It’s Okay, That’s Love (Ep 7 Recap)

Sorry my day job got the better of me and I didn’t recap last night! Here it is now though đŸ™‚ I promise it is SUPER loaded with pictures!!!

Estelle’s Recap

SPOILER ALERT: Do not proceed if you do not want to know what has happened so far.

And… so Jae Beom stabs Jae Yul with the truth serum. Does Hae Soo see them? The tension is building and my internet lags… Hero starts playing again and the car goes by, Hae Soo DOES NOT see Jae Yul! No No NO!!!

Jae Yul is struggling to maintain conscious and she is still sulking that he hasn’t turned up. So as Jae Beom drags Jae Yul away she tries phoning him to see where he is.

photo 2 (57)While oblivious Hae Soo is feeling downtrodden, Jae Beom is beating Jae Yul down to a pulp with cars zooming by in the background. Either people in Korea have no empathy or this was a bad street to film on.

photo 1 (60)

Jae Beom taunts Jae Yul by saying things like doesn’t this remind you of the old days? In midst of Jae Beom’s curses Jae Yul gets up and the two ram into a glass window. The inside of that building looks brightly lit, how the heck did no one see them???

photo 3 (38)

FINALLY some lady shows up and screams because the brothers have made a mess in her store/house. Jae Yul promises to compensate in return for her not calling the police. He tells Jae Beom to stay quiet or else he will go back to jail with no chance of release.

Tae Yong shows up with Dong Min and he lets out that the truth serum was replaced with water ahead of time. Dong Min was afraid something like this would happen so he was prepared. Jae Beom is visibly upset and threatens to end it all when he comes out for real in two months of time.

After Jae Beom leaves, Jae Yul answers a call from his mom and lies that they are out drinking so they will not return home for dinner. Dong Min steps in to announce that Jae Beom has borderline personality disorder and needs to be reported to the police. Now, I don’t agree that people with BPD should be sent to jail although they can have very violent bouts, but we can talk about that later. Jae Yul tells Dong Min to stay out of it and Dong Min explains that if he had given Jae Beom the real medicine then Jae Yul could be dead right now. Jae Yul reveals that his family needed attention when he was 14 and his 19 year old brother got sent to jail without trial because he had a history of theft and  violence. So, Jae Yul doesn’t know what his mother did?

Jae Yul continues to say that his brother is not a dangerous person because Jae Beom did not use a knife but a fork the first time and a needle the second. He also did not stab Jae Yul in the neck but the shoulder the first time. Jae Yul is convinced that his brother is just misguided.

"how can a criminal eat bread like that?"

“how can a criminal eat bread like that?”

Elsewhere, Hae Soo meets up with her previous patient as he shows her the first picture he drew without any genitals. She compliments him on the excellent painting and opens up to him about her anxiety, including the fact that she thinks Jae Yul rejected her. He tells her to call Jae Yul and ask why he hasn’t showed up, but she replies that her pride will be hurt instead. He then explains that he had trouble with the painting so he had to redraw again and again, so she should do the same – if she has no will she cannot conquer her anxiety. Wise words, youngster.

photo 1 (61)

hae soo thinks its weird. thoughts?

Hae Soo’s phone rings, and lo and behold a message!!! But it’s from her sister, telling her to apologize to her mom for what happened at the picnic. Her sister also sends along a couple of cute pictures of Jae Yul with baby at the park. Hae Soo decides she will call Jae Yul, who actually tells her he got beat up by the brother instead of letting this misunderstanding fester. WOW, dabaek!

