A Trip Back in Time

As we’ve mentioned in our podcast a couple of weeks ago, we recently made a special trip and we are here to talk about it! During this trip, we went back in time to explore China’s last dynasty — Qing — to see the grandeur that once took place behind the red walls of the Forbidden City, to witness the rise and fall of Empresses like Xiaoyi (a la The┬áStory of Yanxi Palace), and to understand how their fate is really so far beyond what they could control. So, how did we do it exactly?

We went to the Peabody Essex Museum up in Salem, Massachusetts! (That’s right, Salem is not just a town well-known for witches and Halloween festivities!) Not only did we get to see the awesome new Empresses of China’s Forbidden City exhibit (August 18, 2018 – February 10, 2019), we also had an opportunity to see Yin Yu Tang, a sixteen-bedroom family house built during the Qing dynasty in the southeastern Huizhou region*.

Want to know what we thought of everything?

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2017 Countdown #2: Best Underrated Gem

Every year, there are those few dramas with famous headliners that get a ton of hype even before they hit the air. But what about the other ones that fell under the radar because they didn’t have as famous or popular of a cast? Never fear; that’s what we’re here for! As true drama fans, we’re willing to give everything a watch a least once. In our neverending quest to find the best drama, we’ve come across quite a few that were truly excellent, but didn’t get nearly enough attention this year.

2017 Countdown’s #2: Best Underrated Gem is for the dramas that deserve spotlights shone on them!

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