You’re All Surrounded (Ep 10 Recap)

teasing Dae-gu as a pass time :P

Teasing Dae-gu as a pass time 😛

Estelle’s [Whirlwind] Recap

SPOILER ALERT: Do not proceed if you do not want to know what has happened so far!

This episode opens with happy Soo-sun as she boards a bus post back hug from the last episode. She thinks back to the time when she first heard that Ji-yong’s mother has died and Ji-yong disappeared. Apparently Soo-sun went to the police station to report what she saw at the school the night of the murder, but Pan-seok [conveniently] was not around. Some other police officer takes down her report, and they are overheard by none other than Chief Kang, who was just a regular officer at the time. The younger Chief Kang convinces the other police officer ahjussi to give her the report because “Pan-seok would be too busy.” She promptly crumbles the report and probably throws it away off screen.

The face of evil.

The face of evil. Her hair style really needs an update though; it’s been eleven years!

The scene shifts to Pan-seok and Eung-do sharing a drink together, lamenting on the fact that Dae-gu is Ji-yong. Pan-seok continues to blame himself for what happened eleven years ago, and Eung-do tries to counsel him.

Poor ahjussi's hand was shaking :(

Poor ahjussi’s hand was shaking 😦

We get transported to eleven years ago again, this time to Pan-seok’s side of the story. He is on his way to pick up his son from school and gets a call from Ji-yong. He calls the teacher to say he will be late and rushes to the school. At this time Ji-yong already encountered Boots and left the premise. As Pan-seok searches high and low for Ji-yong he gets a call from the teacher with some horrible news. Apparently Pan-seok’s son went out to the street to wait for Pan-seok, and as we learnt in an earlier episode, was killed by a car. Pan-seok arrives at the hospital with Sa-kyung cradling the boy. In the days after, Sa-kyung is visibly cold. Eventually she serves Pan-seok with some [presumably] divorce papers and leave the house for good.

Depressed Sa-kyung :(

Depressed Sa-kyung 😦

Depression aside, the show brings us back to present day world in the apartment of the three male decetives. Or shall I say boys? Because Dae-gu is pouting about Gook drinking his last banana milk, and Tae-il for putting carrots and onions in omelettes. Although I have to say, I’m not a fan of those veggies! Hehe ^^

Boys playing house in the morning. Cute!

Boys playing house in the morning. Cute!

Elsewhere in Seoul, Pan-seok is having morning cup of joe with Chief Kang. He shares with her the fact that Dae-gu is Ji-yong. Chief Kang admits to knowing this all along, and that she sponsored Dae-gu all these years. Pan-seok questions her motive for putting Dae-gu in the same team, and Chief Kang sells her old story about trying to fix the situation.

Yes, Pan-seok, just tell the world who Dae-gu is. -.-

Yes, Pan-seok, just tell the world who Dae-gu is. -.-

After Pan-seok leaves the cafe, we are brought back to eleven years ago for what happened the night of the murder. Pan-seok calls the squad chief after receiving the call from Ji-yong, instructing the chief to find the pendant in Ji-yong’s jacket. Younger Chief Kang overhears this and sneaks her way to the cabinet (unlocked, surprise surprise) and steals the pendant. What’s worse is she gives the pendant to Boots!!! Now we know for sure they are connected somehow. But how did it end up in Soo-sun’s hands remains a mystery.

THE pendant.

THE pendant.

We are now in present day police station. Tae-il’s mom has come to tell him to return home and his “normal” life/career choice. She is the typical kdrama mom who disapproves of the son’s “less than” job. This is, of course, witnessed by Sa-kyung, who has some sort of past history with Tae-il. She asks Tae-il if he has not returned home yet, and he does not answer her, but says this is the first time she acknowledged him. She responds by walking away. Ha!

Bad blood? Past history? Somethin' smells fishy here. Meow ^.~

Bad blood? Past history? Somethin’ smells fishy here. Meow ^.~

The team gets a new case about a missing man. The family came in to report the man as missing and insists that the fiancee killed him. Dae-gu and Soo-sun visits the fiancee and she says the man left a long time ago. The team tracks surveillance cameras to find the man enter a public bathroom and come out dressed as a woman. I never knew there were so many cameras in Korea! A bit unnerving, actually.

The next day Soo-sun is having some back luck. Her cell phone breaks when she falls, the water in the shower stops while she is covered in soap, AND her chopsticks splits unevenly. She is convinced today is a bad day.

And she is right, because Assemblyman Yoo decides the visit the station. He has a private conversation with Chief Kang in which he tells her Boots (Hyung-chul- finally a name!) has returned, and that they must finish off the deal because “sacrifices had to be made.” He alludes to the fact that there’s a REAL reason for why Ji-yong’s mom was killed. In his car ride back, he calls up Hyung Chul and orders the assassination.

photo (21)

Chief Kang contemplates what Assemblyman Yoo said, and she picks up the phone to warn Dae-gu of impending danger. Hmmmm… what is her game? Whose side is she on? This woman is a ball of confusion.

Soo-sun comes in with the day’s horoscope and insists on reading it to Dae-gu despite his objections. She tells him that he needs to be careful as Gook watches with some jealousy. Dae-gu pulls the ruler trick again and kicks her chair away at the end of conversation.

a la safe distance ruler.

a la safe distance ruler.

In the less happy side of the world, Hyung-chul (aka Boots) calls to meet up with Pan-seok at an abandoned warehouse. Hyung-chul asks Pan-seok to help him find a way to smuggle on a boat to China. Pan-seok remains in the warehouse after Hyung-chul leaves and thinks back to what happened eons ago. The two were actually partners back in the old days and they were tracked a thief to the warehouse. The thief tried to attack them with a fire stick and Hyung-chul was injured trying to save Pan-seok, which is how he got the scar behind his ear. In response, Hyung-chul shot the thief. This news broke out and Hyung-chul had to quit the police force. Pan-seok obviously feels guilty for the whole thing (like he does for everything else).


Pan-seok goes home to get some rest and notices his light is going out. He gets in handyman mode and starts to change his light bulb, and what does he find? The camera Dae-gu has planted there! Pan-seok takes it to the police station to get analyzed, but the expert could not track the culprit down. No matter, because Pan-seok already has a suspect in mind.

Oh, what's this?

Oh, what’s this? (fancy light you got there, ahjussi)

At the boys’ resident, Tae-il and Gook are going out to get groceries (late at night?) as well as beer and chicken. They ask Dae-gu if he would like to come, but he refuses (clearly preferring his book to the company of fellow warm bodies). Gook and Tae-il leaves; they plan on inviting Soo-sun out as well, Gook, of course, happily suggests that he calls her up.

In the dark corner, Hyung-chul has been silently watching everything. He waits until Dae-gu’s light is turned off and sneaks into their apartment (how did he get the keys?). He checks all the rooms (despite the fact that Dae-gu lives in the one closest to the entrance) and comes to Dae-gu’s room last. He turns the doorknob and sees an empty room. But, ah-ha! He knows where Dae-gu is!

photo (5)

The episode ends with the two of them in a fight for life, and Pan-seok arriving at some unkwown location ready to confront someone. One can only hope he is at Dae-gu’s home and can save him in time!

*Note: Lee Seung-gi got an eye injury filming [presumbly] this scene; his eye was hurt by the prop knife. He went into surgery a couple of days ago for corneal damage and intraocular hemorrhage, and should be able to return to set soon. LSG, fighting~!


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