Boss & Me/Shan Shan Lai Le (Ep 7 Recap)

The key to a girl’s heart is fancy skincare products. Maybe.

It’s realer than real, Shan Shan.

Previously on Boss & Me/Shan Shan Lai Le… ep 6 recap

Anna’s Recap

Now that Zheng Qi is out of Shan Shan’s heart, it’s going to be all Feng Teng from now on! Hold up, who’s this girl that just entered the picture and is already laying claims to Feng Teng? Before, it was Feng Teng who needed to step up his game in pursuing Shan Shan, but it’s looking like Shan Shan should be worried about Feng Teng being stolen from her. Nothing could get in the way of Shan-Teng’s true love though!

After a long heart-to-heart chat with Liu Liu, Shan Shan makes up her mind to stop crushing on Zheng Qi, and instead to focus solely on work from now on. That’s totally cool because that means she can go like Feng Teng now! It looks like Shan Shan is dead set on her decision because she even tells Zheng Qi in person at work the next day that’s done with her crush on him. Of course, he’s still her idol…just not the object of her affections anymore. Zheng Qi accepts her confession/rejection, and reminds her that there are plenty of fish in the sea besides him. Hint hint wink wink.

No more crushes!

It’s New Year’s Eve, but Shan Shan doesn’t have plans and is staying late at work by herself. When it’s almost time for the countdown to midnight, she goes up to the balcony to watch it. As she’s admiring the Shanghai skyline, Feng Teng pops up out of nowhere. Did he come back from Korea without telling anyone? His sudden appearance startles Shan Shan, but he tells her to stop talking because the countdown has started.

That Shanghai skyline.

As the clock hits midnight and fireworks are lighting up the night sky, Feng Teng pulls Shan Shan in for a hug! Ballsy move, sir! He thanks her for spending this New Year’s Eve with him because he usually spends it alone. They stare into each others’ eyes while Shan Shan thinks to herself that she must be dreaming. Obviously, I was hoping the two of them would kiss during this scene. But before that or any other cuteness happens, Shan Shan pulls away from him. She quickly apologizes to Feng Teng for trespassing on the balcony and runs away.


When she’s alone downstairs, Shan Shan tries to figure out what exactly just happened up there on the balcony with Feng Teng. You just found your soulmate, girl; that’s what happened! She refuses to believe that there were any sparks between her and Feng Teng, and concludes that he must have mistakenly given her a hug when he was actually trying to choke her for being on the balcony. Silly Shan Shan.

Am I dreaming?

Feng Teng texts her as she’s still reliving in her head what happened a few minutes ago on the balcony, and tells her to wait for him by the front entrance because he’ll bring her home. The drive to her place is super awkward and neither person is talking to each other. I wonder who’s the one feeling more awkward in this situation. When they finally get to Shan Shan’s place, Feng Teng hands her a gift bag of things he bought for her on his trip. Shan Shan is acting so shy in front of him at this moment that she can barely look him in the eyes. Omg, so cute! Only after she gets out of the car and watches him drive off does she realize that she had unknowingly agreed to have lunch with him again.

Silent car ride home.

Inside the gift bag is a bunch of expensive skincare products that Shan Shan is thoroughly impressed by, but thinks that he must be using them to trick her to be his food-picker-outer again. She contemplates for half the night if she should keep them or give them back to him. She finally decides to keep em but discovers that she can’t read any of the directions on the packaging because they’re in French. Shan Shan copies the words down, and brings it to work the next day to ask Feng Teng’s secretary to translate for her. The secretary tells Shan Shan that Feng Teng’s French is actually very good, so she should just ask him…since he’s standing right behind her!

Lost in translation.

Feng Teng grabs Shan Shan’s page of French that she copied down, and makes her follow him into his office for lunch. He reprimands her for going to his secretary for her own personal use, but is secretly happy to translate the French for her. While he’s writing, Shan Shan catches herself staring and admiring Feng Teng. But she mentally reminds herself to stop thinking about him because of her rule on no crushes. Psh, forget that rule! Feng Teng looks up from writing and catches Shan Shan intently watching him. They both quickly look away, but he smiles to himself. I seriously cannot handle this much cuteness!

Eye contact.

During lunch, Shan Shan makes up a lie that she’s studying for the CPA test, so she’s not going to have free time to come have lunch with him anymore. Feng Teng sees right through her lie, and tells her that if that’s the case, she can study in his office during lunchtime. Mission: Get Outta Lunch is a failure. On her way home, Shan Shan is busy regretting her decision to lie about studying to become a CPA when she comes across a huge group of people and reporters outside of Feng Yue’s bookstore.

All that ruckus.

It turns out that the group of reporters outside is there because some rich guy is planning to propose to Yuan Li Shu, Feng Yue’s friend and co-owner of the bookstore. Li Shu has just come back from Beijing to take care of their new bookstore in Shanghai. When she arrives at the bookstore, and the guy gets down on one knee to propose to her, she very politely rejects him. Shan Shan and the crowd all gasp in surprise that she said no. Hm, she must have some other guy that she likes…wonder who that could be.

Kinda lame proposal.

Feng Teng catches word of what went down in front of the bookstore, and calls up Li Shu and the rich guy to meet with him. Because he, like Feng Yue, grew up with Li Shu, they have a very close relationship. When the rich guy shows up, Feng Teng warns him to not harass Li Shu anymore since she clearly doesn’t want to be with him. The rich guy gets all defensive and asks why it’s any of Feng Teng’s business and if he’s her boyfriend. Feng Teng tells him that he is Li Shu’s closest person…her brother. Li Shu’s face immediately twitches when she hears him say this, and can’t really hide her disappointment that he’d rather lie about being her brother than boyfriend. Oh, burn.

We meet at last.

The next day at lunch, Feng Teng presents Shan Shan with a legit tower of prep books to help her study for her CPA test. Apparently, Feng Teng is taking this very seriously and tells Shan Shan that there’s going to be a test every half a month. When she protests that she still has work and can’t be spending so much time taking practice tests, Feng Teng is all like, “no prob,” and tells her that she can show up here on Saturdays for them. Oh Shan Shan, you could have avoided all this if you just agreed to eat lunch with Feng Teng!

Study materials.

What Else is for Lunch:

When Shan Shan tells Liu Liu and her roommate that she thinks Feng Teng is trying to pursue her, they just laugh and tell that that she must be going crazy. Whatever…they’re just jealous.

After the proposal fiasco for Li Shu, she and Feng Teng go out for drinks. Feng Teng asks her if she rejected the rich guy because there’s actually someone that she likes, or if she merely said that to get out of the situation. Li Shu acts coy and tells him that there is someone, but he might not even know of her feelings for him yet. No. Back off, lady! Feng Teng’s going to be with Shan Shan!

Shan Shan tells Feng Teng that she can’t just freely accept the skincare products that he gave her. She plans to pay him back with the money she earns when working overtime. Feng Teng asks if she has used the products already. When she says yes, he leans in real close to her face to see for himself the effects the products have had. Be still my heart.

Too adorable to handle.


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  1. Anya says:

    Thank you so much for this! The whole drama hasn’t been subbed yet so it’s really great to be able to at least the recaps. Thanks a lot!


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