It’s Okay, That’s Love (Ep 3 Recap)

How do you get the attention of everyone around you and seek revenge on the man who splashed wine all over you? Well, you start by ringing the emergency bell.

Estelle’s Recap

SPOILER ALERT: Do not proceed if you do not want to know what has happened so far.

Hae Soo gathers everyone around to vote on whether Jae Yul should be allowed to stay. Before Hae Soo can kick him out, Jae Yul demands to know what exactly did he do that offends her so. Uh, Earth to Jae Yul, you just soaked the poor girl in wine!

photo 1 (38)

every house should be equipped with one of these!

Hae Soo declares that Jae Yul is, well, bascially a creep who just wants to get his prey in bed. And right now, she is the prey so he won’t let her go, but she is deeply inconveinced by this. Jae Yul quickly retorts that she might just be scared that she will climb onto his bed willingly herself. He proceeds to apologize for letting the cat out of the bag about her boyfriend’s affair (are you kidding me? i would be thanking this man for telling me the truth!), and then he lets out a bomb: the house and cafe are both actually his, and he intends to take them all back in exactly three days.

Faced with reality the three housemates come together to deliberate what to do with the impending doom. First, Hae Soo suggests that Dong Min call up his rich hyung, but that backfired quickly because Dong Min sued his family for inheritence shares so the siblings had a falling out. Then, Soo Kwang shares that he has money, but everyone is disappointed when he says its only four hundred.

Jae Yul braves the rain (in flipflops nonetheless) to pick up some more post-its from the convenience store. As he exits some gang of highschool girls come by and the leader offers some money to Jae Yul for him to buy her cigaretts. Jae Yul take the money and enters the store. When he returns he hands over a black plastic bag to the girl as he tells her she is pretty. She opens the bag and some milk cartons fall out. I knew that bag looked too heavy to be just cigs!

poor wasted milk :(

poor wasted milk 😦

Back at the house, Hae Soo is staring intently at the security screen which shows her cheating ex-boyfriend at the door, drowning in the rain (pity move? didn’t think to bring an umbrella?). Dong Min tells her to open the door, but she just leaves and threatens to kill him if he opens it.

photo 1 (39)Soon Jae Yul gets fed up with the noise and comes out of his room. Just as he is about to go tell Choi Ho off, Hae Soo sweeps by and goes out the door.

nice yellow chair, jae yul!

nice yellow chair, jae yul!

In the rain, Choi Ho claims that he and Min Young had one accident after drinking, but he has since asked Min Young to stop coming on to him. Upstairs, Jae Yul is watching this and smirking.

photo 3 (21)

this is my expression too upon hearing the lame excuses.

this would be my expression too upon hearing the lame excuses.

Luckily Hae Soo does not take Choi back despite his attempts. He blames her for the breakdown of their relationship because she did not want to sleep with him. She replies that she explained to him before that she is terrified of sexual intimacy because she witnessed her mother’s betrayal. Upstairs, Jae Yul quietly closes his window.

In Dong Min’s room, he and Soo Kwang are listening in as well. Soo Kang declares Choi Ho is a “bad jerk,” and he is indeed. Hae Soo continues and says that even though Min Young was just one night, every time she sees him she will think of Min Young just like every time she sees her mom she thinks of the betrayal. Finally she says she waited for those 300 days as well, but their relationship is at its end.

photo 5 (1)

Jae Yul stands in front of his towel closet but soon closes it and walks away. I bet he is wondering if he should bring Hae Soo a towel, but does not want to have uneven towel stacks in his closet, so what does he do? He leaves at Hae Soo’s door steps a stack of towels – all the colors to boot.

The next day at the hospital, Hae Soo’s patient is receiving electric shocks to help alleviate depression. As she leaves that hospital room she passes by her new patient and breath a sigh of “eottoke.”

Meanwhile at the house, Jae Yul gets a new manuscript from Kang Woo. For some reason I get this funny feeling about Kang Woo. If he is a highschool student, does he ever go to school? Could he be Jae Yul’s imaginary friend???

The next morning Jae Yul decides to cook breakfast for everyone. Dong Min takes this opportunity to imply that they should all live together happily, but gets immediately shot down by Jae Yul. Hae Soo loses in rock paper scissor and becomes the designated person to beg Jae Yul on behalf of everyone. In the end she couldn’t bring herself to do it but instead inquires about his thoughts on Hawnee, the patient who draws genitals. She emphasizes that Hawnee has a loving mom, and Jae Yul points out that even his angelic mom brings him pain sometimes.

