You’re All Surrounded (Ep 16 Recap)

Episode 15 ended with Dae-gu and Pan-seok confronting Ae-yeon about the pendant. What will happen in this episode? Read on to find out!

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Estelle’s [Whirlwind] Recap

SPOILER ALERT: Do not proceed if you do not want to know what has happened so far!

Last episode ended with Dae-gu and Pan-seok confronting Ae-yeon about the pendant. Ae-yeon denies that the necklace belonged to her and brought out one that’s exactly the same. Ae-yeon starts to demand where they found the duplicate, and Pan-seok asks her to go to the designer together to confirm which is fake and which is real. She declines and tells them to be on their way with one last insult about bringing in first the knock off bag and now the knock off necklace.

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Once out the door, Dae-gu thinks back and declares that the two necklaces are not the same, and that one of the two is clearly a fake. Inside the house, Ae-yeon is trying to reach her father but fails. Her husband comes in to inquire what’s wrong and she blows him off.

Dae-gu and Pan-seok report back to the team. The team concludes that it is possible that Ae-yeon created a duplicate necklace as an alibi. They come to a consensus that they will start by locating Dae-gu’s mom’s college friends and the place Ae-yeon commissioned the duplicate. Pan-seok encourages everyone by saying that it is a good sign that the necklace has appeared when they thought all is lost.

Dae-gu is still very upset with Soo-sun and even whipped out the safety ruler again when she tried talking to her. She apologizes, going as far as calling herself a bird brain, but Dae-gu still just dismisses her.

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Ae-yeon tells her dad that the pendant has resurfaced, and proceeds to blame him again for not taking care of everything. He reprimands her for making a knock off of a “one and only” pendant, saying it will only link her to the crime. She tries to calm his nerves by claiming that the two pendants are so similar that nobody will be able to tell them apart. Assemblyman Yoo promises to take care of everything and makes a call to inquire after Hyung-chul.

Chief Kang receives an envelope with a picture of the pendant and a letter asking to meet her, claiming to have the pendant she took.

At the boys’ house, Tae-il is presents Pan-seok with cereal, and he asks for options other than these “bits of cracker.” Pan-seok gets a call from Sa-kyung, and Tae-il looks on longingly. Pan-seok misses the call because he is too absorbed by his reading material, and Tae-il takes this opportunity to request Sa-kyung’s help in his investigation. Despite agreeing, Pan-seok has a small hissy fit. ^^;

cute picture of sa-kyung!

cute picture of sa-kyung!

On the drive to Masan, Pan-seok starts rambling on and on about what he found out during years of continuous investigation. He tells Pan-seok about a maternal uncle that emigrated to Australia, and that Dae-gu’s father past away. Pan-seok inquires whether Dae-gu’s mom was unmarried, and Dae-gu replies yes. Surprised by the response, Pan-seok tries to change the topic, and Dae-gu turns to sleep.

have you seen this evil woman?

have you seen this evil woman?

The pair arrives in Masan, and asks residents if they have seen Ae-yeon in the area before, but all responses were negative. Meanwhile, Sa-kyung and Tae-il visit various jewelry makers to see if anyone has the ability to make excellent replicates. On the way Sa-kyung receives a message from Pan-seok about postponing their dinner date. Tae-il oversees and asks her if Pan-seok is cancelling again, and she tells him to mind his own business.

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In another part of the city, Gook and Soo-sun visit a hotel that Dae-gu’s mom’s friend, Oh Hae Son, works at, but the friend is at Jeju island on a business trip. So far none of them have any luck with the investigation.

Back in Masan, Pan-seok and Dae-gu are munching on ice cream when a grandma walks by. Dae-gu recognizes the grandma and they sit down to talk. The grandma says she went to Dae-gu’s house on the day of the murder and she saw a young man in black watching over the house, so she got scared and went home instead. Pan-seok pulls out a picture of both Hyung-chul and the CEO, but the grandma says neither of them is the man she saw. However, when Pan-seok pulls out a picture of the jokbal shop owner, Woo Joon Soo, she admits that is him.

photo 1 (3)

photo 2 (3)

On their way back, Pan-seok receives a message from Tae-il stating that thanks to Pan-seok he was able to buy Sa-kyung dinner instead. At the same time, Dae-gu gets a message from Soo-sun asking after his progress, telling him she is having dinner with Gook, AND the fact that Gook is shelling crab meat for her.

