It’s Okay, That’s Love (Ep 6 Recap)

Uh they kissed, so now what?

Estelle’s Recap

SPOILER ALERT: Do not proceed if you do not want to know what has happened so far.

Ok, so they kiss and of course, Jae Yul gets slapped right away, although this time he is a bit more confused. While Hae Soo may act annoyed, we totally hear her heart beating fast. Jae Yul, a bit more pissed than normal, suggests that they go buy some new cloths because he is wet, but Hae Soo shoots him down with “let’s just dry them.” Jae Yul mutters to himself, “is this what they call anxiety?”

Meanwhile at the prison, Jae Boem places a call to Dong Min who happens to be out of the office. He leaves a message saying he will get leave on Friday and he will come by for his ‘interview,’ cough amytal. After he hangs up he talks to another prisoner and they talk about how “the kids outside all know.” Uh-oh, this does not sound good.

And where is Dong Min? He is meeting with Tae Yong, reprimanding Tae Yong for introducing Jae Beom to him under the guise that Jae Boem is a “good guy.” He shows Tae Yong notes about Jae Boem’s past transgressions which include theft, assault and attempted rape. Dong Min shows a picture of a beat up kid and says that is Jae Yul at sixteen, so there’s no way Jae Boem is a good guy.

photo 1 (58)

jae yul as a teen

While Hae Soo rejects Jae Yul’s offer of walking along with her, we hear Dong Min’s voice talking about how Jae Yul was beaten half to death with broken ribs. Apparently that’s why the mother phoned the police.

that heartbreaking smile.. :(

that heartbreaking smile.. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Dong Min explains that he cannot help Jae Beom because the best therapy is jail time. Tae Yang claims that he knows Jae Beom is beyond hope, but he cannot refuse the mother’s request. I wonder if there is something going on with Tae Yang instead. Could it be that he had something to do with the murder?

Jae Yul and Hae Soo end up going shopping. AND Hae Soo cannot shake the image of them kissing out of her head. Jae Yul insists on buying Hae Soo cloth and Hae Soo insists on paying him back. He explains that it is weird to accept money from someone he kissed so he will not take it. In the heat of the argument Jae Yul confesses that he likes her, and her response? He just kissed her on a whim because they were having fun in a nice setting. Jae Yul agrees that it was on a whim, but he kissed her because he actually liked her, and besides she responded on the second kiss. He asks if she likes instead guys who plans kisses and schemes to get a girl to fall in love? He then says in a matter of fact way (of course, as if kdrama male leads ever talk in another way), “let’s go out” and she rejects immediately. So, they agree on forgetting about the whole thing.

"i'm not your driver, sit up front."

“i’m not your driver, sit up front.”

Soo Kwang is on the street complaining to So Nyeo that he gets ignored whenever they are out together so he will not buy her meals again, and in addition he will not hire her for the cafe. Her response? Inviting Soo Kwang to her house for ramen. She walks away coolly and tells him to follow, which he does, not forgetting to explain that its only because he spent so much money on her already not because he likes her. Riiiiiiiight.

photo 1

i’m still concerend she is a minor. or is she?

Jae Yul and Hae Soo come home, and Jae Yul is TOTALLY upset. He refuses Hae Soo’s offer to cook ramen, and when Dong Min asks if something is wrong he just replies “it’s NOTHING” while staring at Hae Soo. Hae Soo reveals that they kissed and Jae Yul got slapped thus the bad mood. He confirms what she said and adds that he kissed her with good intentions which she also responded to. Soo Kwang presses for more information, and Jae Yul asks Hae Soo one last time if she felt anything to which she answers no. He leaves immediately and she yells after him saying things about his bad temper.

tell us more, jae yul!

tell us more, jae yu

Dong Min goes after Hae Soo and the two talk after he nearly breaks down her door. She admits to him that she liked the kiss and she did not think of her mother when she was with Jae Yul. Dong Min laments that that is a first and tells her to go to sleep.

photo 3

that’s quite a picture of yourself, hae soo…

Outside, Soo Kwang confesses that he is envious of Hae Soo because he also wants to get over his condition so he can kiss or sleep with a girl without having a seizure. Poor Soo Kwang…

that bittersweet smile :(

that bittersweet smile ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Jae Yul is thinking to himself (cue montage of romantic moments) when an alarm rings. Hae Soo opens her door at the same time to find Jae Yul lighting a candle. He plays it off by saying it was because her alarm was too loud, but I’m sure he remembers what Hae Soo said about the candle and how she would believe in love.

photo 1

The next day Dong Min dishes out information about Hae Soo to Jae Yul who seems to understand her response a little more. Just then Hae Soo walks on scene and admits to Jae Yul that she did like him yesterday, well, just for that moment. (I knew this was coming back to bite Jae Yul). Jae Yul replies that she can knock on his door or call him three times if she wants to continue, if not, she can just stay still.

photo 2

The amputee patient from the previous episode leaves the hospital because Hae Soo feels that they cannot help someone who has no will. Young Jin invites Hae Soo to her and Dong Min’s divorce anniversary party. Meanwhile Jae Yul agrees to his mother’s request of meeting Jae Beom and even tells her to plan a lavish party for his brother’s release.

Jae Yul drives Kang Woo to home. On the way Kang Woo suggests that Jae Yul give up on Hae Soo because she claims to be uninterested. Jae Yul says its not that easy and admits to feeling like Hae soo has taken over his soul. On the other hand, things aren’t going so well between Kang Woo and the window girl (of course not) so he decides to concentrate on writing instead. Jae Yul asks after Kang Woo’s finger, but Kang Woo replies there isn’t a problem.

