It’s Okay, That’s Love (Ep 5 Recap)

So many exciting pictures at the end of this post! I did not know that this show and it’s characters can move this fast!!! Amazing!

Estelle’s Recap

SPOILER ALERT: Do not proceed if you do not want to know what has happened so far.

We are again with Jae Yul as he runs through the streets with imaginary Kang Woo. The scene cuts to the prison and Jae Boem is begging Dong Min for the truth serum. He kneels down on the ground and literally pleads his case, saying he is a good guy and his brother is the real bad guy. Dong Min, unsure what to think requests some case files to look into it.

photo 1 (50)

Jae Yul stops at a street corner and bumps into the girl that Soo Kwang caught before, Oh So Nyeo. Incidentally Kang Woo disappears from Jae Yul’s vision and he quickly calls out for Kang Woo and this leaves So Nyeo in complete confusion.

Meanwhile Hae Soo hears someone coming home and rushes out to greet him, well, Jae Yul. It is, unfortunately, Dong Min, who teases her about who she was anticipating. Hae Soo denies fervently (of course).

So Nyeo follows Jae Yul home and asks to sleep over one night because she forgot her keys. She goes on to tell him that her father is out looking for junk and her mother left her when she was three, so there is essentially no one at home. Jae Yul hands her some money for a locksmith, but she says she will just go buy cigarettes. Jae Yul gives up and lets her come in.

photo 2 (50)

Hae Soo greets Jae Yul with a smile and he questions her motive. She goes to her candle to make a wish and he asks about the man in her cell phone picture, to which she answers with “jealous?”

photo 3 (31)

“you’re back?”

Just then So Nyeo makes a ruckus downstairs going through the fridge. Hae Soo tells the girl to leave unsuccessfully and redirects fire at Jae Yul, questioning whether he was out meeting a minor until this late hour. Jae Yul reveals he was meeting with a different kid, referring to Kwang Woo. A jealous Hae Soo then comments that he must have a lot of kids to meet with, and how could he do that after telling her she makes him flutter. A frustrated Jae Yul remarks that the fluttering was just in that moment. Disappointed and a bit heartbroken, Hae Soo slams the door and leaves.

Hae Soo heads downstairs to tell So Nyeo to sleep in her room instead of the living room. Jae Yul follows her down and is surprised at her actions. The two continues to bicker with Jae Yul telling Hae Soo that he is not interested in her because she is too ‘clean.’ Right, whatever that means.

The next morning, while the three boys are drinking the coffee Jae Yul bought, Hae Soo, in all her bath towel glory, storms out of the house with So Nyeo in tow. She kicks So Nyeo out for using the bathroom while she was showering and threatens anyone who ever lets So Nyeo back again. As she walks back to the house the boys totally check her out.

Jae Yul is in disbelief that Hae Soo would walk around like that when there are three dudes living in the house. Dong Min says its because Hae Soo does not see him as a guy and Soo Kwang says he is seen as a pushover. They ask Jae Yul what happened to him that he is also treated badly, and he replies he is not sure. He does ask if this happens often when Hae Soo is mad and Dong Min answers yes. Jae Yul resolves to make Hae Soo mad more often. What a sly creature you are, Jae Yul! So much for that fluttering only in that moment nonsense.

photo 2 (51)

JY be checking HS out

JY be checking HS out

Jae Yul heads over to Hae Soo’s hospital to ask about Kang Woo. He sees Hae Soo on the street and tries to give her a ride which results in her yelling at him for the fluttering moment incident again. She tells him not to speak to her ever again, not even one word… and that ends up with Jae Yul driving away immediately. Good going Hae Soo, good going.

After Jae Yul leaves, Hae Soo hears a woman screaming about her husband who just injured his arm and is bleeding all over. Meanwhile Jae Yul picks up Kang Woo while muttering to himself about his inability to understand Hae Soo’s mood swings.

Jae Beom phones Dong Min from prison and requests to take the amytal first in order to prove that his tale is true. Dong Min reluctantly gives Jae Beom his address so Jae Beom can visit when he gets out. At the hospital Hae Soo and Young Jin figure out that the husband Hae Soo rescued purposely cut off his arm. They decide to take him in.

photo 1 (54)

Jae Yul and Kang Woo wait in the waiting room for a long time and no one calls Kang Woo (obviously). Jae Yul inquires what’s taking so long and the nurse tells him there is no examination form from Han Kang Woo. A confused Jae Yul turns around and does not see Kang Woo. He suspects that Kang Woo is just afraid of treatment. Ironic, isn’t it?

photo 2 (52)

Dong Min tricks Jae Yul into driving everyone to see Yoon Chul’s (man in cellphone photo) concert. Dong Min explains that Yoon Chul’s wife, Hye Jin, is schizophrenic and Yoon Chul got kicked out of his household for marrying her. He goes on to lament on the fact that people are always the first to sympathize when someone gets cancer, but when it is a mental illness everyone shuns the patient.

photo 1 (55)

waiting for Jae Yul’s car to arrive

At the rest stop Soo Kwang asks Jae Yul to hire So Nyeo at the coffee shop and in return he will call Jae Yul hyung. And plus, you know, if Jae Yul felt like it, Soo Kwang wants to know how to date girls too. Jae Yul imparts some advice: let them go. If you are prepared to lose them, you will get closer. Hm, is this his game plan with Hae Soo as well?

