It’s Okay, That’s Love (Ep 9 Recap)

Love is either a memory or a blessing. One out of the two. This is everyone’s first time living, so they are all clumsy.

Estelle’s Recap

SPOILER ALERT: Do not proceed if you do not want to know what has happened so far.

So they are still on the beach, but now post the deed, cuddling and chatting. Hae Soo asks Jae Yul if he loves her to which he replies yes, but she says she doesn’t believe him yet. He asks her why she cried, and she says she will tell him later when she starts to love him, and if at that time he still loves her, then she will believe her. Ohy, so complicated!photo 2

Jae Yul is happily typing away on his laptop as Hae Soo falls asleep. Suddenly we see Kang Woo riding his bike into an oncoming car and gets tossed into the air.

photo 3

Next thing you know Jae Beom some how appears on the beach and stabs Jae Yul repeatedly. He wakes Hae Soo up and she asks if he had a bad dream; he looks down again and he is not bleeding at all. He then tells her what he thought had happened and she apologizes for neglecting his habit of sleeping in the bathroom. Hae Soo calms him successfully and he suddenly says they need to get inside. She refuses and says they should stay until he feels more comfortable, but he announces that there are people coming so they need to leave! Happy music starts playing again and that intense mood is quickly transferred into one of silliness as the two grab their stuff in panic.

gahhhh i'm bleeding!!!

gahhhh i’m bleeding!!!

Back at the hotel, Hae Soo readys the bathtub for Jae Yul to sleep in. Jae Yul laments that he is so comfortable with Hae Soo that he doesn’t even want to break up. Oh you thought you were getting away, did you? HA!

photo 1

Hae Soo and Jae Yul take a walk by the beach in semi matching clothes. She tells him he needs to get his OCD treated (oh, if only you knew what other problems he has, Hae Soo), but she can’t treat him because she will not be objective. He asks if she’s admitting that she is SO into him that she can’t think objectively, to which she responds that he is a player. Jae Yul does not deny it, so Hae Soo wonders why he doesn’t. He quips that he is just giving her the freedom to think as she likes. What a GREAT answer.

photo 2

Hae Soo remembers back to the time when she first met Jae Yul and witnessed him staring at the makeup artist’s boobs through the mirror, and also brings up how he has been eyeing various pretty women on the trip. He explains that he didn’t think the makeup artist’s boobs were so great AND every time he saw pretty women he thinks to himself “ah, our Hae Soo is better.” He even goes on to say he would hope that she compares him to other men of this world. Geez, where does he get that confidence from???

photo 4

Hae Soo asks again if he really loves her, to which he responds positively. She remains unconvinced and says it is too early to say those words. He asks when is it the right time if not now? Hae Soo doesn’t know, so he decides to retract his statement and says he doesn’t love her right now. But then Hae Soo says she feels dirty because he doesn’t love her. [cue eye rolling] She also declares that Jae Yul needs to fix his OCD so she can sleep in a bed with him. He agrees, but first she needs to meet Kang Woo because Kang Woo is at the airport waiting for them. OH 3

While out shopping for shoes, So Nyeo and Soo Kwang bump into her dad, whom she ignores and curses at. Just then motorcycle boy shows up and Soo Kwang pulls out all the money in his wallet, slap the bills into her hand and tells her this is the end of his feelings for her. Ok, let’s see how long this lasts…

photo 1 (1)

Jae Yul abandons Hae Soo at the airport to go to Kang Woo’s house after instructing her to take the bus or taxi home. He dashes across the street while almost getting hit by some cars. Kang Woo is waiting for Jae Yul in the parking lot and the two exchange some friendly banter. Kang Woo hands Jae Yul a new script called the Rain Shower of Youth.

Hae Soo returns home to find Soo Kwang singing some sad karaoke song with Dong Min. Jae Yul comes in and encourages Hae Soo to do something so she goes up to hug Soo Kwang. The two stand in the middle of the room as Soo Kwang lets out some sad sad depressing sobs.

photo 2 (1)

Yangsuri Police Station calls up Tae Yong to tell him to pick up Jae Yul’s wallet which was dropped at the site where he “fought” Kang Woo’s dad. The police views the surveillance video and spots Jae Yul fighting with the wind. Tae Yong tells Mom that they need to go to the station and mentions that Jae Yul must have visited his old village.

