You’re All Surrounded (Ep 15 Recap)

Estelle’s [Whirlwind] Recap

SPOILER ALERT: Do not proceed if you do not want to know what has happened so far!

I hope you remember the last episode, because it was definitely a leap forward for the romance in this show, and it certainly did the job!

Here’s a picture to jolt your memory.

remember now? ^^

remember now? ^^

The team struggles to pretend like nothing has happened, and Pan-seok tries to crack a few jokes to lighten up the mood but ends up laughing awkwardly. They go to a chicken restaurant and Gook keeps up bringing up the kiss and how it is just for cover up.

At night, Soo-sun and Dae-gu both have trouble sleeping. Soo-sun is not sure what to think, but Dae-gu is clearly happy he got to kiss her. (6:22 – Dae-gu smiling).

look at that smile! ^^

look at that smile! ^^

In the next scene we see Pan-seok going home and finding that there’s a leak in his ceiling. Apparently the maintenance people were fixing the plumbing but made it worse and he has to leave his house so they can solve the problem.

how cute are these kids???

how cute are these kids???

Pan-seok goes to the Eun-dong’s home and finds that his wife heavily pregnant with their fifth child. Pan-seok hands Eun-dong some gifts he bought and heads over to the three musketeers’ apartment. Tae-il suggests that Pan-seok has to sleep in the living room, but Gook accidentally mentions that there’s an extra bed in Dae-gu’s room. Sensing that Dae-gu does not want to share a room, Pan-seok insists that he is afraid of how high up the bed is and will sleep in the living room. He tries to offer some chicken and beer to the boys, but none of them takes up on the offer.

deserted pan-seok

deserted pan-seok

Around 4 in the morning, Pan-seok sneaks into Dae-gu’s room and discovers his secret of playing videos while sleeping.

totally not creepy... watching someone sleep...

totally not creepy… watching someone sleep…

Sometime later, Dae-gu comes out of his room and sees the piles of paperwork that Pan-seok brought. All of the paperwork are dated different years, and all of them are about the Masan nurse murder case.

In the morning, Dae-gu runs into Soo-sun at the station door. She is visibly awkward and uneasy around him while he seems to be perfectly fine. The two exchange words and sit down at their desks. Dae-gu breaks the silence and asks her if she ate breakfast, to which she replies no. He then reaches into his bag and slides his chair over to her (omo!). Soo-sun quickly pulls out the distance ruler and throws his words at him! (omo omo!!) He puts on her desk a sandwich and his favorite – banana milk, and quietly slides away.

"safe distance ruler"

“safe distance ruler”

Soo-sun suddenly gets up and declares she is going to the data room. Before she can leave, Dae-gu hands her the banana milk and tells her to show some respect by drinking it. She drinks some, then grabs the sandwich and runs away. Dae-gu is left standing there smiling to himself.

Pan-seok visits a jokbal shop and tries to get the manager, who was involved in the case 11 years ago, to talk about Hyung-chul, but the manager refuses to share any information. Just then, Pan-seok gets a call from the Masan police station saying the man they were looking for has returned from Brazil. Pan-seok ponders whether he should call Dae-gu or not, and ends up going alone.

At the café, the former police officer could not remember who he past the note to. Pan-seok is dissappoint and asks the man to call him whenever he thinks of something. The Masan team leader asks after Chief Kang, and the man suddenly remembers it was Chief Kang who took the note!

hmmm... lemme think...

hmmm… lemme think…

The entire police station goes to a retreat, and they play a round of game. In the game, Eun-dong calls out different numbers and the staff would run to group in that number. At first, he calls out five and the entire team members group together. Then, he calls out three, and Dae-gu runs to Soo-sun but Gook is faster and the three of them group together. In a similar case, Tae il, Sa-kyung and Pan-seok are a group. Later, the Eun-dong calls three again, and both Dae-gu and Pan-seok got kicked out of their groups! Tae il, Gook and Soo-sun becomes a group.

