You’re All Surrounded (Ep 1-8 Recap)


a la sweet moment


  • Lee Seung-gi as Eun Dae-gu
  • Cha Seung-won as Seo Pan-seok
  • Go Ara as Eo Soo-sun
  • Oh Yoon-ah as Kim Sa-kyung
  • Ahn Jae-hyun as Park Tae-il
  • Park Jung-min as Ji Gook
  • Sung Ji-roo as Lee Eung-do


  • 20 episodes
  • Original run: May , 2014 –

Quick Rundown:

The violent crimes unit at Gangnam Police Station welcomes four new recruits – Eun Dae-gu, Eo Soo-sun, Park Tae-il and Ji Gook, none of them joins due to real passion for the job. Dae-gu harbors a mysterious grudge against team leader Pan-seok, Soon-sun is a muddle-head who applied to the police academy seven times before being accepted, Tae-il is a rich playboy and Gook just wants to live in Gangnam. They will need to bond together and act as a team to solve cases and uncover the past.

Estelle’s [Whirlwind] Recap

SPOILER ALERT: Do not proceed if you do not want to know what has happened so far!

The first episode starts off with the team in a car chase. After many fumblings (Soo-sun bringing a Starbucks mug instead of the siren etc.) they finally surround the thug who has taken Gook hostage. Dae-gu shows up, pulls out a gun and shoots. Then, there’s a flashback to their teenage years. A high school girl leads a group of teens to avenge her friend who was dumped for a Seoul transfer student. They are interrupted by a middle school boy who clearly has a crush on the transfer student. A fight breaks out and they all end up at the police station. We learn that the girl is Soo-sun, and the boy is named Kim Ji-yong. We see some more interaction between Soo-sun and Ji-yong, including some bickering and a sweet moment in the rain. We figure out that Ji-yong’s mom is a school nurse and a single parent. She is also the sole witness to a crime and is being pressured by the police — none other than the newbie cop Pan-seok– to testify! Soon after Ji-yong’s mom decides to testify despite being threatened by a suspicious man. Just before the trial Ji-yong’s mother dies trying to protect him from being discovered by the bad guy, but not before he finds a special necklace and seeing the bad guy’s black boots.

Pan-seok arrives on the scene of the crime, and Ji-yong is angry at him for not protecting his mother like promised. Ji-yong hides in the school, but when he remembers the necklace in his coat jacket (left at the crime scene), calls Pan-seok. Pan-seok says he will come in half an hour. While Ji-yong waits for Pan-seok, Soon-sun sees him in the school window and tries to apologize to him via the PA (for some insults she said earlier). Boots comes to the school and tries to chase down Ji-yong. Ji-yong ends the night with believing that Pan-seok is a bad cop, but not before scarring Boots with some chemicals. Soo-sun also passes by Boots and notices a scar behind his ear, but she does not know who he is.

Episodes 2-6 comes back to modern day, and focuses on the team trying to bond together. The recruits go on a gold-digger scam raid and fail because they completely ignored Pan-seok’s instructions to not draw attention to themselves. Soo-sun and Dae-gu become partners and endanger a victim due to their carelessness in their first case. After the incident, Dae-gu does some soul searching in his hometown, but eventually returns to the police station. The four of them goes to a local restaurant after reconciling and become hostages along with several teenagers. They successfully diffuse the situation through working together and learns the merit of teamwork. Dae-gu is revelaed to us as the long lost Ji-yong. He makes a copy of Pan-seok’s phone and hears a call from Boots. Dae-gu is bend on a mission to bring Pan-seok down.

Dae-gu super upset over the endangered victim incident :(

Dae-gu super upset over the endangered victim incident 😦

We also get some back story on Pan-seok and Sa-kyung, who happens to be his ex-wife. Through a hit-and-run accident that caused the death of a little boy, we learn why this couple divorced ten years ago. Pan-seok goes after the perpetrator who happens to be a chaebol. In order to get an arrest warrant, Pan-seok must receive approval from Prosecutor Han, a completely corrupt person. Despite getting an arrest warrant, the chaebol still gets off scot free due to his inside connections. Eventually the team persuades the chauffeur to testify and they end up putting the chaebol away. Pan-seok successfully reconciles with Sa-kyung and the two makes a date.

Oh, Dae-gu and Soo-sun kiss! She calls out his old name, Ji-yong, after seeing him with glasses, and Pan-seok happens to walk by. Dae-gu wants to shut her up (of course) so he kisses her (as if there are no other way, but something’s gotta happen for this romance to start). Soo-sun does not confirm if Dae-gu is indeed Ji-yong, but we find out that SHE has the necklace!

In episodes 7-8  the team gets a new case. Dae-gu and Soo-sun visit the suspect’s hometown, which happens to be on an island. The two spend the night there and have some sweet moments: Dae-gu watching Soo-sun dance in secret (similar to an incident in their youth), Soo-sun applying band-aid on his face etc. (aka Dae-gu is slowly falling in love with Soo-sun). Pan-seok and Sa-kyung goes on a date at the first place they met, even though Sa-kyung made a mistake (she thought she was right and was mad at Pan-seok, but he reminded her that SHE is wrong!). The team gets a new murder case, and Soo-sun tries hard to solve it. It rains, so Soo-sun calls Dae-gu to see if he would house her for the night (she’s living in a tent on the rooftop of the station). He does not get the hint until later, and rushes to find her, but he is too late! Pan-seok already went there and picked up Soo-sun. Soo-sun makes ramen for Pan-seok and Sa-kyung visits at that moment. Misunderstanding ensues, and so does jealousy as Dae-gu witnesses it all via the camera he installed at Pan-seok’s house.

photo (1)

I’m just sleeping… la de la de la

photo (2)

and I’m just watching you sleep, totally not creepy AT ALL…

Episode 8 ends with a bang as we discover the mysterious person (S) Dae-gu has been calling this whole time is [cue drum roll] Chief Kang! We also learn that they have found the suspicious man who threatened Dae-gu’s mom, but he is already dead. Dae-gu and Pan-seok run into each other as they go to see identify the man. Pan-seok is more convinced than ever that Dae-gu is Ji-yong.

This & That:

  • Lee Seung-gi is dating Yoona from Girls’ Generation
  • Go Ara previously starred in Reply 1994 (Team Chilbong!)
  • The character Dae-gu uses a small projector to play various videos while he sleeps. The projector is a Rollei Innocube, produced jointly with SK Telecom.

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