Let’s Eat (Series Review)

This look happens a lot.


  • Lee Soo-Kyung as Lee Soo-Kyung
  • Yoon Doo-Joon as Koo Dae-Young
  • Yoon So-Hee as Yoon Jin-Yi
  • Shim Hyung-Tak as Kim Hak-Moon
  • Lee Do-Yeon as Oh Do-Yeon
  • Jang Won-Young as Choi Kyu-Sik
  • Jung Soo-Young as Park Kyung-Mi


  • Korean
  • 16 episodes
  • Original run: Nov 28, 2013 – March 13, 2014

Quick Rundown:

Lee Soo-Kyung is 33 and divorced. She lives alone in an apartment complex and tends to keep to herself. Her criterion for a romantic partner is eating compatibility, which caused her a bit of trouble in the past and present. The lure and promise of gourmet sucks her into an undesired relationship with the people who live next door, compulsive liar Koo Dae-Young and perpetual optimist Yoon Jin-Yi. They soon find themselves standing in the way of a hit and run murder in their neighborhood. On top of this they must also deal with Soo-Kyung’s eclectic group of co-workers and multiple romantic interests.

Estelle’s Take

Let’s Eat is a delicious drama full of good acting and quirky characters. Everyone, from the main cast to secondary characters are distinctly written, with actual personalities instead of stock profiles. The plot is well developed; even though the hit and run murder story line was slow, it did surprise me whenever I let my guard down. The main romance also took its sweet time, but I was not in much of a rush for it happen while watching, and I almost felt bad when it did happen because I liked the secondary love interest for Soo-Kyung a lot! Interestingly enough the romance was not the highlight of the show despite being a romcom, and I felt that if it didn’t happen I would not be too disappointed either.

Over all, the acting was on point and even the dog was a pro. I enjoyed Soo-Kyung’s many conflicted monologues, Dae-Young’s routine explanation of food before every meal, Hak-Moon’s transitions from arrogant boss to socially awkward nerd, and Do-Yeon’s humorous misunderstanding of practically everything. I did find Jin-Yi to be a bit annoying, but that might just be because I thought her character was a little too unrealistic and naive. I also didn’t understand why Manager Choi had to have terrible hygiene habits.

I loved this drama very much and anticipated its airing from week to week (only one episode per week made the wait awful though). When it came time for it to end I wasn’t sure there would ever be another to take its place (of course, I did find something else).

Lastly, if you love food, then you won’t want to miss this one (plus they eat so deliciously!). Pro tip: Be sure to have snacks while watching or else you would be in a lot of pain!

This & That:

  • Cameos from the likes of Lee Sang Woo (One Warm Word), Lee II Hwa (Reply 1994 , Reply 1997), Choi Sung Joon (I Hear Your Voice), and adorable Hong Eun Taek (Master’s Sun) among many others.
  • Yoon Doo-Joon is the leader of boyband BEAST/B2ST.
  • Oh Kwang Suk (FeelDog) is the leader of new boy band Big Star. He plays an important role in the second part of the drama.

How adorable is that dog?


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