"you are OUT!"

“you are OUT!”

look at that face!

look at that face!

When Dae-gu wins the relay, Chief Kang comes to applaud him while Pan-seok looks on with curiousity. Dae-gu sneaks multiple glances at Soo-sun.

The team goes out to dinner to celebrate Eun-dong laments on how the team has grown. The team even cracks a few jokes about the team leader. Soon enough, everyone has had bit to drink, and Eun-dong who had a little TOO much to drink pops the balloon and points out the pink elephant in the room by inquiring if Dae-gu and Soo-sun are really dating. Soo-sun quickly denies it and you can just see the hurt on Dae-gu’s face (29). Gook chimes in and insists again that the kiss was purely for business.

broken hearted

broken hearted

And Dae-gu’s response is “it was not business for me.” Upon hearing that, Soo-sun rushes to the bathroom and debates to herself whether Dae-gu was serious or not.

At night, Pan-seok thinks back to various times Chief Kang butted in about Dae-gu and the murder case. He calls Dae-gu to sit and talk with him. The two discuss the files that Pan-seok has been collecting, and make plans to visit Hyung-chul together. As Dae-gu is about to leave, Pan-seok calls him Ji-yong and apologizes for not being able to protect his mom.

Chief Kang meets with Assemblyman Yoo at the shooting range. Chief Kang asks Assemblyman Yoo where is the result he had promised in the beginning, and she threatens him with the fact that she is no longer the same Kang Seok Soon.

"don't test my tolerance anymore"

“don’t test my tolerance anymore”

The three boys come to help Soo-sun move out of her tent. While Tae-il and Gook go to carry books downstairs, Dae-gu comes into the small tent to help her pack. The space is really too tight for both of them, and Dae-gu bumps into Soo-sun multiple times which makes her nervous. Finally he asks his long waited question, “Am I… really not your type?” to which she replies yes hesitantly. He gets angry at the implication that she kissed him purely as a part of the cover up, and knocks over her jewelry box. While they pick up the jewelry he finds the necklace from 11 years ago.

grumble grumble

grumble grumble

Dae-gu inquires where she found the necklace (phew for not suspecting her!) and she says she found it at the school lab. We are transported to a flashback where we see her looking for Ji-yong in the lab and sees the necklace on the ground in a pile of broken glass.

photo (10)

young soo-sun finds a pretty necklace

Back in modern day, the team is gathered in the police station meeting room. Dae-gu is in disbelief that Soo-sun didn’t connect the dots between the necklace and Hyung-chul (yeah, me too). Pan-seok decides that it is best for them to keep the discovery of the necklace to themselves and investigate in secret. Pan-seok emphasizes that he must keep it a secret from Chief Kang.

Pan-seok meets up with Sa-kyung to tell her they must go on a dinner date. She chides that he is always so busy and he seems to be the happiest when he is at work, so what’s the point. He gets in a jealous fit about Tae-il, and insists that they must have dinner together. Sa-kyung is clearly pleased.

The team splits up the work to find the origin of the necklace: Soo-sun puts the pendant on auction sites; Gook researches related blogs; Dae-gu visits high end stores for help; Tae-il seeks out the help of female customers at fancy hair salons.

At the station, Pan-seok finds a small marking behind the photo Hyung-chul gave him. He sees Chief Kang walking by and studies her some.

photo (12)

Finally someone online recognizes the pendant and names it as the 2002 limited collection by French Korean designer Henry Jung. Dae-gu and Pan-seok visits the designer, pretending that the pendant was a lost and find item. Henry brings out his catalog that records every item he has designed, and they find out that the necklace belonged to Ae-yeon, Assemblyman Yoo’s daughter!

henry jung

henry jung

Pan-seok and Dae-gu decide to pay Ae-yeon a visit to find out the truth.

"what??? ae-yeon??"

what??? ae-yeon??

"is this yours?"

“is this yours?”


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