Hotel King (Ep 21 Recap)

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I spy...

I spy…

Anna’s Recap

SPOILER ALERT: Do not proceed if you do not want to know what has happened so far!

Get ready for battle. With one side wanting to destroy Ciel and the other trying to save it, an all out war for the hotel’s survival seems inevitable. The secrets that were once hidden so well behind the hotel’s doors are now slowly, but surely being exposed to the outside world. And these old and new revelations are pushing the characters to put their own revenge plans into motion. Victory will be determined not only by who can outsmart their opponent, but also who strikes quickest. If there was ever a time to pick allegiances at Ciel, it’s now.

Outnumbered 1 to a million, Jae-wan is beaten half to death and left on the streets, unconscious. And it was all for the USB that contained footage of Chairwoman Baek being in Chairman Ah’s office the moment he jumped off the balcony to his death. In the moment before blacking out, Jae-wan hears one of the thugs say Roman’s name on the phone and thinks that he’s the one behind his attack. Nope, turns out that it wasn’t Roman. Who should come limping out of his car after the attack? Why it’s none other than Joong-goo. He was the one who sent the group to attack Jae-wan for the USB, and then made it seem like it was Roman when Mo-ne called Jae-wan’s phone. Even more infuriating is that he had the audacity to act concerned with how severely they had injured Jae-wan. This guy, seriously.

Thugs, all of em.

Thugs, all of em.

Mo-ne arrived at Jae-wan’s house to see it being turned upside down by these other guys, presumably also sent by Joong-goo, in search of the USB. They leave without causing any harm to Mo-ne, but she knows that Jae-wan must be in trouble. Soon after, she receives a phone call from the hospital informing her that Jae-wan had been admitted. After arriving at the hospital with Woo-hyun, Mo-ne decides to call Chae-kyung to come check on Jae-wan instead of going in herself. She quietly leaves, heartbroken and worried. When Jae-wan wakes up in the hospital, he hallucinates that it’s Mo-ne instead of Chae-kyung by his bedside. Poor Jae-wan, now he’s in both emotional and physical pain.


He’s seeing things.

Feeling helpless, Mo-ne trashes Roman’s house since she heard on the phone from Jae-wan’s attackers that they acted under Roman’s order. She’s stopped by Roman and Chairwoman Baek, but not before she calls Roman a “gangster” and accuses him for Jae-wan’s attack. The name-calling and accusation apparently pissed off Chairwoman Baek so much that she slaps Roman for not being able to shed his violent past from his childhood. Roman denies ordering Jae-wan’s attack, but no one believes him.


Slap in the da face.

Jae-wan foolishly checks himself out of the hospital because he was worried about Mo-ne, much to the dismay of Chae-kyung,. When he arrives home, he finds Mo-ne there cleaning up the mess that was left behind by Joong-goo’s thugs. He finally tells her about Chairwoman Baek being in the video of Chairman Ah’s suicide, and how he had the USB stolen when he was driving to the police station to turn the evidence in. Mo-ne is understandably devastated to learn about yet another person taking part in her father’s murder, and also guilty for Jae-wan being harmed because of her. Since Jae-wan didn’t make a backup copy of that video, it seems like all hope is lost with using the USB to convict Chairwoman Baek. C’mon Jae-wan, that should have been the first thing you did!


Hold on tight.

Despite all this other drama, the Ciel staff is preoccupied with a group of famous bloggers staying at the hotel. This group is acting like the hotel guests from hell, and they’re even giving the super pro Jae-wan trouble. When Mo-ne goes to clean the room of the group’s leader, he gets a little handsy with her and she immediately kicks his ass for it. Go Mo-ne! But of course, with the hotel motto being, “the guest is always right,” the staff team leader apologizes to the guest and reprimands Mo-ne for still acting like she’s the Chairwoman instead of a hotel maid. Damn, nothing seems to be going right for her these days.

Woo-hyun: #1 Mo-ne Fan

There is a big fancy lunch scheduled at the hotel for the bloggers, in hopes that they will generate some good press for Ciel. That’s definitely something that’s been lacking recently. Jae-wan and the food & beverage team leader are stressing out about every last detail with the food and service for it. The lunch appears to be successful, and the bloggers are happy and even taking pictures of their food for their blogs. But of course, with all the shady people doing shady things at Ciel, the lunch goes terribly wrong when everyone there falls ill with food poisoning. It turns out that the food & beverage team leader was working for Chairwoman Baek to ruin the lunch, even though he was one of Jae-wan’s closest confidantes. You literally can trust no one in this place.

How was the food?

How was the food?

The bloggers demand an apology from Chairwoman Baek, but she disappeared from the hotel when the food poisoning incident was going on. Using the tracking device that he placed on Roman’s car after he was attacked, Jae-wan is able to find Chairwoman Baek and Roman. He sees them meeting with the man that Chairwoman Baek had introduced at the hotel earlier as her nephew, but now that story isn’t sitting so right with Jae-wan. In reality, the “nephew” is a real estate agent looking to buy Ciel from Chairwoman Baek.


Shady lady.

Jae-wan breaks into the guy’s hotel room, and finds a box of fake mustaches that he wears when he’s pretending to be Chairwoman Baek’s nephew. He then finds some suspicious documents on his computer that shows that he has ulterior motives for being at Ciel. As he’s transferring the documents to his own USB flash drive, Mo-ne also breaks into the guy’s room. She had heard from the other maids that this “nephew” person was acting extremely suspicious around the hotel, so she went to investigate as well.


Just a box o’ mustaches.

Jae-wan and Mo-ne get trapped in coat closet, however, when he comes back to the room with Roman to further talk about selling/buying Ciel. Roman tells him that he wants to completely destroy the hotel so that it will be beyond repair when they sell it. Shocked from hearing this, Mo-ne makes a noise while hiding. Roman looks to have heard something, and starts eyeing the coat closet suspiciously.


Can you see?

Et cetera:

Hidden tracking device count: 1


Just keep driving.

Roman goes to Joong-goo to find out if he was the one who was actually responsible for the attack on Jae-wan. Joong-goo admits to it and says that he only did it to protect Chairwoman Baek. But when Roman asks to see the USB, Joong-goo refuses to give it to him.

After slapping Roman, thinking that he organized the attack on Jae-wan, Chairwoman Baek looks through old pictures of Roman and gets very emotional when she sees the baby pics of her own son. Baby Jae-wan?!

Mo-ne visits Chairwoman Baek in her office after finding out from Jae-wan about the video footage, and drops hints about surveillance cameras and finding out who killed her dad. Chairwoman Baek doesn’t seem to be too rattled by her though.

Look away!


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