After Hae Soo leaves, Jae Yul throws a script named “Two Brothers” into his drawer and rejects an incoming call from Kang Woo. In the next scene we see Kang Woo crying because his call did not go through. In the background we see he has a bunch of yellow post its on the wall just like Jae Yul.

photo 1 (40)

Jae Yul visits the cafe Soo Kwang works at and meets Eun Soo, Hae Soo’s sister. Eun Soo tells Jae Yul that she is a big fan, and lets out that Hae Soo was also a fan back when he used to write romance novels, much to Jae Yul’s surprise. Once Jae Yul exits the cafe, Tae Yang comes up to apologize to him. Without a moment of hesitation Jae Yul punches Tae Yang right in the kisser.

At the hospital Hae Soo uses what Jae Yul told her to uncover Hawnee’s secret. It turns out Hawnee saw his mom sleep with her lover in the bedroom next to his, and he was afraid that his mother would abandon him. Hae Soo realizes that she is not the only one suffering from such a revelation.

Tae Yang drives Dong Min to meet with Jae Beom again and Dong Min begins to question Jae Beom’s identity. At the start of the session Jae Beom drones on about how the Earth revolves around the sun yet it is always summer in Bali and winter in Greenland. Then he asks about gravity and why his leg can stay up despite it. Dong Min is uninterested and does not say anything, so Jae Boem announces that there is no reason for them to meet anymore since neither of them are saying anything of use to the other. Dong Min quickly realizes that Jae Boem was trying to open up to him and immediately asks to be forgiven.

photo 3 (22)

Jae Yul also has a revelation and expresses that through his radio show. He talks about the film One Flew Over the Cuckoo Nest, and reflects on how we tend to think we are different but in reality we are all quite similar. I think in a way he is coming to see that he is not so different from Hae Soo, Dong Min and Soo Kwang after all. 🙂

While listening to his show on the bus, Hae Soo decides to invite Jae Yul out for a drink to appease him and remedy the housing situation. Jae Yul, thinking that it is just him and Hae Soo, quickly oblige. However, he soon finds out that everyone is coming so he demands Hae Soo apologize to him sincerely. She gives a half hearted sorry which he is not happy with. She plays it off by hooking his arm and acting familiar.

photo 1 (41)

photo 2 (41)

At the restaurant Soo Kwang is telling the rest of the gang about his recent break up. Apparently his ex-girlfriend called him a pervert because he wanted to get something going in the car. He expresses his confusion as to why it has to be a bed when there are plenty of other places available. Hae Soo and Dong Min both agree that he is not a pervert, and to everyone’s surprise Jae Yul also agrees.

photo 3 (23)

While Soo Kwang is outside the restaurant trying to get another girl’s phone number, the three of them talk about Hae Soo’s failed romance. Dong Min takes a chip and pretends to give it to Hae Soo, but pulls away at the last minute a couple of times. He compares this to her relationship with PD Choi. Just then Soo Kwang comes back with the girl’s phone number, and everyone congratulate him. Not soon after the girl arrives with her brother and another man. The two men start to beat on Soo Kwang  and he breaks into an episode. Jae Yul takes the housemates’ side and kicks one of the men away. A fight breaks out and one of the bystanders alert the police.

The police arrives, Jae Yul grabs Hae Soo and everyone starts running. Hae Soo and Jae Yul lose the police at a crosswalk and they are just having the time of their lives running, laughing and enjoying it all. We suddenly get a scene of Kwang Woo running from his house, completely bloodified.

photo 2 (42)

Hae Soo and Jae Yul decide to hide out at Jae Yul’s actual residence. Hae Soo double checks that he is not sketchy before actually entering the room. Of course, Jae Yul just gives her this are you joking right now look.

photo 1 (43)Hae Soo notices that everything is just like the room in Hongdae house, and Jae Yul finally admits he has OCD. He asks her about her condition and she tells him it is better now after ten years of self treatment but she still has problems even with kissing.

photo 2 (43)He inquires why is that hard and she bounces back how could it not be hard. And guess what?

photo 3 (24)

a picture is worth a thousand words.

Ta da!


Is it me or do kdrama leads tend to have OCD? I mean out of the three shows I’m watching, two of them have leads with OCD tendencies. Anyway, what big progress and development! I mean the hand holding and kissing already occurred and this is only episode 3! Wow, I wonder what will the rest of the episodes talk about? I hope they will not cook up some crazy misunderstanding to drag out the story. I mean we still have the whole Jang brother mystery to solve and not to mention the whole Kwang Woo thing, so I’m sure that will take the spotlight pretty soon.

How cute is tonight’s episode though? I’m still gushing with pleasure! I also really love how the past two episodes both ended with Jae Yul reflecting in his studio. His character is awesome so far and it definitely helps to have experienced actors at the helm. There is none of that awkward new actor uneasiness so yay for that!

How do you like it so far? Sound off below! Don’t forget to tune in tomorrow for our #tbt post and episode 4 recap! #tbt post and episode 4 recap are already out!

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