Boss & Me/Shan Shan Lai Le (Ep 4 Recap)

One bowl of beef noodles please, but hold the scallions.

Good motto.

Previously on Boss & Me/Shan Shan Lai Le… ep 3 recap

Anna’s Recap

If you ever need tips on how to keep your crush around you at all the times, please ask Feng Teng. The guy is thinking of the strangest, albeit quite cute, ways to keep Shan Shan in close proximity to himself. Too bad her crush on Zheng Qi is still going strong. But if the quickest way to a man’s heart is really through his stomach, maybe that same thinking will soon apply to Shan Shan. Everyone loves good food, after all.

At Feng Yue’s baby’s one-month anniversary, Feng Teng has successfully whisked a reluctant Shan Shan away from her date, Zheng Qi, and demands that she sit next to him at the head table. Shan Shan is super uncomfortable to be sitting there with the Feng family and other important people, and desperately wants to sit elsewhere. When she suggests to Feng Teng that she’s not important enough to sit there and that she will just sit at one of the regular tables, he grabs her hand and says that she’s the baby’s savior and has to sit here with them. Since she’s gotta sit there anyways, Shan Shan takes advantage of all the good food that’s being served and eats like crazy. Hey, might as well!

Eat your money’s worth!

Feng Teng acts extra attentive towards her, and makes sure that Zheng Qi can see them. In retaliation, Zheng Qi is being friendly with the female guests at his table. When Shan Shan sees this, she’s disappointed that she’s not sitting with Zheng Qi and that he’s paying attention to other girls. Not really sure who’s winning in this situation. Feng Teng, I guess? As the other guests get ready to leave the party, Shan Shan tries to quickly leave as well. But her escape plan is ruined when Feng Teng tells her that she has to stay behind to bid farewell to the party guests with him. This is probably the most stressful party that Shan Shan has ever attended.

Is this work or a party?

When Shan Shan is finally able to leave the party, Feng Tell informs her that he’ll drive her home. Right before they get to her house, she asks him to just drop her off at a local food stall because she’s craving some beef noodles. Feng Teng obliges, but then gets out of the car with her. She insists that she can get home by herself from here, but he claims that he’s suddenly hungry too and wants to eat with her. Aww, first date!

You first, boss.

When the food arrives, Feng Teng looks at his bowl with his disdain. Shan Shan immediately thinks that the food is too cheap for him, but it turns out that he just doesn’t like the scallions with the noodles. Never one to want to waste food, Shan Shan helps pick out all of the scallions. With that scallion problem taken care of, they both happily eat their beef noodles. After that late-night meal, Feng Teng drops Shan Shan off at her place. As she’s getting out of the car, he suddenly grabs her hand! It must be because he doesn’t want to say goodbye to her just yet! Well, okay that part about not wanting to say bye yet is only sorta true because it turns out that she just still had her seat belt on. I’m just gunna pretend that it was actually because he was sad that she was leaving.

You don’t want me to leave?

At breakfast the next morning at the Feng household, Feng Yue tells Feng Teng that Shan Shan asked her to stop sending her the lunchboxes every day at work. Probably a little disappointed to hear this, he quickly mentions to his sister that she’s not interested in any of her friends, and that her matchmaking efforts are going to be wasted on him.

On his way to work, Feng Teng stops by the new bookstore that Feng Yue’s opening up. Coincidentally, Shan Shan walks by that bookstore while going to work and sees Feng Teng’s car. She wonders if that ‘s really him and his car just chilling there, so she goes up to it and peers inside. And while she’s trying to look inside of the car, Feng Teng sees her and sneaks up next to her. When Shan Shan looks up and is startled to see him standing next to her, she ends up falling hard onto a pile of snow. Of course, Feng Teng offers her his hand and helps her get up, and it was all very cute.

Hello? Anybody home?

Shan Shan quickly runs off to work after that embarrassing encounter with her boss. At the parking lot at work, she’s still thinking about running into Feng Teng earlier and doesn’t notice Zheng Qi. When he calls out her name, she once again falls onto a pile of snow. Even more embarrassed than before because obviously no one wants to look like a klutz in front of their crush. Zheng Qi helps her up and pretty much sweeps her off her feet. Swoon forever. At this very moment, Feng Teng just so happens to be driving up to the parking lot and sees all this cuteness going on between Zheng Qi and Shan Shan and is totally jealous. I guess it isn’t the worst thing to be helped up by two handsome fellas after falling on your butt in snow. Lucky you, Shan Shan!

Swept off her feet.

When lunchtime at work rolls around, Shan Shan is elated to be freed from the lunchboxes and is excitedly getting ready to go eat with her coworkers. On her way out, she receives a call from Feng Teng’s secretary informing her that her lunchbox is waiting for her in Feng Teng’s office. Determined to finally put an end to these lunchboxes, Shan Shan marches up to his office. She tells Feng Teng that she had already told Feng Yue at the party that there’s no need to give her these lunches anymore. Feng Teng acts dumb and says that what was said between her and his sister is none of his business, and that she should speak to her again about it. But when Shan Shan asks him for her phone number, Feng Teng claims that Feng Yue is going to be in Europe for the next month. Oh really? An entire month? Sure, Feng Teng, sure.

No lunch with the friends.

Since Shan Shan isn’t going to be able to talk to Feng Yue about the lunchbox issue for another month, they’re gunna keep coming whether she likes it or not. And Feng Teng tells her that from now on, she is to pick up her lunchbox from his office and eat it there with him, instead of a secretary bringing it to her desk. Shan Shan keeps trying to get rid of this predicament, and insists that she cannot accept these free lunches anymore because she feels bad that she’s not giving them anything back in return. Feng Teng says if she feels that bad that from now on, she will be in charge of picking the unwanted foods out of his lunch dishes, just like with the scallions from before.

Picky eater.

As the two of them are eating lunch together in his office, Shan Shan tries to quickly eat so that she can get outta there ASAP. Feng Teng notices and demands that her eating speed must match his. His secretary comes into the office to bring Feng Teng a message and sees them eating together. When she goes back outside, she secretly but intentionally broadcasts over the company intercom system that Shan Shan is eating lunch with the boss, and that nobody should bother them. Immediately after, Shan Shan’s coworkers act super friendly towards her. Obviously, everyone heard the message and thinks that there’s a little something something going on between Shan Shan and Feng Teng.

Lunchin’ with the boss.

Shan Shan later finds out from Du Fan the reason why everyone’s treating her like royalty all of a sudden. She’s worried because she doesn’t want Zheng Qi to think that she and Feng Teng have anything going on. As she’s thinking about Zheng Qi, she also remembers when Feng Teng grabbed her hand while she was getting out of his car, and thinks that she must be going crazy to think of him instead of Zheng Qi. I don’t know, Shan Shan…there’s gotta be a reason why Feng Teng is on your mind!

Hmm…Feng Teng instead of Zheng Qi?

What Else is for Lunch:

Du Fan and Shan Shan’s roommate find out that they have been flirting with each other under secret screen names over social media for awhile now. Wait, doesn’t he have a crush on Shan Shan?

Bottoms up.


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