Hye Jin tries to commit suicide right after the concert is over because Yoon Chul suggests to her that they have an abortion. Yoon Chul throws himself into the lake after Hye Jin, but Jae Yul quickly realizes that Yoon Chul cannot swim so he goes in himself. Dong Min saves Yoon Chul and Jae Yul gets Hye Jin. Hae Soo screams that Hye Jin is preggers so water cannot go into her belly (never heard of this before), so Jae Yul somehow puts Hye Jin over his shoulders despite getting beaten on his head and pulls her out. Jae Yul celebrates that he is able to save someone. I wonder if this will rid some guilt of his for the father incident.



After sending Soo Kwang and Dong Min off, Hae Soo reveals to Jae Yul that the candle at home is lit for Hye Jin and Yoon Chul. She tells Jae Yul that if Hye Jin and Yoon Chul stay together then maybe she can believe in love. Jae Yul says for it to be love it has to be able to conquer sadness and despair, that it isn’t just happiness all the time. He claims he learnt all this because he loves a woman – his mom – crazily all these years. He then mentions casually that he wants to be in love because you feel good and you learn patience and consideration.

talking like old married folks

talking like old married folks

Dong Min receives a package at his clinic and discovers that Jae Beom is Jae Yul’s older brother. Meanwhile Jae Yul spends the night in the bathroom and has a painful dream about the past. In his dream it is clear that Jae Beom is the one who kills the stepfather. After bidding farewell to Hye Jin and Yoon Chul, Hae Soo finds Jae Yul in the bathroom (because she remembers the video where he went to the bathroom and didn’t come out for the night).


young Jae Boem

young Jae Boem

photo 2 (54)

On the ride back Hae Soo feigns ignorant and does not mention anything about the bathroom, but Jae Yul brings it up willingly. The two stops for a walk through a park (cue Hero – Family of the Year). He tells her that he used to get beat up by his step father and brother all the time in his childhood. One day his step father wants to gamble away his tuition money, so he ran and hid in a public bathroom. In order to avoid being caught he jumps into the pit (stoop style toilet), and from that day on he thought of the bathroom as the safest place and he never slept in a regular room after that.

photo 3 (34)

notice how the scars are the same as Kwang Woo's when he ran away last episode?

notice how the scars are the same as Kang Woo’s when he ran away last episode?

Of course, Jae Yul isn’t going to let Hae Soo go just like that. He tries to coerce her into telling him a secret, but when that fails he throws her into a pond. The two plays around for a while and then…

throwing HS in!

throwing HS in!

This happens:

photo 2 (55)

They take a break and then this happens (again):

photo 3 (35)

photo 4 (12)



So did Jae Boem or Jae Yul kill the step father? Now we have two versions of the story and I have NO idea who is telling the truth. It appears that both brothers got some issues to work through and the mom may be the key, but she only appeared once so far. Jae Yul’s story about his childhood is really sad 😦 but I am glad he is opening up to Hae Soo. In some way they act completely like old married couples or at least together for a very long time. They are so comfortable and at ease with each other, so props for the excellent acting.

And that ending! Omo, I don’t even know what to feel! But I am full of good feelings. Wow, is this a new record for kdramas? This many kisses and we are only at episode 5? The preview indicates there is a confession coming up, so I stand by my original statement that this is one freaking fast paced drama. I can’t wait till people figure out that Jae Yul is hallucinating because I think the real drama will happen there. Especially now that we know Hae Soo was against Hye Jin and Yoon Chul dating, how will she react to finding out that Jae Yul is not so ‘normal’ either? I mean I think she needs to get over the playboy hurdle first and then there’s another hurdle after. Keepin’ you busy, Hae Soo!

I do wonder though, who was Jae Yul calling when he was trying to reach Kang Woo? I’m sure in his mind he was calling Kang Woo, but since Kang Woo does not exist, then who is he phoning? Is this just a script glitch or is this significant? I guess we’ll have to wait and see!

Yay! Excited for tomorrow’s episode! Woo!


One thought on “It’s Okay, That’s Love (Ep 5 Recap)

  1. damianna says:

    Thanks. Wow, a kiss err… kisses. I’m a happy camper. It really is a fast-faced drama but I think this drama has a lot of issues to tackle so hopefully it won’t lag towards the end. They pretend they see the baby when dealing with the woman in the hospital, wonder what Hae soo’ll do once she finds out about Kang woo.


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