Boss & Me/Shan Shan Lai Le (Ep 2 Recap)

Lessons learned: 1) Duck liver/foie gras is better than pig liver and 2) Look out for 2-way mirrors!

Same look I have when I see food.

Previously on Boss & Me/Shan Shan Lai Le… ep 1 recap

Anna’s Recap

The sparks are flyin’ between Shan Shan and Feng Teng. The free lunches keep on comin’ too. What could go wrong? Oh right, just all the jealous side-eyes that are being thrown out there. No wonder Shan Shan’s got to hide while eating her lunch. At least she’s hiding out on a nice rooftop balcony instead of an empty bathroom stall, Mean Girls style.

Shan Shan is still bummed out that she was only hired by Windgroup because her rare blood type matches Feng Yue’s. She makes up her mind to quit her job and is already typing her resignation letter when her roommates rush over to hit pause on everything. They drag her away from the computer to talk some sense into her. After a long chat, they are able to convince Shan Shan to keep working at Windgroup because she can’t disappoint her parents. And they reason that its better to be recruited for her blood type, something that was given to her by her parents, than to rely to connections like other people.

Friendly intervention.

The next morning at the Feng household, Feng Yue stops Feng Teng before he leaves for work to give him two lunchboxes. He asks her who the extra lunchbox is for since he’s usually the only one that gets one. She tells him that the other one was prepared for Shan Shan to thank her for helping out their family, and that it’s a way better gesture than the check that Feng Teng had suggested giving her. Feng Teng rolls his eyes, grumbles a little but reluctantly takes the two lunchboxes with him. He later gives it to his secretary to personally deliver it to Shan Shan’s desk. Free food delivery!

Most interesting lunchbox ever.

Shan Shan and her coworkers are in awe that the boss’s secretary is personally delivering her lunch to her. She reckons that it’s just a one-time deal to thank her for helping out their favor. So, what could the super rich Feng family be giving her for lunch? Foie gras and black truffles? Wagyu beef? The answer is none of the above. Instead, in her specially prepared lunchbox, Shan Shan finds your typical lunchtime foods along with a pig liver dish to “preserve the blood.” Despite it not being crazy fancy and expensive foods, Shan Shan happily eats her free lunch. Free food is good food, right?

That’s it?

To Shan Shan and everyone else’s surprise, the free lunches don’t stop. Every day, Feng Teng’s secretaries bring Shan Shan a lunchbox that contains some variety of a pig liver dish. Since it’s not a common occurrence that the boss would specially provide a lunch for one of his employees, more and more people become curious and nosy about what exactly is the nature of Shan Shan and Feng Teng’s relationship. It gets so bad that there’s a whole group of people just chilling around her desk at lunchtime, pretending to work but are just really there to watch her eat. How rude.

Shan Shan can’t even eat in peace.

Her coworkers all suddenly become super interested in befriending Shan Shan, and even invite her out to hang out with them after work. Shan Shan realizes that they aren’t really trying to be her friends, but are just using her to find out about her relationship with Feng Teng. She thought that she’d be happy to be making friends, but instead just feels uncomfortable and awkward about the situation.

Zheng Qi and the jealous co-workers.

Away from the prying eyes of everyone at work, there’s a bit of a shake up at Shan Shan’s house too. Her friend from her hometown, Liu Liu, who moved in with her in the last episode announces out of the blue that she’s moving out. She had her bags packed and everything before anyone was even awake. Was the girl planning to just peace out without telling anyone? When Shan Shan asks her about it, she finally tells her that she’s moving out to live with her boyfriend, the son of a wealthy guy that her mom set her up with.

Psh, super rude guy.

When Shan Shan is helping Liu Liu move her luggage out of the house, she accidentally runs into Zheng Qi and Feng Teng playing basketball at that bball court near her house. She quickly ducks behind Liu Liu, kind of like how Feng Teng hid behind Zheng Qi last episode when he saw Shan Shan. Zheng Qi catches them watching them, and motions to Shan Shan to keep quiet and pretend like she didn’t see them. Already with a crush on Zheng Qi, Shan Shan is happy to see him and drags Liu Liu away with her from the bball court. After she helped Liu Liu move her stuff into her boyfriend’s car, she goes back to the basketball court but Zheng Qi and Feng Teng already left.

Shan Shan’s turn to hide.

At work, the lunchboxes are still being delivered every day at lunchtime. And even worse, it’s the same dish every time! Shan Shan really wants to tell Feng Teng to stop giving her the food, but she’s reluctant to look unappreciative in front of her boss. She resorts to asking his secretaries to give her the lunchboxes away from her desk and office, so that no one else knows that she’s still getting them. To avoid people staring at her while she’s eating, Shan Shan goes back to the rooftop balcony next to Feng Teng’s office that he previously warned her to stay away from.

Anybody there?

Shan Shan makes sure that no one is around the balcony, and still only sees the blank mirrored wall of Feng Teng’s office, that’s actually a 2-way mirror. She grabs a seat on the bench in front of the mirror and eats her lunch. Feng Teng is having a meeting in his office at the same time, and sees Shan Shan outside and gets distracted. Cute!

What’s all that noise outside?

For the next few days, Shan Shan brings her lunch to eat on the balcony. And without fail, Feng Teng waits for her to get there before he starts eating his own lunch. He sits in the chair in his office right next to the window, and watches her eat and copies her eating habits. Okay, I know this sounds mad creepy, but it’s really cute. Trust me! As the weather turns colder, he prepares a heater for her outside, so that she won’t get cold while she’s eating. When Shan Shan sees the heater, she’s confused as to who put it there, but is grateful for it.

Let’s eat.

This little routine continues for a couple more days. But when it begins to snow and Shan Shan doesn’t come up to eat her lunch, Feng Teng is visibly disappointed when he stares out his window and doesn’t see her. Awww.

Snow = no Shan Shan.

What Else is for Lunch:

Shan Shan’s coworker, Du Fan, develops a crush on her. Sorry dude, she’s clearly going to end up with Feng Teng or Zheng Qi. You never stood a chance.

Not even close.

Feng Yue is planning her son’s one month anniversary, and asks Feng Teng to bring a girl with him. He says that he doesn’t have anyone to bring, so she suggests one of her friends. He’s all like, “sure, whatever.” I wonder who he will bring…

Free food!


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