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good thing dae-gu is not here to witness this… or else imagine the hissy fit he will have! ^^

photo 2 (4)

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Pan-seok and Dae-gu visit the jokbal shop and Joon-soo confesses that he saw Ae-yeon come out of Dae-gu’s house on the day of the murder.

At the station, the team hears of the good news and are rejoicing when Chief Kang walks by. Eun-dong quickly stops talking. In a flashback we find out that Pan-seok confided in Eun-dong about suspecting Chief Kang, and how he plans on finding out who is Detective Seo.

Later that night, Dae-gu comes back to the station and Soo-sun tries to talk to him, but he just ignores her. She follows him into the meeting room and asks him if he is mad at her to which he replies yes. She wonders if its because of the pendant, and he calls her a bird brain. So she asks why is he mad at her, and he bursts out “why am I not your ideal type?” (awwww!!!)

photo 1 (5)

yes, why?

photo 2 (5)

wow, this is dramatic

photo 4 (1)

this is a good angle for you, dae-gu

Soo-sun turns to run away (again), and he grabs her wrist to pull her back (of course). He holds her in a hug and presses for an answer as to her ideal type is. She responds “your friend, Kim Ji-yong.”

In his office, Assemblyman Yoo makes a call to someone and orders him/her to take care of things according to plan. At the police station, Toad dashes into Chief Kang’s office and tells her Assemblyman Yoo has finally taken initiative.

It’s 2PM and Pan-seok is waiting for Chief Kang’s arrival, but she does not show up on time. At 2:15PM she approaches the area and Pan-seok confronts her. In a flashback, we see a two young detectives (one named Seo, the other Kang) arguing with a corrupt prosecutor about a rape case. The prosectuor taunts them and even slaps them. Due to their actions, the police force’s image is tarnished by the media. The chief at that time is Assemblyman Yoo and he asks the detectives to cancel the lawsuit they were pursuing. Detective Seo does not want to withdraw, but Detective Kang wants to. In the end, the lawsuit is withdrawn, and Detective Seo is deeply traumatized that she commits suicide. At the gravesite, Detective Kang (Chief Kang) requests Chief Yoo (Assemblyman Yoo) to please make sure they secure independent investigation rights and to call her Detective Seo from now on.

photo (20)

Back to present day, Chief Kang explains her reasoning to Pan-seok and says she will expose it all after she gets what she wants. She tells him there’s no point in locking her up because she will only plead the fifth all the way to the end.

Gi-jae, Ae-yeon’s son, decides to visit the police station. He invites Dae-gu to lunch by saying he gave the address of the villa last time, but Dae-gu still refuses, so Gi-jae leaves.

On their way out, Dae-gu forgets his cellphone and runs back to get it. Tae-il walks to the car with the pendant in hand and two men in black run over to beat him up. They take the pendant and stabs Tae-il in the stomach.

photo 1 (6)

Dae-gu returns and finds Tae-il on the ground. He rushes Tae-il to the hospital and the rest of the team arrives. Dae-gu deducts that this is the work of Ae-yeon as well and walks off to find her. Soo-sun catches up to him to stop him from going, but he refuses, so she hugs him.

photo 2 (6)

Somewhere abandoned, the two men in black return the pendant to Ae-yeon. She remembers back to her visit to Dae-gu’s house 11 years ago. It is revealed that she is indeed the culprit who killed Dae-gu’s mom.

photo 1 (7)

photo 2 (7)

wow, what an evil person!

The love line is coming to a fruition, and the mystery is pretty much solved. Let’s see how the last four episodes will be; hopefully it continues to be great! Have you been enjoying this show so far?




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