Jae Yul waits for Hae Soo and remembers back to his childhood. After Jae Beom stopped beating Jae Yul in the flashback, he took off his shoes and threw them at Jae Yul, walking away with just socks. Another shot reveals Jae Yul’s shoes were worn out.

shoes of turbulent brotherly love

shoes of turbulent brotherly love

Hae Soo arrives and they share a very tender moment culminating in Jae Yul shedding some man tears.

photo 3 (39)

photo 4 (13)

Dong Min tells Tae Yong to pull over at some random street and let’s Jae Beom out to roam. He says if Jae Beom wanted to run away he would have done that already. Jae Beom runs off and enjoys some sweet temporary freedom, but he does return.

photo 2 (60)

Jae Yul is embarrassed of his family and tells Hae Soo he is afraid she will leave him one day because she can’t deal with his family anymore. She reassures him that it won’t happen because she deals with people like that every day, and she self identifies as his girlfriend, much to his surprise. And how does he reward her?

By a kiss of course!

photo 1 (62)

photo 5 (2)

photo 2 (59)

Hae Soo breaks it up and Jae Yul notices that she is breaking out in sweat. She says she is okay and he just patiently waits for her. I love how easy their relationship is!

Back at the house, PD Choi follows behind Hae Soo and Jae Yul with this look of craziness. I bet he is going to become some psycho stalker. Yeep. Soo Kwang sees him, but is too distracted by the fact that So Nyeo just kissed some dude and hopped on that guy’s motorbike.

The next morning Jae Yul does morning exercise with Kang Woo. Kang Woo mentions that he no longer wants to go to school anymore and Jae Yul notices his hand problem again. I wonder what that symbolizes?

photo 3 (40)

Jae Beom did come back! He shares a bowl of noodles with Tae Yong and Dong Min. He tells Dong Min never to come see him again, and Dong Min just drives away with Jae Beom running behind, saying he will treat Jae Beom no matter what.

photo 1 (63)

Jae Yul comes back to make breakfast for Hae Soo. She says she doesn’t have time, so he sneaks the food in while she’s on the phone about the amputee patient. He wipes away the coffee on her lips, but when he goes in to wipe away the sandwich bits, she denies him this pleasure. After she leaves, Kang Woo tells Jae Yul that Hae Soo will tease him and make him wait 300 days just like she did to PD Choi. Jae Yul replies that he is not PD Choi.

giddy hae soo in the morning

giddy hae soo in the morning

already like old couples ^^

already like long term couples ^^

Hae Soo’s mom wants Jae Yul’s number so she can thank him. Eun Soo gets upset and tells mom not to provoke Hae Soo. Mom asks if it really is that difficult for them to accept that she met with President Kim. She claims that she had to do so in order to support her husband and children. She eventually gets the number from Soo Kwang and invites Jae Yul to her restaurant. Along with her text was a photo of dad and the restaurant. Jae Yul identifies a picture in the background as the same picture on Hae Soo’s wall.

On her way home, Hae Soo calls Jae Yul and the two have a short and simple conversation that begins with “did you eat” and ends with “you have anything else to say? okay let’s hang up.” Brief, concise and they both end up saying to themselves “s/he is perfect!” How cute!

And there he is when she gets off the bus, with ice cream cones to boot! She asks him what is he doing there and he responds with “waiting for my girlfriend.” AWWWWW. And Hae Soo holds his hand with fingers intertwined. Aw man, they are just so perfect together!

definitely not pd choi

definitely not pd choi

At home, Hae Soo gets Jae Yul to move to the end of the sofa so she can sit comfortably. Then Jae Yul brings up lighty that they should go on a vacation together. Hae Soo asks him if he can promise to protect her if they do go on vacation, to which he replies yes, and so she agrees to the vacation. Dong Min and Soo Kwang tells Jae Yul he forgot to count himself among the dangerous elements that Hae Soo needs to be protected from, but Jae Yul says no he is not included. This is their expression while saying “ooohhhh home run!”

photo 4 (15)



Let’s sum up this show with pictures. This is me while watching it – super enjoyable, like reading a great book or eating a delicious cup of pudding (or uh, being in the same room as jae yul, HELLO):

"just move to the end of the sofa"

“just move to the end of the sofa”

This is me after it’s over:

photo 1 (64)

more i need more… give me more!!!


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