Just then some cars start coming at them and Jae Yul swerves left and right. (all that practice from episode 1 clearly is paying off now). They arrive safely at Kang Woo’s home, which is this small shack in the field. The two chant “debut” as Kang Woo backs away. Suddenly Kang Woo runs toward his mother who is getting beat up by his father. Jae Yul immediately gets out of the car and run there as well. He sees Kang Woo pick up a rock and is about to go for the dad when he has a flashback about himself picking up a knife. In the flashback it appears that his step-father was beating up Jae Boem at the time.

filled with rage

filled with rage

Jae Yul tells Kang Woo to get a hold of himself, to take his mother and run away. Then the scene pans over a little and we see a CCTV up on a railing. Oh man this is going to be some interesting footage.

photo 2 photo 3

At the Hongdae house, Hae Soo is wondering when Jae Yul will come home because she even cooked! She tells Soo Kwang to call Jae Yul, but Soo Kwang tells her to just ring three times. Just then Hae Soo notices that Soo Kwang has taken up Jae Yul’s looks, from hair down to the clothing he wears.

look at soo kwang ^^;

look at soo kwang ^^;

Jae Yul reports Kang Woo’s dad to the police, but the police says there is no one at that residence. He leaves after taking down the officers’ names and threatens to check in on the report.

photo 2

He goes home but ignores Hae Soo when she talks to him. She goes to his door and knocks multiple times. He finally opens the door and asks what is the meaning of seven or eight knocks because he only knows they agreed on three knocks. She follows him into the bathroom (aka his sacred space) with a first aid kit and starts to clean him up. He tells her that he fought with Kang Woo’s dad because the family reminds him of his own; he couldn’t walk away from it because that’s what other people did when his mom was getting abused. He then tells Hae Soo that this is his first time in his bathroom with a girl and he is not used to talking about himself, but he actually enjoys it!

photo 1

Hae Soo notices the scar on his shoulder and asks him about it. Jae Yul diverts the conversation and tells her he was serious in the valley. He holds onto her hand and they stare at each other intensely for a while until she pulls her hand away. He then goes to his bathtub curtain and pulls it apart to reveal, well for a lack of words, a bedroom set up, with the tub as the bed. I can’t imagine that being comfortable, especially since the tub is quite short and he is extremely tall.

He begins to tell her about the camel painting on his wall. He says nomads in the desert tie up their camels at night, but untie them in the morning. The camels never escape even in the morning because they remember the night when they are tied up just like how humans remember our scars. He says his scar is the bathroom and hers is anxiety, so he understands. She then tells him to sleep and walks away.

photo 2

The next day the three boys are mixing salad prepping for the divorce anniversary. Dong Min gets uncharacteristically irritable and quits the salad mixing pretty early on. Soo Kwang is feeling sad because he thinks So Nyeo can never be his. Jae Yul compliments him on his new style. Soo Kwang chides that he won’t say ‘I love you,’ but he is basically implying that he loves Jae Yul. Awwwwwwwww the bromance!

At the party/picnic, Young Jin gets upset and leaves with Dong Min following after. The two bicker some more about why they have a divorce party with so many people around. Young Jin walks away mumbling to herself that she regrets the divorce. Can’t say I didn’t see this coming.

Back at the picnic, Jae Yul takes Hae Soo’s father on a walk around the park. Hae Soo’s mom keeps on bothering Hae Soo with questions about Jae Yul and Hae Soo flips out. As she walks away, her mother yells after her saying things like how she should not treat her mother this way and how life is difficult for everyone etc.. Eun Soo comes by to tell the mom to stop it and reveals that they both know about mom’s affair.

At home, Jae Yul and Hae Soo share a drink as they discuss Hae Soo’s family. Jae Yul declares that girls with good families are boring because they don’t know real life. He tries to convince her to date him again which almost makes her choke on beer. He leaves his phone with her and tells her to listen to some music on there.

Under the influence of amytal, the mother patient reveals that when she was at the market her baby got burnt by hot water and died. Her husband was at home but he was too drunk and past out to hear the baby crying. The couple reconciles for the time being and some doctor wonders if it will work out between them, to which Hae Soo quotes Jae Yul that love can conquer misfortune.

Jae Boem meets with some shady dude on the street and gets something from him. He tells Tae Yong he is going to Dong Min’s, but inquires after Jae Yul’s whereabouts. He goes to see Dong Min and lies that he wants some coffee. While Dong Min is getting coffee he steals the amytal and goes off to see Jae Yul.

Jae Yul finishes off his radio show and notices a missed call from Hae Soo. Just as he is contemplating whether itย rang two or three times, she calls again, this time it rings exactly three times. She then texts him that she is going home.

photo 1

photo 2

photo 3

look at that face!

Jae Yul runs out the door to catch a taxi. Unbeknownst to him is that Jae Boem is in the taxi right behind him, following him. Hae Soo gets off the bus and waits for Jae Yul’s car to arrive. She doesn’t see him, but he is right across the street waving at her. Right at that moment Jae Boem hits him with a bat and sticks the amytal needle in his neck. She turns to look that way but a car also zooms by at the same time. The screen blacks out and the episode is OVER.



I’m actually sort of hoping that Jae Beom gets Jae Yul to tell the truth and the story moves along. It’s hard to believe it is already at episode 6! The whole thing felt like it went by really quickly. I’m interested in seeing how things will play out, including the truth behind the Jang family murder, how Hae Soo will react after finding out about Kang Woo and how she will be able to use LOVE to conquer it ALL! ๐Ÿ™‚

Until next time, ladies and gents! Tell me what you think ๐Ÿ™‚

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