It’s Okay, That’s Love (Ep 8 Recap)

“Where is there a flower that will bloom without being shaken? Where is there love that will go on without being shaken?”

Estelle’s Recap

SPOILER ALERT: Do not proceed if you do not want to know what has happened so far.

Instead of going on an actual vacation, Jae Yul brings Hae Soo to his mother’s house. The mom quickly observes that Hae Soo is special because she is the first girl Jae Yul brought home.

photo 1 (66)

flowers at mommy’s

While Hae Soo goes out for a walk, mom tells Jae Yul about an incident with Jae Beom. Apparently when Jae Beom was released from juvenile detention at some point, she found him crouching in the kitchen eating. She goes up to him, beats him and takes the food out of his hand, telling him that is Jae Yul’s food. Jae Beom gets angry and the two exchanges some hateful words, culminating in Mom telling Jae Beom to go out and die. She also spots a bottle of oil on the ground and asks Jae Beom what it is, to which he responds its oil to burn down the house. Mom recounts to Jae Yul that she figured out later that the oil is a birthday gift to her because she had mentioned before that she needed oil.

jae beom and mom

jae beom and mom

On their way back, Jae Yul brings up going on a vacation to Okinawa! Hae Soo thinks about it some and actually agrees to it!

Jae Yul dashes to the airport terminal to purchase airplane tickets and after some hesitation Hae Soo runs after to join him, but falls flat on her face and breaks her arm. Jae Yul says they can just not go on the trip anymore, but she insists that they do. They get in the airplane (first class to boot), and Hae Soo tests Jae Yul’s patience by talking incessantly while he is trying to write. Eventually he surrenders and stops writing.

photo 1 (67)

Young Jin comes to see Dong Min about her sister’s case, but really she wants to see him because she has feelings for him. He asks her to eat, but she is disappointed and storms out when PD Choi shows up to join them. Dong Min runs after her and explains that even though they both have lingering feelings there is nothing they can do now because he is already married with children.

Jae Yul and Hae Soo rent a fancy sports car (she scolds him for picking an expensive one) to drive to the hotel in this beautiful strip near the water. Jae Yul gets this huge room (to share, of course), but Hae Soo sees right through and switches them to more economic rooms. They enter the new room and Jae Yul impresses Hae Soo by claiming the rooms are 250,000 won, but of course, she calls front desk to find out its in fact 500,000 won, so they switch again. The room they end up with is your standard two bed room with a small extra area, a big downgrade from they started off with! And yet Hae Soo is still unpleased, because there’s only one of those rooms.

photo 2 (64)

photo 3 (42)

the hotel ... they DO NOT stay at

the hotel … they DO NOT stay at

FINALLY Jae Yul expresses his annoyance through suggesting they rent 50,000 won rooms at this cheap hotel, and rooms at each end of the hall to boot. Hae Soo senses his irritation and tries to convince him that she is just being a good girlfriend by trying to save him money. He tells her that the point of this trip is to enjoy each other’s company, not to think about money the whole time. Hae Soo sees his point and they go on to find somewhere else to stay.

Meanwhile the editor’s office receives a note from the girl whose window Jae Yul threw the rock at. In the note, she introduces herself as his first love and says she thought of him when she saw a guy that LOOKED like him throw a rock at her window (ahem, it was him). Tae Yong and the editor don’t think much of the note, but obviously things are starting to unravel. Just then, the police station calls Tae Yong asking for Jae Yul. Uh oh, must be the security camera!

Jae Yul drops by the local convenience store to purchase some hygiene items and contemplates whether he should purchase….

interesting packaging you got there...

interesting packaging you got there…

Back at the hotel, Jae Yul puts a band-aid on Hae Soo’s forehead, and the two share a drink together. Hae soo quickly notices that Jae Yul’s hand is shaking, but he plays it off as nerves. She tells him to go to the hospital, but he just ignores her.

so cute! the roles are reversed ^^

so cute! the roles are reversed ^^

photo 2 (65)

Their conversation continues onto how he wants to sleep together, but she is not interested, despite his admission to being an animal. He goes on to tell her to stop teasing him if she doesn’t want to because it is cruel. So what does she do? She tells him to go sleep in his room, but gives him a nice long goodbye kiss… and a hug… Poor guy.

first comes the kiss

first comes the kiss

then the hug, but nothing after

then the hug, but nothing after

The next day they spend some adorable couple time out by the water. Jae Yul lusts after the water ski, but denies vehemently that he wants to play by saying things like “that doesn’t even look like fun.” Eventually Hae Soo convinces him to give it a go. He jumps and twists, trying to impress her, but succumbs to the waves as Hae Soo rushes over.

beautiful location!

beautiful location!

the cliff from hae soo's picture!

the cliff from hae soo’s picture!

trying to impress hae soo but failing miserably

trying to impress hae soo but failing miserably

the obligatory back hug

the obligatory back hug

At the prison, Dong Min meets with Jae Beom again. Jae Beom spills that he hates his mom and he really wants the amytal so he can prove his innocence. Soo Kwang also visits So Nyeo at her house and cleans up the trash her father collected. On top of that he gifts her some cloth to use for clubbing instead of her school uniform. We find out that she is 19 and has since left the school. Just then, Sam, the dude with the motorbike, comes by and asks So Nyeo if Soo Kwang is “the Tourettes” she talked about before. Soo Kwang warns Sam to watch his mouth and declares he is over So Nyeo.

Jae Yul hears a phone call from Kang Woo come in, but Hae Soo does not hear it ring. Kang Woo is covering up his serious sickness with saying its just a minor cold. His hand is also getting worse. We resume with a montage of Kang Woo crying as he bikes through the street while Jae Yul and Hae Soo are happily painting clay animals. Perhaps Kang Woo is dying because he is disappearing from Jae Yul’s mind?

cute clay animals

cute clay animals

Jae Yul tells Hae Soo about Kang Woo at the park, and she tells him a funny story about Soo Kwang in return. In the story, Soo Kwang’s first girlfriend kissed him and transferred soda from her mouth to his. Because of this, the soda bubbles going up his nose  made him grimace in pain and his girlfriend ran away in embarrasment. She wonders how could someone do that as she scoops some shaved ice in her mouth, and Jae Yul kisses her to get the ice from her mouth to his as a demonstration in response. Hae Soo immediately stands up and throws the ice onto the ground in a fit of anger. Jae Yul just sits there with this face of complete confusion.

photo 2 (67)

photo 3 (45)

like the fiftieth kiss in this show so far

like the fiftieth kiss in this show so far

Later at the ferris wheel she tries to hug Jae Yul’s waist and he shys away. He says she has to play by his rules, too. If she doesn’t let him touch her, then she can’t touch him either. They resort to going to dinner, annnnndddd apparently the rule applies here too! Hae Soo asks Jae Yul for some extra food, but he refuses and tells her to eat her own. She points to her band-aid in an attempt to get some pity points, but he just blows on the injury as compensation. She pulls out her broken arm, and he blows on it too, telling her to put it down so it hurts less. HAHAHAHA. Gotta love this guy!

here i'll blow on it ^^;

here i’ll blow on it ^^;

They are back at the hotel after they pay for the bills separately, and Jae Yul packs up for a night swim in the ocean. She calls him mean, and he calls her cruel. She goes to sleep but can’t fall asleep, so she heads out to the ocean to find him. They embrace on the beach and one thing lead to the other…

photo 1 (71)

photo 2 (68)

photo 3 (46)

I’ll be honest, I took one more picture that is more scandalous, but I think I better not post it. You use your imagination or just watch it, okay?


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