Meanwhile Jae Yul is still experiencing serious writer’s block and decides to take a look at that Rain Shower of Youth manuscript. Hae Soo calls him on the phone and while the two chit chats PD Choi show up at the house. Jae Yul lets PD Choi in and flaunts the fact that he is on the phone with Hae Soo. Choi settles in with his laptop, saying he is waiting for Dong Min, and looks up information about Jae Yul/Jae Beom.

photo 1 (2)

scheming? perhaps…

Mom and Tae Yong arrive at the prison, but Jae Beom refuses to see them. The prison ward exchanges books [for Jae Beom] with Mom and leaves. On the car ride home, there’s a flashback in Mom’s perspective. Apparently she walked in just as Jae Beom pulled the knife out of the step-dad’s chest, with Jae Yul unconscious on the ground. Mom automatically assumed that Jae Beom was the one who killed the step-dad despite his explanation of what happened (or thinks happened anyway). We come back to present day and Mom finds a note from Jae Beom hidden in the book she got back. In the note, he questions why she did not believe him, and tells her to wait and see what he, “the son you abandoned” will do to the “son you love.” Just as Mom is feeling down, Jae Yul calls and plays a song for her to lift her spirits.

photo 2 (2)

After a meeting, Young Jin and Hae Soo share a private talk. Young Jin confesses that her feeling for Dong Min is not love, but guilt from having lied to Dong Min during their marriage. Dong Min wanted to have children early, but she thought it would affect her career so she went on birth control pills. When he caught on, she pretended to be oblivious, and he didn’t bring it up so their marriage eventually ended. In return for this secret, Hae Soo tells Young Jin about what happened on the beach. Young Jin asks if Hae Soo saw her mom when kissing and she says yes, but this time she thought her mom was pretty instead of evil or disgusting. For the first time, Hae Soo sees things from her mom’s perspective and comes to realize how hard it was for her mom to live with a paralyzed husband who is mentally three while trying to support Hae Soo’s dream of going to medical school.

photo 3 (1)

Hae Soo pops by her mom’s restaurant with So Nyeo after Soo Kwang begs her to talk to So Nyeo. The conversation ends quickly and So Nyeo leaves after eating. Hae Soo treats her mom much better than before, which totally confuses her mom and brother in law.

After dinner, Hae Soo comes home to find PD Choi in the living room. She asks him not to come around anymore and goes to Jae Yul’s room to vent. Oh, but Jae Yul is totally in the zone and basically asks her to leave. Hae Soo is no cupcake either and slams the door on her way out.

PD Choi asks to interview Jae Beom, but Dong Min turns him down. After Choi leaves, Dong Min calls the prison guard to arrange an amytal interview for Jae Beom in a few days. Outside, Hae Soo is asking everyone’s opinion on Choi coming and out of the house when she gets interrupted by Jae Yul’s demand to talk. She ignores him by telling him to just go and write, but he yells that he cannot write when he feels badly. She questions him on how he thinks she feels right now and adds that he should have been more considerate in his explanation. Dong Min and Soo Kwang get annoyed and tell them to go somewhere else for their lovers’ quarrel, but Hae Soo says this is a fight between all of them!

Dong Min tells her she should have broken off things nicely with PD Choi because she didn’t even love him this whole time. Soo Kwang adds that Hae Soo basically used Choi for her anxiety disorders. Hae Soo retorts that her harshness towards Choi is her way of being respectful because she doesn’t want him to have a misunderstanding like Young Jin did with Dong Min. She ends the conversation with telling Soo Kwang that she changed her mind and will not meet with So Nyeo anymore.

photo 4 (1)

After she leaves, Jae Yul tries to apologize on Hae Soo’s behalf by saying she was just mad at him. Dong Min stands up, tells Jae Yul that he should have thrown his fist at Choi instead of acting all high and mighty. Soo Kwang follows Jae Yul to get water and asks Jae Yul if it is hard dating Hae Soo. The two share a fist bump and Jae Yul replies that it is indeed.

yes, keep it between you two

yes, keep it between you two

Jae Yul climbs up the stairs to hear Hae Soo inquiring if she needs to act the same way and accept his ex-girlfriend should such a person come to the house. He replies that he was nice to Choi because he thought Hae Soo wanted to hear what a great woman she is from Choi, and so he held in his jealousy. Hae Soo starts to say something but Jae Yul cuts that short with a quick kiss. All things seem to be back to normal when Jae Yul nonchalantly drops the bomb that he will be moving out soon!


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