Shuang Yi. While she’s looking around for a new place to move into, Shan Shan sees Feng Teng, Li Shu, and Zheng Qi playing basketball at the court near her house. Seeing them, she immediately hides but then realizes that she has no reason to hide. Still, she stays behind the wall and only peeks out at them. Just go to Feng Teng, Shan Shan…it’s what you really want!

Just around the corner.

What Else is for Lunch:

Although Feng Teng gave Zhou Xiao Wei a check as compensation for her donating blood to Feng Yue, she apparently gave it back to him. She tells him during the party that “she wants even more.” More what? More money? More Feng Teng? I knew that she was untrustworthy with those bangs.

Gangsta or peace?


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  1. I just started watching Boss & Me and I love it. The leads are so cute. Definitely a refreshing drama.

    Your recaps are hilarious, on point, and so helpful since not all episodes are subbed 🙂


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